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Columns: The fanboys of quake2

It's just human nature I guess, but at times it is a tiny bit frustrating. I'm not sure whether it is an evil, or a good thing, but that's not really up to me to judge either. What I do know is that fanboys exist all over the world in one form or the other. In this little column I'll just take a brief look at the Quake2 fanboys, which you're bound to be annoyed at one time or the other whether you are playing in Europe, America or even Australia (sax" style).

So, you play a few duels with a friend, and you pretty much have a good time playing Q2. Then, as you are playing, a well known player connects to the server, a player who you have nothing against personally, he could actually be a really nice guy and all for all you care. There are just the three of you on the server for a while, and the setting is pretty relaxed, just practice games where you maybe work on specific parts of your game and doesn't take it 100% seriously. As the game you're currently playing ends, your friend has to leave. The well known player takes his spot, and you ready up after a brief warmup. Then you start to play.

It's then the evil of fanboyism becomes apparent. Suddenly from nowhere, the server starts to fill up with cheering spectators with poor english skills who eagerly support their favorite player spamming smileys and talking in mm1 "OMG!", "N1!" ":))))" etc. For every rail he hits someone has to talk out loud letting it be known for each and everyone at the server that it was indeed a very nice rail. That's when it becomes frustrating, as if playing a top player with great aim alone isn't frustrating enough. You didn't intend on playing at 100% of your abilities, you just wanted a fast paced duel in the game you love. But since you're playing a well known player suddenly it seems that this game is looked upon as the final of EDL. People are openly laughing at your sorry play, while hailing the well known player as some sort of saintly figure. And then you realize after a week or so the game happens to be the highest rated demo on demosquad or something, since you lost 100- -1. But you know for a fact that the game isn't worth such a score since:
- the opponent was indeed better, so it was not a very close game
- you were frustrated like hell
- you wanted a for fun and friendly practice game, wasn't playing like it was the world cup
- spectators threw your focus out the door with their comments

Now, being a fan of a player isn't bad, I bet everyone at one time has looked up to another player's abilities in one way or the other. When not wanting to play I often find myself just spectating players I enjoy just because it motivates me to work on my own game. But I do realize that other players can be a bit annoyed and tired of me if I sit in messagemode2 and talk on and on about how good this player is and how much he owns and how great everything he does is. And I certainly try to stay away from mm1 remarks unless they are needed (if it's THAT nice, or THAT funny).

Especially in such an old game as quake2 where most players have played eachother for years: to them other players are just that, another player. But they have also known eachothers for years, and consider eachother fairly good friends or enemies. Of course he has skills and might as well be the best in the world, but it's not like he is some godly player that solely does stuff that is off the wall amazing (Chuck Norris style). So when someone comes from nowhere with the only porpose of hailing him while others try to play a game more or less for fun, it can create a certain amount of hostility I would reckon.

Another annoying thing is that they take up slots on a server and just sit there and spectate, not wanting to play, so it can be hard getting a game going after a while.

But, I would think most fanboys are newer players, who just started the game. If a good player can motivate them to stick to quake2 and increase their skill, it is actually a good thing. After a while maybe they will be the ones playing, the ones who gets annoyed at other fanboys and write columns like this. I think having some players with star-qualities will make the game last a bit longer, since it will definitely motivate newer players early on. They also add a bit of sheer youthfull enthusiasm to the game, that for many fades away with age and experience.

And how many people haven't pointed to the likes of purri and damiah when someone starts to brag a tad too much about their own quake2 abilities... :)

2007-08-27 12:35 
i am your fan emo emo
2006-08-01 10:35 
2006-05-30 04:38 
Nice one daelmun. I agree with you in the most of things. And the most annoying , when i a play with a friend , who got a little bit less skill , but we play for total fun. A 3rd guy connecting , we say him we wanna play together 1v1... but he don't wanna understand it ,and don't wanna leave. Than nothing helps , only votekick..
And it was much times , when i played with equal enemy , duels with 2-3 frag diff on any map. A pro guy connected , also didn't want to leave us , my original oppenent bored the bla bla , and disconnected. So i should play with teh pr0 , cuz i am not chick to leave and ofc i got raped , like i sens it before.
And there are some guys..: - same situation like the last, he come for 3rd and we can't play more funduels with mate.. The 3 rd guy don't leave , but when my mate bore the bla bla and disconnect , the 3 rd guy disconnect too , cuz he get scared or dunno... and i stay alone on server. (so he fucks up my game , and run away from fight) bah , that is the biggest shit.
2006-05-22 12:22 
Agreed Foen, mm1 should be turned off during the whole duration of the game to let the players do what they do best
2006-05-20 13:08 
Personally i think that mm1 during the match should be disabled in servers (obsmode whisper, in battle). It is really annoying when someone flooding smiles when his favoureite player gets a frag.

And btw dealmun i bet you haven't seen finnish specteam in action is pretty much total opposite from what you wrote.

And one more thing. Spec demos shouldn't be aproved to demosquad. It is just so stupid when you see some "for fun" game on ds and all "noobs/fans" say that this is the perfect demo!
2006-05-20 08:48 
nice read!
I agree 100%
I remember once I was on a server with 2 guys playing totally for fun, and someone "known" came in.
we were 4, so someone suggested to play a 2v2.
Well, this "known" player refused to play with me cos I had high ping (80), so he decided to sit and wait for another player to come in.
A few minutes later noone came in so he asked for a duel.
That was reeeeeeeeally dissapointing

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