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Columns: Quake2 pet hates

Ok another day, another column, I need to do this just to cancel out the amount of news we get on this site about games other than q2 (D3 anyone?) heres one about my little pet hates in q2 with some
suggestions put in from my q2 brother and most likely to suicide before 30 'nite' YAY!?

Ive toned down the fullstops for this one....................................


This one came courtesy of nite and I wholeheartedly agree, the gripes not so much with the players that are ringing but more with the clans that are using them, I mean theres just no point to it, in a tournement I can see a need for the player to allias when ringing because your clans going to get an instant ban (although sometimes alliasing doesnt work in competitions aka sasha). The one that really gets to us is the ringing in friendlies, I mean theres just no point, if you so desperatly want to win a friendly that you will use better players than you have and allias them up to decieve the enemy then I think you will find your name underneath the expression 'get a life'.


This is the one I hate almost the most and one that ive hated throughout playing quake2 and its that wonderful expression 'Rematch' 'RE' 'Again' 'Ready (straight after serevr reconnects)'
<insert any word for rematch here> as if
the person you just beat cant believe he lost to somebody with your skill level. Personally I never accept these proposals which tends to annoy my opponant no end, and the reason I wont accept these..
its pretty obvious really, the person you are playing feels they have a point to prove and puts 110% effort into beating you and if he cant he just quits, and if he does win you get some endless gloating about
I told you so.

Playing like theres Ł1,000,000 on the line

In every form of the game be it ctf, ra2, insta, tdm... there are the guys who play the game aas if its still popular and they still have things to prove by being the best, they nag they moand and they put in horus of raw practice (Dont confuse with just playing for fun). When you tell them to calm down and its only a game, theres
no money on it they then throw the "oh it is sport, why would I want to play the game to lose" rubbish at you, when this happens politly remind them that the game is dead now and nobody plays it and that they wouldent of been and indeed were fuck all when the game was popular and there might of been a reason to take it seriously.

Ping moaners


You only beat me because <lame excuse/New cfg/New pak> (thx nite again)

Much like the pet hate above this to is an excuse for losing, and its those excuses that they only lost due to circumstances
out of their control, like some how them having a new cfg is partly your fault and thats the reason they lose, yet for all you know the new cfg could be the old cfg with a new bind for 'Enemy at rail' added into it, theres not much more I can write on this subject all though I would love to do pages on it, its just we all know its lame and at the time we dont really care..

"You lost because your shit not because you have a new pak"

Suckups who floods a server to track Purri/zyz

Yep its those annoying times when you try to play a clanwar but theres some many alliased spectators (ta nite) with thier tongues wedged firmly up the rementioned q2 players arses you can see the sunlight transmit from one body to the other, you try and get your clan to join up but the servers full, yet nobody leaves. You also get amongst the alliases the players who use their real names and think they are cool because they know the players
mentioned above, they try chatting to them as much as possible to show this fact, smilling at every movement and explaining
every move to the alliasers enjoying the spectacle.


Whats the deal with this one.....who the hell announces their retirment from a computer game online like its a real job, maybe get a nice send off, a gold watch, a party.....or alternatively they could go out and get a REAL JOB!?!

2006-04-20 14:06 
Wszyscy jestescie pojebanie kurwy jebana a zwlaszcza Miko18 on to jest naprawde pierdolniety to jest taki pojeb ze as glowa boli on byl na badaniach w szpitalu psychiatrycznym bo kurwa jest dalnem i stara go nie kocha haha lol z niego noob
2006-04-20 14:04 
Kurwa o co w tym chodzi japierdole jaka to pojebana stroka kurwa niewiem po co tu sie rejestrowalem kurwa jakes to pojebana haah
2006-04-20 14:03 
2005-11-03 11:35 
uaihaeiuea very nice!!!
Could easliy relate to dozens of players
2004-09-03 19:11 
Aha...nice post Miko I think, from the looks of it here, especially nite and Miko - a BIG problem is that so few of us seem to actually see all this going on...and when we talk in any sort of 'mature' tone, and try to reason with people, we are treated like shit. We have no way of getting through to the people mentioned above, it is like arguing with children - they have no mind to change their opinion with, this annoys me...knowing that I have some kind of point to make about a childish act, and they just brush it off...sigh. Thnx!
2004-08-17 18:53 
So true :')
2004-08-02 10:09 
gravgon: yeah i totally lost my nerves yesterday when damiah said "ffs i hit bad" and he was leading 10-0. he does that often
2004-08-01 07:16 
i would like to add a category :
- the bad winners:
you get raped by the dude 20 - 0 in duel and the fucker say "bg" at the end.. this often makes me feel like commiting a murder

nice read
2004-08-01 04:06 
I was checking it out the yesterday, it seems pretty good, nicely done, ill see if im allowed to put a news post on it on this site, its quite nice to have to contrasting sites from america and europe
2004-07-31 16:22 
I am american(unfortunately ) and it is my site, but it's not meant to be only american. Would be great to see euros and others around there.
2004-07-31 13:00 
Thats the american site isnt it ?
2004-07-31 10:07 
Miko18: actually, i run a q2 site.

you have to log in to see alot of the features of course, and a couple parts aren't finished until i see a point in finishing them(the tourney and league sections), my main problem is getting people to help with the content. I got people willing to use my site for advertising their shit, but unwilling to help write when i ask them. Q2 is in a sad state of affairs. :/
2004-07-30 06:48 
But hey I dont write about these things for this to be judged on, I take my own time to write about them for entertainemnt for you browsers of q2scene to read as its the only q2 related site around but is sadly lacking any entertainment, so if you think its a lot of whine maybe you should take out your own time and try and do something better......its pretty annoying that in this day of q2 theres still people willing to do nothing yet find the time to critisise other peoples work when its not here to be critisised, just entertain
2004-07-30 05:37 
Pretty good stuff. Again im not agreeing with everything but still you have pointed out some good things to think about.

I could write about ffa players that for some reason have connected for 5 years to team servers...
2004-07-29 12:39 
Thats a lot of whine miko18 o_O
2004-07-29 07:37 
2004-07-28 15:16 
*Inspired by nite

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