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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Columns: my day!

Hell so im in one of those lonely moods and wondered back to what it was like when the servers were full and tournaments
were a-plenty and it got me thinking of all the things that were better back then that all these so called 'good' players
now missed out on.

Clan skins / League skins

What ever happened to these, Clans used to make their own skins that usualy displayed proudly their name with as many different colours splashed around as possible. There used to be some real imaginative skins (Prison suits etc) and if you were in that clan you could wear their
skin on the publics, of course nobody else could see them but thats beside the point, having a clan skin was almost as important as having a website.

Also the league skins, I know in the UK for sure this used to be quite a big thing where
different leagues used to have their own skins (Ukccl, Wireplay, Savage) that were usualy blue and red and easy to tell apart. Come on Clanbase, Euroq2l you can solve all this bickering about whos gonna be female right now and put some skill back into the game by making both sides male do you cant just fire at blank corners on sound alone!

Custom maps

There are still custom maps being made in Ra2 thanks to _av_ and zorg but tdm whats going on here, there hasnt been a decent custom map made in years and im on about teamplay maps not these box duel maps that are made, and then these maps used to be played in leagues!
Yes I know, not just q2dm1-8 you actualy had to learn new maps, it made it fun and intersting with people trying out different tactics for different maps with nobody knowing for sure which best to use, it used to bring about some big upsets and close scores (whats wrong with including grom_dm3 and unrdm1 into some of these leagues!?)...The fun!


Yes, we were all one once but what fun they were, the great nicks (Rick"O"shay, Hard^Target) meant to strike fear into you before they got crushed like a fly.

The amazingly intuitive questions: how to I join a team and how do I ready.

Always cheeky and confident and losing was never their fault but down purely to the bot or spikes their opponant was using and they sure did like tell you about it again and again and....

Finding a gun on a map and staying there, spamming rockets into the bottom rocket launcher on Q2dm1, their uncanny love for dm4 and the fact it was always the newbie on the server that caught you with a grenade once you had just collected the Red armour on dm7 in ffa.

A homage to the old skool newbie.

FFA top scores

Forget duel, forget tdm the thing to do was be on that top score list on your local FFA server all the best players had their names up there, DM7 of course being the most popular FFA map by a mile (DM1 didnt get a sniff) usualy because DM7 gave the highest scores by a distance, the feeling when you hit the magic 100 frags mark for the first time meaning finally you had made it as an elite FFA'er. Everyone knew the highest score thay had ever made (on every map) and were never afraid to tell others about it.

Now its all wrong with these frag limits (Please!?) get some 15 minute time limits and some proper top scores not this frags per hour crap :0


Sure you get campers now but back in the day there was a different class of camper, never afraid to be labelled one (everyone knew who the campers were and usualy moaned forever about them both on the servers and on the forums). There were camping spots on every map and of course the greatest excuse for camping ive heard "its not camping, its strategical
positioning" (thankyou mr smashhit).

Nobody liked them but they were funny :)


In this day of Q2 excuses seem to be far less impressive and imaginative if a player loses now and uses an excuse it usualy that hes having a bad day or hes not warmed up properly....I mean come on guys if your gonna use an excuse at least make it good.

"Its the q2 net code, its shit"
"This is so damn laggy, to much pl" - This was on a LAN
"Your using a bot" ; Quit
"man im so drunk" (the spelling gets a lot worse after they say this)
"damn mouse ball is dirty again"

You get the picture.

Lpb restrictions

At the end of the era for this particular rule made to make games more fair for modemers you needed to have at least 1 hpw in your team, in the beginning it used to be you were only allowed to have 1 lpb playing, but which ever way it was what a great idea. Everyone after the hpws who in the end were like golddust, made for some interesting games with lpbs sometimes having to bring out their modems (almost stopped all the best players congregating in
one clan).


Oh the number of tournetments, 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 4v4v4v4 and what great fun they were, the sheer volume of people involved and the spirit in which they were played (this is when insults were funny and not meant to hurt), everyone used to run the odd tournement and there was always a ladder
going on somewhere to play in.....sob ;9

Duel servers

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my second love after FFA, they were always full and if not somebody would be sure to
join if you connected to an empty one, this was when I was a hpw so it used to be much fun playing lpbs as you didnt really need an excuse for losing, just check the pings!

Aaaaaaah the hours, days wasted on them, the outrageous phone bills etc...

But the thing I miss most about the old Q2 scene...


2005-04-17 12:18 
2004-12-06 13:30 
Q2 was my first online game too from when I had inet (2 years ago) , but I wanted to be much much earlier then when I began(I had the game from '98-'99 but played a few times when I went to a friend), the scene is dead and that makes me sad some times .
I hope Q2 will become more active in the future than it is now.
2004-09-03 19:23 
Heh....i played q2 at wireplay (my first ever online gaming) - they told me to go to - so then I played there as a HPB for a year. I stopped for almost a year, and returned with a graphics card and cable...I found gamespy, and moved to the all seeing eye. I've only started being competetive over the last 8/9 months maybe...heh...I wish something would happen to make Quake2 BIG again.
2004-08-01 07:11 
good read
ive only started playing q2 at the end of that era, when the first NDML (which was using league skins also btw :p) ended.

2004-07-27 17:02 
alot of young days spended with q2.
ye... i miss old q2 scene.
2004-07-27 15:45 
the phonebills, aaah the phonebills, so true the 56k horror!
finally on adsl pinging superb on dutch servers, but all a bit too late
just returned to q2 though..untill q4 or even doom3, there is hope
2004-07-25 14:18 
Very true. I remember I was observing some clanwar. It was more a war of clans . A lot of people running around the map, taking weapons and killing anyone from the enemy's team... Ehh.
This post really reminds us, who we used to be, or we could be . If everyone, who reads this post, will try to be a bit relaxed, have fun in the process of playing, then a part of the old q2scene will be alive again .
2004-07-25 13:32 
readin this one makes me feel sad ...
2004-07-25 11:56 
2004-07-25 04:19 
very nice!

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