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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
2017-10-06 Summer Of Q2 Cup Finale
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Columns: What ever happened to aim

Wheres the skill gone?

Its quite noticable in todays Q2 that the main thing to do is stick your fov as low as
possible, drop your sensitivty so you need to use 2 foot of desk space to turn 360,
steady your railgun and point your crosshair at a point on the map where your enemy will
eventually jump out to, how do I know where hes gonna be? is it a cheat, some kind of invisible wall, no actually
ive just heard the bullets being picked up, a sound ive heard countless times before through hours, days, years of hardcore practising, he must come out here after all where else is he going to go? and I wait......wait.....wait a bit More....zzzz.....god I can here him getting closer, here he comes, I can see him now but ill keep my mouse where it is hes bound to jump there to get those health packs, hes a bit closer.....closer......almost there and I can almost see my score incrementing, COME ON JUST PICK UP THE PACKS my fingers twitching its desperate
for some fragging action but I better not get to excited or I could fire to soon and miss, then it happens, he jumps over that first pack and straight into my crosshair with my fov at 80 and 21" monitor I can see his eyes....BANG
and hes dead and it just goes down as another succesful rail kill with no skill attatched what so ever.

Whats this hes spawned and dropped down the rocket launcher this could be a perfect time to test my timing skills ive practised to hard on....Must concentrate, think think. Ok aim my gun at the near exit and wait. Right thats the noise of the rockets being picked up now to keep jump...2 jumps and without hesitation BANG and in all the glory my nick
comes up in colours at the top of my screen, taking a quick look to make sure and have a little ego trip I then see a lonesome Rocket launcher on its own, simple ill put my crosshair on it and wait.

Second thoughts I had better get some armour incase im ambushed by someone with a super shotgun, a couple of seconds later im impressing any specators by getting as close the the armour boxes
as possible before double jumping up them without and run up....arnt I the man. Oh crap a male model just picked up the body armour by lift, must mean hes coming in so ill switch to my rocket launcher. All these hours of practise will come in handy now just remember the timing..count the jumps..count the jumps ok now fire first rocket and without thinking I move my mouse to the exact area he will be landing and fire my second rocket, where they have landed a 1000 times before. Argg ive missed, thatsts impossible the timing was perfect ive practised it a 100 times before the frag should be mine, what now WHAT!? I have to aim?....but my mouse is to damn slow and...and...hey what are those things coming at me, SHIT! my health RUN...wait....what!?.....

2004-07-24 12:33 
People who use the word 'overmatch' are just lamers who cant think of the word overCOME....and thats my opinion
2004-07-24 08:36 
LOL,people who whine about campers are just lamers who cant think of a way how to overmatch them..thats my opinion only though;P
2004-07-22 04:41 
nice job!
2004-07-21 21:59 
Haha, death to the campers! :]
2004-07-21 18:25 
2004-07-21 15:36 
muahhaha ) n1 work

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