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Columns: Demos....why?

After recent unsavoury goings on over at the sister ship Demosquad I decided it might be a good topic to start off on, after all why do people upload their demos, there is several different reasons that
I can see:

1. To make yourself look good.
These are the demos that are 200-0 thrashings where the opponant is either totally on a different level or just not playing well, I can think of numerous occasions where ive downloaded a
demo from a Synth member or from a Brazilian (although I try to steer clear of these) where the score is never in any doubt from the beginning and its just gets really boring seeing shots that arnt aimed, just timed because they know these guys arnt going to be clever enough to try something different, almost like watching a robot play where all those hours finally paid
off, and what better way to celebrate that share the fruits of your labour with the q2

The other instance is when someone has a nightmare and is totally not with it and still the demo finds its way onto the site (Hey look how great I am hammering this guy 20-0?), usualy the opponant has given up and thrown away any thoughts of using tactics and attacks at every possibility.
These demos if made by scooby usualy recieve rave reviews from most of the Pols on the site no matter how boring.

2. To make someone or some team look bad.
Oh hell, it had to be mentioned sometime, its not fun to watch, its not clever to do, its doing a Lucas and uploading a demo just to make someone look bad, thankfully there arnt many of these as most people realise that everyone has off days where they just dont get people to download your demo and it not even being whole just to make a rival look bad isnt cool (but niether is watching demos ;?), these type of demos generally suck and are recieved badly on a whole.

3. Someone begs you.
Of course im sure Purri has had it quite a bit, unfortunatly ive yet to be begged, or be the begger, right now there isnt to many of these around but you know when they are 'Whats the point of uploading this'
'He asked me to' in full out defensive mode strenuously denying they had anything todo with the uploading of this demo. Usualy pretty good demos
with some impressive skills that the uploader feels a bit guilty abut putting there, usualy even getting someone else to uplaod it for him.

4. Admin demands it.
Usualy because he thinks you just cheated, I should know... usualy shows a good preformance in a competitive game thats gets a lot of good reviwes and a good number of downloads... that is
of course unless the demo actualy proves you cheated....mentioning no names..

5. A good team performance.
When a teams tactics are tighter than a virgin and more weapons are dropped by your team than David James drops footballs, its uploaded. Usualy against a clan of equal or greater skill which shows an impressive result, although it is mainly about the team there is still a bit of the first reason in here as whos gonna upload a demo of getting a low score but the team playing well (bar mkuh and those bloody lift demos). Usualy pretty boring yet impressive demos to watch as theres more team skill than individual skill going on.

In the end it all comes down to making yourself look good at the game, sometimes looking better than you actualy are, and very occasionally to make someone else look bad (stop these).


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