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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: CB interviews : Sasha of q2e

raV : How do you rate q2e achevements in clanbase this season? Are you satisfied about it? Did you expect to place that high in group and promotion to playoffs?

Sasha : Achievements - I don't know. We have nice squad :), but unfortunately some of us treats it too seriously. If they would treat it more chilled then we will call it success. And if it's about the place - cool, 1st place (actually q2e placed 2nd but Sasha didn't know that -r.r.) is ok. We deserve it. However we should have won with eS 2:0, the dicks hadn't typed hold when hitman had had ping 1400, they had just been playing ;].

raV : How do you evaluate ours (I'm actually q2e player -r.r.) chances in playoffs? Do you think we can win it or get a
medal place?

Sasha : If nobody won't fuck us with server etc. then we have chances ---< it's very concrete answer :]]]. I'll say like this : maybe only ArenA and CURSE could own us, neither GZA or xts or something like that (xTz - r.r.) that had placed 3rd in group A or eS aren't dangerous for us ;]

raV : Tell something about your team. What are your key players? Any secret supertactics or anyway else to own the opponents?

Sasha : We have got an extremally big team that plays really good. It's hard to say if there are any key players, because often somebody has better ping than somebody else and it's not possible to decide who'd deserve for a key player status. And speaking of tricks - I know one : you give the guy 3 matches and you order him to hold 2 of them in his hands and 1 between his legs and then he has to connect them - what is it? - A fatman on bike ;D

raV : You had won almost all matches in cb only drawing with es and pr which seems to be the weakest clan in group. What is the reason of that kind of that unstability?

Sasha : Overall we had played very loose with pR with very experimental team and on q2dm5 which is a very open map, so it's no surprise, besides they're not weak at all, group A is worse that ours. In A morever ArenA and CURSE is nobody and in
our group everyone could win : bod,ra,q2e,es,gza,etc.

raV : ok thx for interview

Sasha : spox thx


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