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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: CB interviews : Sick of ArenA

raV : What do you think about your achievements in cb group phase? Are you satisfied? Did you expect such a high place and promotion to playoffs?

SickboY : Yes we've been expecting promotion to playoffs. We're not satisfied cause one of our top players is available to play. I'm speaking about nasty. We had to play in weakened squad but we've got trough somehow. Truly we expected to get out to playoffs from first place, but we found CURSE to be a worthy rivals and they raped us, especially on dm8 :P. Clan ArenA was founded few weeks before CB (<-this cup spring - r.r.). We hadn't had time to improve our teamplay so overall it wasn't bad.

raV : How do you evaluate your chances in playoffs?

SickboY : We've been playing versus GZA recently and we managed to win with them, so I'm counting that my girls :> won't disappoint me this time too. I can't predict the semi final score. The time will show.

raV : Do you think that you're able to win the cup or get a medal position?

SickboY : If we'll get nasty to internet cafe for all games and if we'll play in squad : sickboy,riven,abh,nasty then I think we've got pretty big chances for a medal. The question is : which ? :)

raV : Tell me something about your team. Who're the key players? Do you have any super secret tactics or other shit?

SickboY : Arena is the clan which we had founded with mates from Cracov. We're cool. We're going out for a drink from time to time and we're playing some old, awesome game called Quake 2 :) . riven is surely our number 1. He's the guy with biggest skill of our team. He's been practising a little while I had a "q2 holidays". A Black Horse, called ABH deserves for attention too. The guy had learned very much in Devil Inside, where he had nice teachers like Assasin. Nasty is another owner, that came from 3m. Unfortunately he can not play from home now and his mum don't let him to go to cafe with us when it's late :) . He's a kid but he can play. Offcourse the rest of the team deserve for a praise but I had mentioned only the top 3. We don't have any super tactics. It's hard to have them nowadays :) We're trying as hard as we can to play from cafe where voice communication gives us a lot. It's obvious. We can't mobilize ourselves to buy microfones and to use teamspeak or something like this.

raV : You've been in Poland National Team in the past. How would you compare Team Poland from the past and from the present?

SickboY : HE HE HE. Heaven vs Earth. When I had been in TP, poles have been playing FFA.

raV : Now they're playing FFA too :DDDDD

SickboY : Me and Scooby had slowly started to rehabilitate them into teamplay side, and now the boys are arousing respect in the european scene. Imho Assasin had done the biggest skill improvement. Scooby had been always the best and he's still crushin'. And mkuh is one of the best teamplayers overall now.

raV : Do you think that Team Poland need any changes or everything is ok as it is now? Maybe some new players or something?

SickboY : Overall TP is made of sYnth and 3m players. Both clans are really good and their players are too so for me it's no reason to do any experiments. I can only wish our guys better connections.

raV : Do you like new Sugababes album?

SickboY : I rather listening to trance, minimal and techno and Sugababes are not my climats. You should ask warrior. He's the fan of Brithey Spears and maybe he knows something about this album.

raV : thx for the interview

SickboY : thank you too. Greetings for my mum, the whole q2pl team, anomal especially.

raV : Why anomal?

SickboY : Because Zbyszek has moustache (Zbyszek = Warrior -r.r.). And seriously this guy did probably the most good things for polish quake 2 scene and for that a BIG respect for him.

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