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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: CB interviews :Foen of Wizards

raV : Are you (wizards) happy about clanbase group games? Did you expect to get into the playoffs?

Foen : Ofcourse i did :), all played games went well, we lost only 1 map and that was against sYnth. Too bad we had a big misunderstanding with solaris and they got w/o.And that costed us 1st place.

raV : What are you expectations for playoff? do you think you'll take gold medal or maybe 2nd or 3rd place?

Foen : Naturally we aim to the 1st place, but it is not going to be easy. There are many very good teams but we also have a good team, if everything goes like planned we might win whole league. We have 3 very tough games left before we know did we win or not, so we'll see. But we will do our best.

raV : Tell me something about your team. Who are the key players? do you have any special tactics or other secret way to own enemies?

Foen : We have 3 finnish national team players, i think that tells enough from our team? Key players...provi ofcourse and his crazy railgun, but i think all our players can be a key players if he have a good day, but teamplay is everything and we work as a team. Tactics...we follow our own tactics and so far it have worked out well, but maybe we have some tricks or maybe we don't, but why should i tell those to our enemies? :)

raV : we're not your enemies D:

Foen : i think you gonna publish this before playoffs games? :)

raV : yea

Foen : so they can read this too :)

raV : but i can keep your tactics for myself :D

Foen : hähä

raV : Who invented your clan name? Does it come from [lm]wizard name or maybe it's his fanclub?

Foen : haha, or maybe he is our biggest fan? :), well i don't know [lm]wzrds story and don't know much about wizards either. But i think thaigo and huippe found this clans 1999? or not? If you want better details you should talk with them. But we deffinatly are not [lm]wizards fanclub! :)

raV : ok thx for interview

Foen : np and good nigth :)

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