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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: CB interviews : dIem of eS

raV : What can you say about groupmatches? Are you happy about what did you achieve in it? Did you suppose that you'd enter the playoffs?

dIem : the group games were much closer than i thought. i'm just a bit pissed because of the fact that we gave away the first place cuz of the map loss vs gza. and yes. sure i supposed that we'll reach the playoffs :)

raV : How do you rate your chances in playoffs? Do you think eS has chance to win 2nd league or take a medal at least?

dIem : we should be able to win the game vs xtz. but the 1/2 final vs curse will be the deciding match of this cup. i think the winner of this game will win the whole cup. so we should at least get third (if we loose vs curse) or just win the cup.

raV : Tell me something about your team. Who are the key players? Do you have some special tactics or smth?

dIem : we dont have sth like a topteam. each players of us is nearly as good as another. but i hope we will see especially jun, frux, de blade, fichte and bujin in the next games. special tacs? hm the only "special" thing i know is, that we dont have a weak map :)

raV : You had given lots of w/o in euroq2l and recently I saw Jun playing for sYnth. What does it mean? End of eS? :{

dIem : we have sth about 10 q2 players. if you just see the names (de blade, frux, fichte, duco, jun, diehard, cobra, rebel and so on...) and don't push the button to active your brain, you'll easily begin to cry why es* doesn't play 1st divison (*hugh*g&g*). but it was obvious that it will get much more harder for us to have 4 guys playing for a war than last season. cuz of the whining of much scandi clans, the flaming of many new polish clans
and last but not least the arrogance of some big-balled-small-brained scene-eros, it doesnt make any sense for most of us to continue playing quake 2 seriously. i just want to play a game; nothing more. but at the end the afternoon turns out into a neverending nightmare. maybe we will play next cb season at third divison. i also tried my best to get some dudes playing at euroq2l but i think some of the readers might know the problem. we are all 23+
years old and working or studying. we don't have this much time left. sorry to all clans who just tried to play their game! jun is 17 years old and just has much more time left than the rest of us. he will finish the clanbase cup with us and then completely switch to synth. yo that's all. now i have to find this fuckin virus... :)

raV : ok, thx for the interview

dIem : =) np m8

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