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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: CB interviews : hamster of aK

raV : How are your impressions after group matches, have your expectations became true?

hamster : To be honest we assumed to place 4th in case eA would play to the end. So we had very promising beginning because we managed to draw with them (eA-r.r), but later the super game with vT came and BYE (i guess bye playoffs - r.r.). Then another match with other clan that we calculated it would be 0:2 and in a way it examined...too bad that we lost dm1 in last second by 1 frag. Luckily vT dropped out of the cup and we knew that we had 70% chances to advance and we did it :) Overall impression is : I thought that it would be worse.

raV : How do you evaluate your chances in playoffs? Do you count for a medal positions?

hamster : We have complex with 3m and sYnth, so I don't think we will get a medal :) . In playoffs we're going to play with 2.0 or 3m, all will be clear after their match. To be honest I'd rather play with 2.0. I think that for now on getting to the next round would be the top, very hard to reach in fact.

raV : Tell me something about your team. Who are the most important,key players? Do you have any special tactics etc? Any special problem or secret force that lets you get bonus frags?

hamster : We don't hire Joda Knights ( I thinkt hamster was thinking about Jedi Knights - r.r.), however first player within over 3 year aK history, from abroad joined our team at 1st of April - DM the guerilla. Our main strenght is the power of teamplay, so if 1 player fails we're lying. We don't have that kind of skill potential as sYnth or 3m nowadays, so it's extremally hard to win the matches when oponents have better skills, maybe only KK can play on a really high level, rest of us are kinda artisans but I guess it's our plus not a defect.

raV : yea, recently DM has joined your team. Do you have any special hopes connected with him? Do you plan more guests from abroad (recently it goes with the fashion =] )? Don't you afraid that if you'd lose a match, DM would say "I'm too good to lose with for example : 3m " and he'll leave aK just like he had with his last 2 clans? :D

hamster : Yeah, it's trendy :E, we had been thinking about one more player from abroad, but we'll restrain ourselves for now on. Hopes? He won't redeem us, but he won't be interfering at least :) Hehe it's kinda risk, but we had trusted him, I hope he won't fail us ;]

raV : ok, thx for interview

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