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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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Interviews: CB interviews : Thorn of 3m

raV : How are your impressions after group matches? Are you happy about the scores? Did you suspect that you'll get into the playoffs from 1st or 2nd place?

Thorn : In groupmatches we're doing much better than we expected, even if we have 1 match left with 2.0 I think that we had showed our best and we can go really far this season. We're very happy about the scores, so far we had won 7 maps and lost only 1 with 187 which is in my opinion very good result.

Thorn : =p

raV : How do you evaluate your chances in playoffs? Do you think that you have chances for any medal?

Thorn : It depends on which clan we'll be facing and ofcourse on our conditions to play. I think that with clans that're in the playoffs is like that everybody could beat everybody and you can never be sure who's gonna win. Maybe if we will play our best we'd be able to take place on the top 3 platform...

raV : Tell me something about your team. Who are the most important,key players? Do you have any special tactics or other shit?

Thorn : Squad that playerd the most matches in clanbase looks like that :
ibogine, morph-x,nite,thorn. I think it's the strongest team we ever had, which is quite good at every map. Our key players are no doubt ibogine and morph-x, which had been playing for 3m for couple years. Me and nite are new in clan, but I think that we're making a good team. Our secret tactics are secret and I can not tell you about it.

raV : Recently you have picked two players from abroad (glad & nite) with good pings and one mysterious polish player with nick : des1re. Is it some kind of fashion or do you want 3m to be international clan or maybe there are other reasons?

Thorn : Making of international clan isn't reason of picking nite and glad. They're good players which had played for dutch tmp. Besided they have good connections and they're excellent teamplaers and I think that they will be useful for us. Desire is polish player that I don't know much about so I won't be speaking of him :p

raV : thanks for interview

Thorn : spoksik (means sth like "cool" in english -r.r.)

Thorn : :p

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