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Interviews: Interview with raijaXI

small interview with raijaXI

10: I'm here with raijaXI, the head admin of the IC (International Champions) 1v1 tournament here based in North America. For those who may be reading this, please tell us a little about yourself and your Quake 2 experience?

raijaXI: hmmm.. Well I've been a quake 2 player pretty much since it came out. I spent the first few years doing nothing but FFA on random servers so I missed the initial rush of competitive play. After being introduced to tdm I got hooked on it and have been a fairly active player in the NA competitive community for a very long time.

10: Awesome stuff, now tell us what your main goal and concept is for the IC 1v1 tournament? Mainly what kinds of rules and stipulations have to set for this tournament?

raijaXI: Well our main goal is to actually provide the NA community something to get excited about. It seems that too many tournaments have a very strong start and sort of die off half way through because of lack of interest. We've really tried to go out of our way to give people an experience that will keep them coming back again and again. We try to keep things as fair as we can.. none of our staff is allowed to compete in the tournament, and we require skins and things. It's nice to have competitors battling it out on as even ground as possible.

10: How did you choose your admin staff and the players that are taking part in this invitational 1v1 tournament?

raijaXI: The staff was chosen by people that we(dark and I) thought were dedicated to the game and would be willing to help keep the community alive and kicking... We basically just went down the list of people in #q2players and picked people. It was the same thing for the competitors. We tried to get the most active guys who would be able and willing to finish all of their matches. For the most part, it worked out well.

10: Do you have any predictions on who might come out on top in this tournament? Do any players seem to stand out more than the rest?

raijaXI: My personal predictions, as well as everyone else’s I think, is naymlis vs. shells in the final game. Shells seems to be well-practiced on every map and he is using that to destroy nearly all of the competition. There are a few guys in there that, if they practiced, could really surprise everyone and maybe win it all.. Luci, Mezzo ... Just to name a few.

10: After the successful completion of this first IC 1v1 tournament are you planning on having a 2nd one, and if so, due to the large amounts of NA-Euro leagues/tournaments intermixing will it possibly include players from our sister Q2 scene in Europe?

raijaXI: We haven't really sat down and discussed what will come next, but we definitely want to have a Euro-NA tournament one of these days. We were originally planning to make this tournament be an International tournament(hence the name International Champions), but we wanted to get all of the kinks worked out before we try anything as complex as that.

10: In conclusion, in reflexion of the NA-Euro intermixing, what are your thoughts on the NDML IV? Do you feel that the NA clans are at the same competitive level as the European clans in a 4v4 situation or do you think that NA is too focused on 1v1 gameplay to compete in such a prestigious league?

raijaXI:I believe the community on our side of the ocean has a lot of rebuilding to do before we are, in any way, prepared to compete at such a high level. We have the potential to become a community of skilled 4v4 players, but there isn't much dedication at the moment. Hopefully things will change in the near future. :)

10: sounds good, thanks for your time and good luck with the tournament!

2004-03-15 10:05 
NA-euro turnament will not work out becouse ping
2004-03-14 12:33
2004-03-14 02:13 
what's the website of this tournament?
2004-03-13 04:36 
it's short only because I had to rush to complete it. I'm a very busy person lately. But liek I said in the news report, we have a very dull scene atm..
2004-03-13 02:59 
nice interview maybe a bit too short
I'm glad to hear that something happening on "other side of ocean" and that our America's part of crew still want to be active

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