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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: frozza interviewed

Small interview before euroq2l's start ..

Claymore: You are head admin of one of bigest leagues in europe, how this happend and what is this feeling ?

frozza: Well, it all started with me signing up as spec admin in the first session of Euroq2l, and now when Foen "quitted" the job, he thought somehow i would do the job after him, its a heavy loaded job and im pretty lazy but ill try to do my best.

This season have new playing system, can say in few words about it, How happend that this system will be used, what it have what other dont, ect ... ?

Well, we wanted to create something now cause the last season a whole division was wiped out when we played by the european regions so we decided to make a new system based on skill and were all clans have chans to win, A,B,C,D,E from the "best" to the "worse" you can say, the only problem we thought from the beginnen in the pings as always, but i think the pings gotten better and more wars can be fought, hopefully and with as fair pings as possible.

Why not same system (which wasnt so bad) as in previous season or CB system like which are tested and used in plenty of leagues ?

Well, as i mentioned in the previous question there was maaaany drop outs and probably will in this one aswell, but we wanted to create more "freedom" for the less good clans aswell and a chance to bring home the win, we didnt want to be CB-wannabes thats why we wanted to created something new(i dont really know if its new, but ive never played in q2).

Yup new idea can bring some refresh into our old bones.

It sure can :O)

But always there is some thing that might wont work, dont u afraid of that ?:) ppl act different on such changes.

hehe, well, not really, as i said, i havent gotten into some deep shit , its about time something big happens hehe :-) we hope for a more stable season though =)
well, it better be =)

How this system is welcome on scene ?

good i hope, people seem afraid to say something, but i guess its fine since we havent got any complaints...yet..

Thats something new, since I remember there were always some whinie, why im not in group Z instand of X and so on ..

oh yeah, well, we are admins from diffrent nationlities and most of us know our own countrys q2 scene and the clans, there skill and so on, they have to live with it,u still have a shot at the golden trophy

With new system, theoretical worse clans after groups phase will engage those more skilled (ie. B and A groups). Don't you afraid that situation from last season from playoff phase (when there were played only one match in first round) wont happend again ?
Its good that they can fight for gold, but u know how it is lately and forefights never makes nothign good for leagues ... ;)

hehe, we hope that this season is more stable as i mentioned earlier, clans who sign up should read the rules and etc so they know what adventure that awaits them, we hope also that clans see more serious at this league, ofcourse they should play for fun aswel, if clans decides to act like that there is nothing we can do but try to help out the best as we can..

Except playing system change are there some other significant changes (rules for example) ?

nope, same server settings and that stuff as before, i dont know any more

What about w/o ? Last time there was 3 and next out, maybe it should be less like 2 w/o and good bye ?

naw, we cant change everything, the rules was OK and still is, its up to the clans to show a good sportive side

Yea but since i remember when clans gave 2 w/o they dont finish league anyway :/ Its shity but sure, as always it depends on clans ...

There are some rumors (or facts even) that u will lose some most active admins like dead or Scooby and Foen or Gravgont wont help u so much with admining either. There gonna be problems with that this season ?

Well... Scooby i dont know anything about atm, some admins didnt like him, some did, personally i dont anything wrong with the-one-sentence-man =), foen have just moved himself from the spotlight but he is still there in the dark as the helper etc, Gravgon is still innit as far as i know, we are looking for new admins constantly so i any of you would suite as a admin, let me know of it :)

I heard that this season clans will make raports by themselfs. Well last season was famouse cuz of raports too, u think that with this change it will be so interesting too ? I really doubt that ppl will write any reports ...

We arent sure yet, its as u say, its very unreliable that people will put any effort to it, thats why we are searching for more members, but also, clans can just let us know when they are going to play, and then any admin just add game, with screens and without any text, add the neccessary stuff and so on.

yeah i hope that this things will works cuz reall, league without same reports as in previous season wont be same :(

ofcourse not, but this is something new, and we are willing to try it, we will se how it goes, future will tell :o)

Ok, time for easier questions. How u think, what will be top 3 for this season ?

hm this one is though, 2.0,Synth/Wizards/play, kta/187eA

Scandinavians will rule again ?:)

:) though there might be some suprises

Yea, so can u poin some teams that can be surprise of this season then ?:)

yes i belieave we might have some, clans like 3M, pm,OK , you never know where you have them

Ok i wont bother u anymore since u are head admin, prolly u are busy man =), thxz for interview. Do u want to add something more ? not THAT buisy, but i probably should :P.. np, always a pleasure talking to you hrhr, yes, #euroq2l seek more and healthy admins! peace

2004-03-06 14:23 
Go frozza!
2004-03-02 11:24 
yeah everyone knows that my english rulz
but I making progress or .. ?
2004-03-02 02:06 
nice interview
not the best english grammar I could read so far but it's understable

btw im still in the busyness of Euroq2l but rather like Foen is: in the shadows to help the ninjaboy with his hard task :>

may the stealth and the knives be with you!
2004-03-01 20:37 
Very good interview Clay!

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