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Interviews: Interview with zerom{ of tm

You all q2ctf'ers know him, you all know his clan, here it's interview with zerom!

1.Please give me little info about you as person and q2ctf player
<|tm|zerom{> My name is Andreas Ringstad and i play q2ctf in clan tm. I have played q2ctf since around the end of 1998, and have been in several clans like tawm, cls, agc, and F1. Joined tm about 3 years ago, and have been there since then :)

2.Are you playing other games/mods?
<|tm|zerom{> During the time I have played q2ctf I have also played a little ra2, and also a little DM for a short period. I have also played RTCW for about 1 year, and is currently playing alot of warcraft3.

3.Tell me something about tm's history and how&when you did join tm?
<|tm|zerom{> Well, tm has been around for about 4 years I think, starting of early as one of the best clans with only top players. They had been around for a little over 1 year when I joined, and had won 1 CB cup, and the Noll8LAN 2. I remember I asked Night (current leader) almost every day if I could join, and they finally let me join after I had owned them in a match when i played for agc (even though we lost):)

4.If you would describe you as q2ctf player how you would do it?
<|tm|zerom{> Defensive player with good overall aim, sometimes doing stupid things trying to be a hero :P

5.As seeing that eA did draw map against you in CB what do you think about this season in CB? Which team(s) can compete against you if you think any team(s) can do it?
<|tm|zerom{> eA was lucky:P No seriosly, they played good at sumactf6. Personally I see idc as a little threat, seeing as they practise every day :P . This CB season is alot more even than before, because I actually feel that we could lose this time. However, in tm we always just say to ourselves that we have Fettson and because of that we can't lose :)

6.How is future of tm looking in q2ctf?
<|tm|zerom{> I guess we will continiue like the last 2 years, joining the CB cup if we have enough players wanting to play. We are all playing other games, and q2ctf is just something we do because we still think it's fun, and we like playing some matches to get a break from the other games :)

7.If you should make team(5 players, 1def and rest non-defs) which would be allstars team to compete AGAINST tm?
<|tm|zerom{> Hmmmmm, that's a hard question.. Well, personally I would choose Sandman as def, boost faith, karpo, Ronin and the last player being either arne (tur-putte), tic or golgo.

8.Best moments for you in q2ctf history? Best match so far for you in tm?
<|tm|zerom{> Best moment, when I joined tm :) . Best match : My first CB final vs LuX in the CB 2002 spring cup, 3-0 ctf1, 2-1 05b and 9-3 ctf2 :)

9.Something which you would like to say to all q2ctf'ers out there?
<|tm|zerom{> arne got alot of lotto, and remember, you can't beat us because we have Fettson ! :)

That's all, big thanks :)
<|tm|zerom{> np =)

My first interview, but not the last one, just starters. Have to say zerom was really nice to interview and it was really nice to have this little interview. Hope you all others will enjoy it too!

2004-03-04 01:15 
easy to read
2004-02-26 13:36 
very nice, but definitly too short
2004-02-26 09:11 
Good reading, it was good enoufg in my eyes!

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