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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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FAQ: How to play ctf

At first for those who’ve played more or less other mods but not ctf, I’m gonna tell you basic things that are good to know, and also how to start playing it with a team/clan, or just as an individual player.

CTF is about capping, but there is more than just taking flag and capturing it that counts when a match outcome is decided. The best players know how to play, but there is lot of new players coming into the scene who lack ctf-skills.

How to control map?
The most common maps that are played have two ps’s, one quad and of course two flags. In ctf you can’t control weapons the same way as in dm. (except in maps like ctf3). The most important thing that you have to do you have to get all your ps’s that are vital in controlling the keypoint of the map, middle/quad area.

With middle control you can take quads, and with quads you can run enemy base down. Even a clan that’s getting heavily beaten can turn the whole game around with one good quadrun. That’s why middle control is so important.

Own base and defending:
In most of the maps one defender is enough to solidly defend the base, collect those ps’s and in some maps (i.e. Q2ctf1 & 2) help with quad taking. When enemy has quad everyone of your team should be at defense against enemy quad and flag runners. Tech Power Ups (techs) for defense are Time Accel (time) and Power Amplifier (amp).

Majority of games are determined here. When two even clans play its all about how well your clan controls middle. You should’ve everyone (except def) in middle always a bit before quad spawn.
Middle control plays also an important role when enemy takes your flag, your team should be ready in middle ready to intercept enemy flag carrier (efc).

In majority of maps you should only attack when your team has quad. Clan should have at least one good grappler who can take the enemy flag and grapple fast. Everyone should escort own flag carrier over middle to your own base. Techs for attack are mostly Disruptor Shield (disp) and Auto Doc (doc).

Team play:
Ctf is about team play, you won’t be successful if you try to do everything yourself. I already explained some of the things it takes to be a team in top but there are more little things to it like dropping stuff.
You should always drop cells if you don’t have a ps for those who have. You should drop other ammo too incase you don’t have a tech or need ammo yourself. Quader (quad taker with doc/disp and ps) should have everything he needs, he has a priority over anybody else on everything.

How to use techs:
Amp=When you deliver 2x damage it’s easy to keep base clean. You can use it on middle too.
Time=Shooting two times faster is generally almost as good as amp, and sometimes even better. A really good way to use both time and amp is to put the other on base and the other on middle keeping the middle as clean as your base from enemies.
Doc=Best way to make use of this health & armor boosting machine is to take quads and attack enemy base with it.
Disp=Halves the damage you take and it's easy to take flags with it. Good on quad taker too but best way to use it is for flag taking.

How to grapple:
Grapple is one of the best “weapons” in ctf, not for killing but getting the cap job done. The best grapplers (i.e. Fettson) will do it over and over again with only 100h against good defenders. You should learn how to grapple smooth and fast, try to keep the speed up and not get stuck on the walls. Every team should have at least one good grappler and a good player should know how to grapple somewhat. It’s a skill that needs practicing, watch demos of some good ctf’ers and keep training.

An ideal team would be:
A solid defender who can take ps’s and kill enemy flag carriers ([tm]Pmastah and [BBQ]Nikodemus)
A quader who can run enemy base over again and again ([tm]Jooz and [BBQ]Karpo)
Solid team players who control the middle, attack with quads and defend the base against enemy quads ([BBQ]zeds, [tm]Zerom, [omen]CMX)
Grapplers that can cap the flag fast ([tm]Fettson)

Those who want to learn more about q2ctf I’d suggest to watch demos of top teams like tm/BBQ and of course play a lot!

Big thanks for Inqu of your help with my text!

2007-02-22 07:47 
nice written..
i like ctf but i count it as a dead mod whom plays very few players... it would be great if ctf had atleast such community as DM has..
2006-11-14 16:02 
ctf sounds pretty cool. It's a lot more teamplay-intensive than I thought.
2006-04-21 11:20 
nice job... But.... I think you could make part 2. or not
2004-03-02 05:05 
That was what i thought.
Very good written!
2004-02-26 14:58 
nice again!
2004-02-26 01:19 
Nice howto, greet job there!

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