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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: Interview with dIem of Clan eS

Interview with dIem of Clan eatSlugs that is the last active german Quake 2 TDM Clan. Now with some new Line-up the germans will try to add themselves to top of European Clans. Let's see what the clanleader and founder said.

manu": Please introduce urself.

dIem: Hrhr. That's the first time I introduce myself =).
My name is Tim, a good looking guy who's 23 years and I'm living in
Freiburg/Germany =).
I'm playing Quake 2 since 2000. The guy who showed me how to play is nobody
else then old mTw|Shurik with whom I was in class @ school (also with frux, who is still
playing @ eatSlugs).
At the moment I'm doing an instruction as media designer.

manu": What cups/leagues eS signed for?

dIem: We will take part in almost all leagues that are left.
This will be Savage, EuroQ2L, Clanbase TDM and Clanbase Insta.
Thats why we powered up our Lineup like that. With the new players
Fichte, Jun, de Blade, bulletin0 and duco (Diehard and bre as old - new
m8s), as well as the rest of our old team with frika, frux rebel and me.

manu": So what will be ur strongest lineup?

dIem: Puh. Very good question. We will mix up our Lineup every game, so its very
hard to think about that. Its also very hard because some of my m8s are better in
different maps.
So i have to devide it into sections: Maps with PU (PS, Quad, Invul) and without.
In my personal opinion, the best PU-Lineup will be like this:
Frux, de Blade, Fichte, Duco
The other one:
Frux, Fichte, Diehard and Jun

manu": Ur goals this season?

dIem: Puh also a very good question. It would be nice to win the CB Cup, but i
think the Polish clans raised up like Torx's fucking dog -> unbelievable :)
And just hear the same from everybody I asked: They're also fucking good. So we'll see what will happen this Season. At Savage, we just want to place sth between
1st to 3rd in the first division. Would be nice to have some chances after winning vs. [sYnth] last week.
EuroQ2L will get hard when the teams are mixed up. But with Division devided in Central Euro and Scandi we will have chances to rech the 1/2-finals.
Instagib is just 4 fun for us. But i think we will also reach the playoffs easily.

manu": eS wanted to play in clanbase second divison? right? please give me the

dIem: Hrhr. y0. Everybody wanted to know. The first reason is the EuroQ2L. I think
it will grow up to the better and bigger Quake League. The other reaosn is just the amount of Leagues we take part in.
And the third reason is: WE WANT TO WIN FUCKING CB CUP =)

manu": Some time ago eS was the main central of german q2-scene. Will there be a
revival of such a great scene site?

dIem: The scene-site. Long question. Short answer: No.
I just had to much work with that. After all it was a great time, but I should have closed eatSlugs as scene page much more earlier. We now have new Squads in the games RA3 and Call of Duty (were still searching for 2 skilled COD peeps). I think the clan thingy is enough work (sure also
fun) and im getting grey and older
like all my other m8s. Thats also a reason why i love this Clan. Nearly all members of the Clan know each other from several lans or just are friends in normal life :)

manu": especially: what do u think about the german q2-scene?

dIem: Hrhr. "The german Q2 Scene". One issue in all Interviews :)
The german Ra2 Scene is still very big. The german TDM Scene = eatSlugs.
There are just some german players left,
but the passel is sth. like 10-15.

manu": what do u think of the q2-scene in general?

dIem: The Quake 2 Scene is still very very big. If someone had told the measures
of this quantity i wouldnt have believed
that. I think Quake 2 will never die, like Quakeworld or Doom (online).
If anyone of you wants to join our COD Squad then plz contact Akom or just
me on irc @ #eatslugs or via mail.
Okidope. Getting sth to eat =)

manu": k, thx for ur time m8.

2006-04-21 11:18 
nice...Thats all ....
2004-03-05 10:48 
hrhr well see
2004-02-22 08:15 

and what about future es lan parties! ;p

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