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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: Interview with Two-Point-O

Kicia made a interview with 2.0 with my little help

Hi, can u introduce yourselfs, describe something about yourselfs, how was started yours adventure with q2, and what are you doing when you arent play q2, in the "real" world?

(Deuce-) There is nothing special how my q2 "adventure" started..I just somehow found myself from edome's server long time ago(like 5years?). I don't even remember it well anymore. nowadays its unusual to see me even playing q2. I spend my sparetime by playing basketball or getting drunk with my friends and so on.

(Damiah) Well im Jake and im 20 years old :) Actually q2 was the first game i installed to my comp and i have played it since. In real life.. well i guess i dont do anything special there at the moment. im just chilling, working and drinking etc. ;)

[xircuit]: hi. my name is Juha-Matti Kuitunen and i live in Mikkeli,Finland. i started my "q2 adventure" in 1999 when i bought my first computer, but i wasnt able to play online since i didnt have any connection, started playing online hmm sometime in year 2000... "what am i doing outside q2" well hehe studying most of the time and ofc beer:)

<PRAY> Well my name is Jouko Lehtonen and im playing with nick PRAYER altho these days using nick PRAY in Qnet since someone has stolen my nick!
Best way to describe me is by telling that im really old school Q2 player like most players in 2.0, so im not n00b like Damiah is :)
I got gaught by Q2 right after Q2 was released somewhere years and years ago, many of my friends where playing QW but i had never played any multiplayer 3d game before i got Q2... So i installed it and jumped right into multiplayer with my really fast Pentium 166Mhz and modem, even the Ping was something horrible and FPS where more closely to 20 than playable i lost my life to Q2. Next 2-3 years went really fast using allmost all my free time on playing Q2CTF and DM.
These days i atleast try to have " normal life" so when im not playing im studying, dating girls (atleast trying :) ) and playing floorball if there even is any "real" world =)

Nikodemus> are all the questions this difficult? ;)
well i'm 25 years old and study physics in university.. i'm fairly close to graduating. I started playing q2 semi-regularly in early 1998, when a friend of mine thought it'd be cool to play on ctf servers together i got hooked, he didn't :P
so i'm originally a ctf-player.. only got interested in dm a little later
<kicia> hmm and in ur free time? i guess pubs? beers? girls? or studying only? :)
Nikodemus> pubs and beer aren't really my thing.. mostly i spend my free time at home, with a weird mixture of studying, watching tv and doing various things with my computers

What's the history of 2.0. Who found the clan? Is that clan your first, or maybe you've played in the other before 2.0? Do you play different FPP games or diffrent q2 mods (like insta, ra2, ctf)?

(Deuce-) 2.0 is found by Brightboy and halk. They haven't played q2 for last 4 years. brightboy is now spending his time working at remedy with maxspayne3? or smth=)... I used to have my own clan Rabies which went down also like 4 years ago and then I joined to 2.0. I have several times tried other q2 mods including ctf,ra2,instagib but seems like deathmatch is the real thing for me...thats only mod where I have been active.

(Damiah) I really dont know 2.0s history so well.. i have been there only few years. I guess the founder was Bright? 2.0 isnt my first clan. I used to play in eF, VIP and NVRD before 2.0. I play some RA3 and q2tdm/insta ( i guess ive tried all the mods there is for q2 ) but these two are the ones for me.

[xircuit]: history of 2.0... its a bit hard for me to tell because 2.0 is veeeery old clan and im one of the youngest members... but i can try. i think it was Bright who found the clan. this is my 5th clan im playing (s3,KL,ttnm,NVRD)... q2 is only game i play "active" (because my 433 celeron)... other q2clans i play for -> instagib [CyC], ra2 Gnj, ctf [omen]

<PRAY> Well about history of 2.0 you should ask from Deuce or Nikodemus, but 2.0 fas found by BrightBoy and Hennu if i remember right...
So 2.0 aint my first even i have now been in 2.0 longer than most players have played Q2 :)
anyway my first Q2DM clan was PhD where i played one season, but because i was allready good friends with most of players in 2.0 i joined them.
During my FPS gaming carier if you can say so i have played RTCW, ET and Q3 in difrent clans but most of my time i have used with Q2DM and Q2CTF and those are the only games im playing active atm.

Nikodemus> i think we practised really hard before the start of the season and were in very good shape, it was looking really good, but then in the middle we hit a little bit of crisis, hardly ever had enough people for pracs and just couldn't play enough which resulted in some losses in the euroq2l
i guess that about sums up the beginning :)
Nikodemus> 2.0 was founded by brightboy and halk in around april or may 1998. They had played quake1 in the same clan (finnish allied quakers) and decided to put up a quake2 clan.. the name is sort of a reference to it being a second start for them back when i joined we were just 4 or 5 players and yes, 2.0 is my first clan. I still play some ctf, it's still the best thing there is :)
<kicia> mhm, btw who is the clan leader, i guess u?
Nikodemus> i guess i don't know :)
<kicia> really? :)))
Nikodemus> earlier bright and hennu were leading, when they lost interest deuce took over.. last fall i took over as deuce was in the army, hopefully we'll have someone leading us this spring too :P
Nikodemus>I don't play any other fps games right now. I played some rtcw earlier but not for a while now, should i mention i simply hate ra2? :P
<kicia> :D
<kicia> btw. ive heard 2.0 is only for finnish ppl, true? You dont wanna foreigns ppl in ur clan?
Nikodemus> well.. it's mainly a question of language, it's nice to be able to speak finnish with your clanmates
<kicia> so i learn finnish can i play ? :D
Nikodemus> well you could be considered :)
Nikodemus> we've had one estonian and a couple of swedish players in the past, so not entirely finnish all the way, but close

Last season was really successful for you. You've got success in 2 prestige leagues, and at last you've broke through the famous "curse". Whats your impression about that last season?

(Deuce-) I didn't play much on last season because i was in the army most of the I didnt play any fights except clan base final which we won...i was pretty suprised about the result cause Im so used to be second..I guess we won because this time i didnt care so much how its going to be..I just went to play without preasures cos i hadn't played at all=)

(Damiah) Ye, last season was successful for us. We finally won something after all those second places ( and belive me, there are many of them =). Actually before the season i/we didnt expect so much from us.. Deuce was in army and xircuit was inactive ( like others from 2.0 ). But then suddenly everyone started to pracc again and we started to play really well. And when playoffs started we got xircuit back and it gave us more hope :)

[xircuit]: yes we once again fighted our way to the finals... both leagues went fine, in the start of eq2l i didnt think we could be in finals but damiah, niko, prayer, karpo, cazo and furious played well (i had a little break in beginning of eq2l). a big thanks to admins for great league.

<PRAY> We have now been one of the best Q2DM clans for a long time and maybe this time none expected us to win because we have allways lost in the finals and thats why we won :)

Nikodemus> i think we practised really hard before the start of the season and were in very good shape, it was looking really good, but then in the middle we hit a little bit of crisis, hardly ever had enough people for pracs and just couldn't play enough which resulted in some losses in the euroq2l. It was very nice to see us pull our act together though
<kicia> (yep, im really 2.0 fan:P)
Nikodemus> hmm.. then the playoffs. I guess we get a little advantage when more than 2-3 maps gets played, because we're generally pretty good on all of the ones that don't get played that often
<kicia> yep
Nikodemus> i guess that's all i can think of about this right now :)
<kicia> NDML Finland unexpected is 3rd. How do you estimate the course of that league, and what are you thinking about the winners - Sweden, Poland and Finland?
Nikodemus> i didn't follow ndml too closely.. i do think it's a little bit of a disappointment for us finns, but at the same time i have to admit that poland really has a large number of exceptional players these days, sweden of course always has had :)
<kicia> tur? :>
Nikodemus> nah, good players :P
<kicia> sure they have :)

In NDML Finland unexpected is 3rd. How do you estimate the course of that league, and what are you thinking about the winners - Sweden, Poland and Finland?

(Deuce-) I didnt take part to that league cos of army, I think dami can handle this question=)

(Damiah) swedeluck again?! :) Well sweden had a really good team like before, poland has become better and better.. and i think finland had good team too, it was just that we wasnt able to pracc almost at all. we had different lineup in every game which wasnt so good thing.. i guess the only time when we had our full team was in the first game vs sweden =) but anyway congraz .se!

[xircuit]: i dont have much to say about ndml because i played only in 2 games (both games vs sweden), what can i say about winners, in these days the winner can be any coutry from finland,sweden and poland.

<PRAY> Well i expected those countries to be top 3 but didnt know the right lineup :)
lineup meaning the positions inside the top 3
<kicia> so the first should be finland, right? :P
<PRAY> no finland should have been second like allways :) altho i was hoping that they would have won it but didnt expect them to win it.

The spring season is almost here. Do u have any purpose, maybe you want to dominate european leagues? :)

(Deuce-) yea of course, I believe that when we finally broke that curse we can do it I don't feel any preasure of winning cos we have already done it we can just concentrate playing..and we have very good team which can win all teams in europe if we just stay active.

(Damiah) Well now again we have our full team together.. tho everyone are kinda inactive at the moment, but i hope we will start to pracc again when the leagues starts. There are many really good teams now, but i think we will have chances to win ( especially now when we have broke the curse =)

[xircuit]: hehe, my personal purpose is that 2.0 would be once again in the finals, the result of final doesnt matter for me, but ofcourse if would be nice to win:)

<PRAY> Now when Deuce is back from the army i hope we can play even better than on last season, but lets see what happens... Atleast we aim to the top

Nikodemus> haha, i wish we could dominate ;) But i think it's more reasonably to just aim at another solid season and hope to pull the deciding victories in the end
<kicia> so time will show.. :)

What can you tell us about Finland like a country? Is nice to live there? Did you know finnish language is one of the hardest language to learn in Europe?

(Damiah) Well i dont know what to tell about Finland..u guys should come to see it yourself :) I just like to live in here, especially in summer. Yeh, i guess finnish language is one of the hardest to learn, luckyly i already can speak it :]

(Deuce-) I like living hear in finland, i quess it can be hard to learn to leave in finland once you used to live in some place warmer than finland. Yes, Im aware of the fact that finish is hard language, but for others luck not many of you has to learn it=)

<xircuit> finland, small country, nice people. i love living in finland and im proud of my coutry. heheh, finnish is easy;)

<PRAY> Well if you love snow, water and ice all at the same time and you enjoy freezing cold weather i bet you love Finland! Atleast summers are nice :). Yes i knew that the finnish language is hard but for me the hardest language to learn has allways been Swedish.

Nikodemus> the language most certainly is nearly impossible, i know hardly nothing about the grammar for example :P As for finland.. i haven't really lived for extended periods of time in any other countries, so it's hard to compare. I do like the fact that there's nature pretty close almost everywhere
<kicia> pure air...
Nikodemus> that's one of the things i probably don't appreciate enough :)
<kicia> ok Niko, wanna add smth? i guess it willl be the end :)
Nikodemus> "look mom, i'm on tv!"
<kicia> kiitos :)
Nikodemus> thanks :)

2004-04-28 06:19 
Good interview's with teammates. Have been over one year break, and started to play again a month ago. Maybe i will start playing in european q2scene after some practice.
2004-04-28 06:17 
good interview's with teammates, well i was over one year break, and started to play again month ago.. Maybe i will start playing in q2scene, after some practice.
2004-02-10 18:39 
Nice interview(s) (+lm interview).
Not a word about Belgium in the NDML though?!
2004-02-10 12:45 
My sister is da best
2004-02-08 13:40 
update soon :> i "raped" Niko
2004-02-07 03:34 
uhm yep... but Niko doesnt answer
2004-02-06 20:00 
Yeah, good job!
2004-02-06 17:22 
good interview.
too bad only 4 members answered tho, would like to heard Nikodemus point of view on some things...

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