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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: Mobsters interviewed

<@raV|> First of all i want to congratulate for your successes this year.
<[lm]Sir> ty =) (ty = thank you)
<mikko^> ty
<odiz> fuck you
<odiz> ;)
<odiz> ty
<mikko^> or that wasn't a question?
<[lm]Istari> thnx!
<[lm]Sir> haha
<@raV|> no
<mikko^> ok
<mikko^> :)
<@raV|> Tell me something about yourselves, fe: name,age, where do you live, etc
<odiz> My name is Dan Johansson and im 22 years old and live in southern sweden, Ljungby
<[lm]Istari> real name: emil, age: 22, location: stockholm
<mikko^> hard one, but lets see, my name is rick and im 19 years old from helsingborg in sweden, which means im the youngest mobzter!
<[lm]Sir> Rikard Ĺkerström also 22 and lives in Skellefteĺ sweden :)
<[lm]Sir> ofcuz
<@raV|> What are your feelings about last season and euroq2l and CB finals as you were mainly favourites to refer of victory in all cups before season start
<[lm]Istari> I didn't know we were favourites at the start, there were a few very strong clans that participated in both eq2l and cb. At least I'm satisfied with what we accomplished :)
<[lm]Sir> yea me 2
<[lm]Sir> :)
<mikko^> we did ok I guess...disapointed that we didnt win cb though
<[lm]Sir> we played to win it all so :)
<mikko^> but we had alot of trouble last season..
<mikko^> connection problems, inactive members etc..
<[lm]Sir> yea
<[lm]Istari> and odium working very dumb hours
<mikko^> so we werent as good as we were when we won nq2l..
<mikko^> on the other hand, the competition this season was easier then back in nq2l :)
<@raV|> Is this your greatest succes or did you had some other in the past?
<[lm]Sir> well i think the eq2l is our biggest
<mikko^> we won triad2, which i think is quite bigger then this as q2 was larger back then..
<[lm]Sir> that was our biggest goal atleast
<[lm]Sir> to win the eq2l
<[lm]Sir> bah mikko :)
<[lm]Istari> this one was big, nq2l was pretty big also, i think it all builds up nicely. and of course triad2, where we weren't expected to win at all but were really convincing.
<@raV|> QUESTION : What are your expectations about spring season?
<mikko^> well, we're only attending at euroq2l-2 as it looks now
<mikko^> and we expect to win it
<mikko^> of course :)
<[lm]Sir> we play to win :)
<mikko^> we won the same tournament 2 seasons in a row and 3 times in a row would be nice
<[lm]Sir> and have fun ofcourse
<[lm]Istari> I don't know what clans have signed actually, but eA should be a likely candidate to win (if they're participating)... after that sYnth might be good as well... and maybe a finnish clan can take it again, like 2.0 or wizards...
<@raV|> Your lineup seems to got weaker lately. Why some players left as leet clan as lm?
<[lm]Sir> yes pmastah and nassal left because they wanted to play with their old clan eA
<[lm]Sir> they were just a pain in the ass anyway :P
<mikko^> our lineup is better then ever, same as nq2l odium,wzrd,istari,sir,mikko, I wouldnt call that weak..
<[lm]Istari> It's actually very uncommon. we usually drive people to inactivity instead :). But in their case i think their hearts were with eA, since they've played there longer and now eA is back.
<[lm]Sir> j/k
<[lm]Sir> :)
<[lm]Sir> and mikko is right for once btw :)
<@raV|> but wzrd seems to be a bit inactive lately
<@raV|> he din't played often in recent leagues (personally i think that if he played you would win CB too"

<[lm]Sir> yea well he'll be back :)
<[lm]Sir> i hope
<[lm]Istari> he's extremely unpredictable, if we're lucky he decides to start playing again
<@raV|> NDML #4 is actually in progress and we're all waiting for a big final Sweden vs Poland, what are your predictions about it : lineups, maps, who'll win and why.
<[lm]Sir> hmm hard one
<[lm]Sir> :P
<[lm]Sir> i'll leave that one to odis :)
<[lm]Sir> i think sweden will win ofcourse :)
<mikko^> poland will win
<@raV|> why?
<[lm]Sir> ^^
<mikko^> sweden just isnt as good this season as other seasons
<[lm]Istari> I believe that sweden will pull it off, but it all comes down to odium's connection =) the last prediction i made about lm-2.0 was completely wrong so maybe i shouldn't say anything.
<mikko^> sweden will have to win 2 times against poland
<[lm]Sir> purri not playing is a big disadvantage imo...
<odiz> well if pings are fair for both teams and my connection works as it should we should end up as winners, but then again, we are coming from loser brackets and need more map wins. It will be a close call but sweden is going to win :p
<mikko^> wzrd is not playing for sweden
<[lm]Istari> if you win one you can win another, i think the first game is basically gonna decide it.
<@raV|> Also first all-european duel league is in progress at the moment, some of you're playin in it too. What are your feelings about this kind of league? Who do you expect to win it and who to take 2nd and 3rd place?
<mikko^> very fun with 1on1 leagues or 2on2 for that matter..syanid provi odium scooby will play for the top 3 places
<[lm]Sir> yea i think it's great that they takes the time to organize this
<mikko^> (they were all in the same group btw so it isnt possible that they place 1,2,3,4 but they are the best duelplayers)
<[lm]Sir> i think scooby od and damiah will be top 3 :)
<mikko^> damiah is very good too but his connection isnt good enough :)
<[lm]Sir> we'll see :)
<@raV|> odiz?
<@raV|> ;]
* mikko^ slaps odiz around a bit with a large trout
<odiz> ops
<odiz> w8
<mikko^> :]
<@raV|> btw you didn't mention purri as one of fauvorites (like for example all ppl in poland do), you forgot about him or you think he's too weak to place top 3?
<[lm]Sir> oh
<[lm]Sir> hehe i forgot
<[lm]Sir> well
<[lm]Sir> :)
<[lm]Sir> he'll be up there to
<[lm]Sir> for sure
<@raV|> -]
<@raV|> even if he lost to lucas?

<[lm]Sir> yea i think he can do much better
<mikko^> yeah purri might be there too, though I dont think he'll beat any of those 4 i mentioned :)
<mikko^> and his loss against lucas dosnt mean a thing..
<odiz> I think its great that this league is happening, it proves that q2 is very much alive. For the top 3 places there are a few players that are on same level that can beat eachother depending if they having a bad or good day. The players its all about is provi, syanid, scooby, damiah, purri, odium, can't really point out wich of them who would be on top. Maybe im forgetting someone now but thats the players that comes up in my mind
<odiz> purri is up there but he isnt as strong as he used to be
<[lm]Sir> ^^
<@raV|> Except q2, what do you do in your life? What are you hobbies, occupation, dreams and other stuff?
<@raV|> or any other games
<@raV|> ;_)

<odiz> hm
<mikko^> right now I'm in the army so i basically dosnt have time for any hobbies or such, but normally I play fotball and floorball (u know, indoor hall ball with holes in it and sticks :p) havent really thought about the future and my dreams, I take the day as it comes basically
<[lm]Sir> i play some soccer and currently im working in the healthcare and well for the future dno really, have fun and takes life as it comes :)
<[lm]Istari> i'm studying, computer science, and that's about it when it comes to occupation :). dreams... none i can think
of, i'll just see where life leads me :)
<[lm]Sir> i will continue to play q2 until i find something else to do :)
<odiz> Im working at a factory and training at the gym, i will also playing q2 like sir (me and sir has almost been playing q2 since it came out) until I find something else to do :p
<@raV|> Tell me something about Sweden. In poland most ppl think that's cold country and ppl there are similar to
Germans(solidity,punctuality,diligence,etc). Is it true?

<[lm]Sir> hmmm
<[lm]Istari> i've been playing q2 longer though, just for the record ;]
<[lm]Sir> noway istari
<mikko^> btw, istari wants to erase his last answer and replace it with following : [21:54] <[lm]Istari> i like sewing and painting and ceramics and stamp collecting and playing in the snow
<[lm]Sir> :)
<odiz> :>
<[lm]Sir> okay your last question
<mikko^> ive been playing q2 longer then istari also, for the record
<[lm]Sir> hard one
<[lm]Istari> i don't know how germans are... but i think we're pretty boring actually :)
<mikko^> we arent like germans
<mikko^> germans are arrogant fucks
<mikko^> we are not
<[lm]Istari> but not as boring as ppl think maybe
<[lm]Sir> well speak for yourself up here in the north we are as cool as we can be
<[lm]Sir> :)
<mikko^> we have nice chicks
<mikko^> i've been all over europe
<mikko^> and trust me
<[lm]Istari> well stockholm is the home of the nicest ppl in sweden of course, i'm just trying to speak generally.
<mikko^> for example polish girls look like shit
<mikko^> :P
<[lm]Sir> you know chicks in skellefteĺ have bigger boobs than the rest of sweden
<[lm]Sir> =)
<[lm]Sir> not true istari :)
<[lm]Istari> and anyone who says i'm wrong is just envious of stockholm!
<[lm]Sir> the most honest and nice ppl lives up in the north
<[lm]Sir> bla bla
<[lm]Sir> :D
<[lm]Istari> :D
<mikko^> nice answers guysd
<[lm]Sir> mhm ^^
<[lm]Sir> next one before we get carried away :)
<@raV|> Many ppl told me that swedish girls are amazingly pretty and they're all blondes but when some of theese beauties came to my school through SOCRATES ( european highschool exchange program) i was really dissapointed. They weren't so good looking and some of them were even a lesbians :-( . Can you tell me how it really is about Swedish girls?
<mikko^> as I mentioned in muh last answer they're very good looking generally, though its only the fat and stupid ones that goes abroad
<[lm]Sir> haa
<[lm]Sir> :)
<[lm]Sir> you got "plugghästarna"
<[lm]Sir> =)
<mikko^> so what u saw was probably the "skadat gods" girls
<[lm]Istari> Swedish girls ARE pretty, I can't think of any country that has them prettier... you probably were just unlucky.
<odiz> agree, swedish girls does look good you just had bad luck =
<odiz> =)
<@raV|> hehe, but ppl from my school went many times to sweden and they bring many photos which're showing the same.
<[lm]Sir> bad luck =)
<@raV|> -]
<[lm]Sir> or perhaps your friends took pictures of the ugly ones?
<@raV|> well
<[lm]Sir> mebbe you should ask them if they are gay or sumthin :P
<[lm]Sir> or blind :)
<@raV|> there'was 1 or two really pretty
<@raV|> :)

<[lm]Sir> good :)
<[lm]Sir> haha
<@raV|> What are Swedish relations with Finland?
<[lm]Sir> hmm they are allways nr 2 :)
<[lm]Sir> and were nr 1
<[lm]Sir> almost atleast :)
<@raV|> Did you watch "Getaway in Stockholm" and what is mainly state of road system in Sweden? I mean do you have lot of freeways etc.?
<[lm]Sir> yea well istari can answer that one :)
<[lm]Sir> he lives there
<@raV|> maybe he was MR. A or mr X
<@raV|> ;]
<@raV|> ?

<[lm]Sir> =)
<[lm]Istari> i've seen some of it, and it's pretty cool, but i don't know what else to say just because i live in stockholm, i recognize where they drive if that's what you mean :) and as for freeways, there aren't any, but in the country side ppl drive as fast as they want.
<[lm]Sir> and get tickets for it to
<[lm]Sir> not to forget :)
<@raV|> as mobsters you shouldn't get tickets :)
<[lm]Sir> aha
<[lm]Sir> true
<[lm]Sir> nobodys untouchable :)
<@raV|> well polish members of parliament are :}
<[lm]Sir> aha they wish :)
<[lm]Istari> can i add something? ;]
<@raV|> ofcourse
<[lm]Istari> this is probably the best page ever:
<[lm]Istari> you don't have to put that in if you don't want to
<[lm]Istari> =)
<[lm]Istari> im the only one finding it funny
<@raV|> hmm one of finest sitest is
<@raV|> -)

<[lm]Sir> :P
<@raV|> "What do you think about our euroscene q2 portal"
<[lm]Sir> yea it's great
<[lm]Sir> to have news and stuff about all the leagues n stuff
<[lm]Sir> really nice
<[lm]Sir> :)
<[lm]Istari> i've only used demosquad that's on that site and it's nice, because i don't know any other source for demos :)
<[lm]Sir> the scene page has servers and demos and everything
<[lm]Sir> sweet :)
<@raV|> thank you all for interview and GL in future

2004-02-04 13:43 
(C) ms. Jakubowska
2004-02-04 13:43 
women changing is
2004-02-01 18:48 
last time knysza was a boy and now he is a girl ? wtf
2004-02-01 17:17 
hehe funny chat
2004-02-01 17:09 
hmm hehe knysza...
wanna be my friend ? :>

funny interviews btw, good job raV :]
didn't know those guys were funny in fact
it's hard to find them funny when the only image you got from them is a grunt standing on the edge of dm1 with a railgun and waitting for you to show your little ass at lower RL xD
2004-02-01 14:58 
Yeye.. we know that youre kinda good looking.. as me, but im not an girl 8-)

Anway, GG knysza!
2004-01-31 22:42 
<mikko^> for example polish girls look like shit?
chech this

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