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Interviews: Interview with Gerdt

On this beautiful night i took the time to interview with Gerdt about the upcoming NRA2L and about the RA2 scene overall, enjoy my first interview:

2220.35       frozza: Hi Gerdt, first of all , to those people who dont know who you are, tell us about yourself

2222.13       Gerdt|weg: My name is Kenneth , i'm 18 years old and i live in Brussels, Belgium.

2223.55       frozza: You where one of those who came up with the idea of NRA2l ( Nations Rocket Arena 2 League ), what is your expectations of the league?

2224.52       Gerdt|weg: Well, since i've started playing ra2 with xtc some months ago, i really started to enjoy and apreciate the mod
2225.11       Gerdt|weg: The first 2 time you when you play it, it's very confusing and hard for tdm players
2225.22       Gerdt|weg: but after some games you see the nice side of the game
2225.25       Gerdt|weg: and start to enjoy it
2225.59       Gerdt|weg: I played some games for ra2l (, but then suddenly everything was kinda quiet in ra2
2226.10       Gerdt|weg: ppl were only playing actively on 2 servers
2226.24       Gerdt|weg: and there were no clanwars etc
2226.35       Gerdt|weg: so i came up with the idea of making an ndml for ra2
2226.52       Gerdt|weg: asked claymore to help me with the webby , gathered a crew
2226.54       Gerdt|weg: and here we are
2227.13       Gerdt|weg: the ra2 scene seems to be reviving
2227.21       Gerdt|weg: ppl start playing more again
2227.36       Gerdt|weg: And most of all , we've got what this mod missed before
2227.38       Gerdt|weg: : noobies
2227.56       Gerdt|weg: a lot of countries didn't know the mod (example : belgium)
2228.19       Gerdt|weg: now almost every country who participates in ndml will join nra2l
2228.29       Gerdt|weg: even tho 70% of them don't play ra2
2228.38       Gerdt|weg: i think it'll be a tough league to admin
2228.51       Gerdt|weg: but with good rules and a good schedule it can be very nice
2229.13       Gerdt|weg: As we have an experienced crew and most of the players are thankfull for this league

2232.40       frozza: Yeah, as you said, the RA2 scene is pretty dead at the moment, hopefully this league will make more people play it, and enjoy it as you said. What is your idea of what made the RA2 side so dead?

2234.55       Gerdt|weg: well
2235.02       Gerdt|weg: I think first of all
2235.20       Gerdt|weg: we have to face the fact that quake2 is a dead or dieing game
2235.40       Gerdt|weg: less and less people are playing it , and less new players are coming
2236.03       Gerdt|weg: the first problem are the servers
2236.41       Gerdt|weg: When i browse trough my all seeing eye
2236.47       Gerdt|weg: i see max 15 european servers
2237.26       Gerdt|weg: second point
2237.38       Gerdt|weg: there are almost no leagues for ra2
2237.47       Gerdt|weg: third point
2238.01       Gerdt|weg: there is no "propaganda" for ra2
2238.25       Gerdt|weg: not outside uk-germany anyway
2238.41       Gerdt|weg: not all the players know about the mod
2238.46       Gerdt|weg: and everyone is used to tdm
2238.57       Gerdt|weg: as its a lot easier to find a game in tdm then in ra2
2239.20       Gerdt|weg: also you have to have some skills to play ra2 properly
2239.31       Gerdt|weg: its not the same as playing ffa on tdm server
2239.45       Gerdt|weg: in ra2 there's immediately 2 teams
2239.53       Gerdt|weg: some tactics
2240.01       Gerdt|weg: which you don't really need in tdm
2240.11       Gerdt|weg: tdm ffa that is :p
2240.34       Gerdt|weg: its just not a very known mod
2240.55       Gerdt|weg: most people try it once , then go back to their old tdm
2241.02       Gerdt|weg: its the easiest way
2241.03       Gerdt|weg: :P

2243.13       frozza: I see, What do you think of the RA2L? Personally it was that league who popped my interest for RA2, and i hope its going to make a new appearance soon, do you have any ideas of how to get the tdm clans to get an eye for the league?

2249.08       Gerdt|weg: Well , i think it's a good idea (it's mine:|)...
2249.51       Gerdt|weg: A lot of new players will try the mod
2249.56       Gerdt|weg: and maybe get more into it
2250.06       Gerdt|weg: there will be a lot of demos hosted
2250.15       Gerdt|weg: to i suggest everyone who reads this to watch them
2250.17       Gerdt|weg: and learn the game
2250.30       Gerdt|weg: as i said before ra2 is very simular to tdm
2250.39       Gerdt|weg: you only need some games to get into it
2251.03       Gerdt|weg: i presume there might be a new ra2 league after nra2l
2251.28       Gerdt|weg: Actually we're working on that
2251.35       Gerdt|weg: but this should be secret ;)
2252.11       Gerdt|weg: Anyway we're working on a league, giving the opportunity to clans from any mod to try the 4 major mods in q2 (ctf-ra2-insta-tdm)
2252.33       Gerdt|weg: So when you join this league as a ctf-insta-tdm or ra2-clan , you will be forced to play each mod
2252.38       Gerdt|weg: a good thing i think
2253.01       Gerdt|weg: so yes , i think ra2 will get bigger
2253.06       Gerdt|weg: in the future
2253.18       Gerdt|weg: it all depends on the players , and imo they got the right feeling for it ;)

2255.56       frozza: Ok, i want to thank you for your taking your valueble time to do this ( first ) interview for me :), anything you would like to add?

2256.15       Gerdt|weg: offcourse
2256.38       Gerdt|weg: I want your babies frozza
2256.49       Gerdt|weg: /peace out ;)


2004-02-20 03:00 
that ctf-insta-tdm-ra2 would be ownage! omen is going to join if there will be such league.

btw, swedish ppl generally know english language well, but ive noticed you dont see difference between words "where - were" and "then - than"
2004-01-18 17:06 
nice interview!
I do suggest you open the lot in notepad and press CTRL+H to replace things like "|weg" by... nothing..
And maybe delete timestamps. And remove all but the first nametag for every question or answer.
;-) :p
2004-01-14 09:20 
More interviews in this stile!
2004-01-13 17:12 
n1 interview, I wonder which genious gave you such good questions to ask frozza
2004-01-13 16:18 
2004-01-13 16:15 
bleet to ra2, it would be ok if you only got like 10 rockets and rj's took health and armor, and shooting teamates damaged you instead maybe

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