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2009-03-14 NiDML Reloaded I is over!
2009-02-15 Playoffs round 2!
2009-02-05 Playoff!
2009-01-26 Round VII
2009-01-18 Christmas break is over!
2008-12-22 Christmas break!
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NiDML Reloaded I
IRC: #nidml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: off

NiDML2006-11-24 04:14 | Gravgon
I know you were all disapointed by the way NiDML ended. Let's face it, there were some nice matches in this league but a national league might not be very suited for the insta scene.

Congratulations to the teams that played all their matches though.

I post this news to ask your opinion on something: after the fiasco CB has become, I'm thinking of transforming NiDML into a clan league which would be completely independant from ClanBase.

What would be the advantages?
Total liberty of actions, we could run a league with as many clans we want, with the league format we want.

If you think it's a good idea, don't hesitate to express it in the comments. If you're interested to run this league, contact me!
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Playoffs2006-06-18 06:03 | Gravgon
The group stage is finally over and we are now enterring the playoffs!

The two best teams of each group are qualified for the playoffs and will be placed into a single elimination tree. In other words, there will be only 2 semi-finals games and then the final and the bronze final.

The matches are:

The Netherlands vs. Belgium


Sweden vs. Finland

Those matches have to be played before Tuesday 27th June.

Good luck to everyone!
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Chile removed2006-06-11 15:39 | Gravgon
We haven't got any news from Chile for many weeks.

They also forfaited the games that had been forced for tonight hence why they are now removed from the league.

All of their matches will be turned into w/o's.
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The force was used...2006-06-05 07:53 | Gravgon
A total of 17 unscheduled matches have been forced on the 11th, 12th and 13th of June.

You can all check them out on your right.

If the dates picked don't suit you, use the normal way of scheduling a game: talk with your opponent and agree on a different one, then communicate it to me via IRC or the website messenger.

The deadline for playing all matches is wednesday 14 June. You may not schedule a game past this date.
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Late news: NA is out2006-05-22 15:23 | Gravgon
I forgot to notify you but it probably was obvious to many: team North America has been removed for inactivity.

All their games have been turned into w/o's.
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