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2011-06-02 NDML 9 - Final Ranking
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2011-03-10 Playoffs round II
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2010-12-03 Round III
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IRC: #ndml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 15
User's clans: off


1.1 Nations DeathMatch League (NDML) is an online Q2TDM tournament for country national teams. It is opened to any country which has a decent enough connection network to be able to play against other countries mainly across Europe.
1.2 The league is supervised by a crew of people and all important decisions are taken among this crew. Abusive behavior towards the organization team can be punished.
1.3 The following rules are subject to changes before or during the season, any change will be posted on the news page.
1.4 Besides of that, those rules are supposed to be known and understood by everyone, ignorating them will never be an excuse.
1.5 The spirit of the rules always prevail on the letter. All cases can't be covered by the rules, in case of a difficult situation the Organising team will discuss it.
1.6 Any behavior taken by a player or team to intentionally harm the league or one of its matches can be punished.



2.1.1 The teams are placed in groups (the number will be determine when the signups are over). All teams plays against each other one time inside the groups. At the end of the group matches, the [4] best teams advance to the playoffs.
2.1.2 During the group stage, teams are playing versus each other.
2.1.3 Matches are played as best of 3 maps.
2.1.4 Each team picks 1 map and the 3rd map is picked as follows:
- For the games played on a neutral server: the team who scored the most frags after the first two maps can choose who starts to eliminate the maps out of the remaining-maps list.
- For games played home/away: the team who scored the most frags after the first two maps can choose EITHER the server OR the map. If this team decides to pick the server, the other team will choose the map and vice versa. The server picked will always be one of the two servers used for the previous maps.
2.1.5 If two teams have the same amount of points, the outcome of their match will decide which team gets the higher position. If three teams have the same amount of points and team A won over team B, team B over C and C over A, net will decide which team gets the highest position.


2.2.1 The best team of each group is qualified for the playoffs.
2.2.2 The PlayOff tree follows a single-elimination system.
2.2.3 PlayOff games are played as a best of 5 maps.
2.2.4 Each team picks 2 maps, if 5th map is needed, it will be picked with the elimination system (the teams eliminate the maps turn by turn out of the remaining-maps list in a same way as pointed in 2.1.4).



3.1.1 Admin tasks:
- Helping the teams to find a neutral server to play the match.
- Spectating the match and taking care of its good happenning.
- Entering the result of the match and writing a brief report about it.
3.1.2 Match admins are supposed to be neutral; nevertheless a team can refuse an admin if the neutrality of this admin is not trusted.
3.1.3 All matches must be played under the supervision of an admin. A match played without admin will have to be played again (except if a member of the Organisating team has decided that the match could be played without admin).
3.1.4 An admin cannot be in charge of a game of his own country unless there is no other solution and that the other team agrees.
3.1.5 Any complaints about a match admin should be sent to the head admins.
3.1.6 Admin decision and league supervisor can't be a subject of discussion.


3.2.1 A national team is leaded by a Captain (who can be: either a person chosen by the players of his country or a person chosed by the Organisating crew to be captain of his country).
3.2.2 The captain has to pick a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 11 other players for his team.
3.2.3 When the season has began, the captain wonít be allowed to add new players unless he has not received the permission of a crew member. This permission can be asked directly via IRC or by emailing the head admin.
3.2.4 The teams can play the matches only with the players who are on the Squad list, if a match is played with a player who doesnít figure on that list, it will result as a forfeit.
3.2.5 All the teams have to be able to do their duty of playing one game per week.
3.2.6 Teams should behave and play fair.
3.2.7 Teams that show no interest in the league can be kicked out by league supervisor.


3.3.1 A player can be a member of his national team following those conditions:
- He has been selected by the team Captain
- He must be born in the country OR have the nationality of this country OR live in this country.
3.3.2 One of those 3 conditions is enough to be member of a national team.
3.3.3 The players must play the matches with the nickname they have on the Team Squad.


4.1 One round = one week. Each team HAVE TO play one game/week, with an exception mentioned in the rules 4.2.
4.2 Admins decide who plays vs whom in group stage and pairs will be announced on NDML website. In every round there will be free round for one team in a group which has odd amount of teams.
4.3 Teams are responsible for playing their game within the given time of 1 week. Playing more is not forbidden, we encourage you to play as many games as you can.
4.4a After teams set the time and date of the game, they must ask someone from the crew to update the website with new information.
4.4b If they don't agree on a date by themselves, the admin will look which team failed to communicate properly with the other and force the date in favour of the team which obviously took the most care of scheduling the match. This match cannot be forced within 24 hours from the deadline.
4.4c If no team has bothered scheduling the game, the crew will force the match to any date they find good.
4.4d If a teams does not show up on the date of the forced/scheduled game, it will result in a w/o in favor of the team which showed up. If neither team showed up during the group stage, both teams will receive the penalty points of a w/o (-1p/-200f). During the playoffs, randomly chosen team will get w/o, in order to get the other team to next round.
4.4e Game is considered as scheduled when there is an information about the match on NDML site.
4.5 Every round will start on Monday and will end in Sunday. If game is not played by Sunday 21 CET, or it's not scheduled for later in same day, the game will be forced according to rule 4.4b.


5.1 The admin in charge of the game will create a temp IRC chan #teamA-vs-teamB. Captains of the teams and the players must join this channel to choose the most neutral (playable) server for the both which means the ping difference canít be bigger than 15ms, only VISIBLE packetloss can be an excuse to change the server.
5.2 If no neutral server can be found, each team will select a homeserver which must still be playable for the other team and the game will be played on home/away servers.
5.3 Home map is played on away server.
5.4 The captains will tell the admin in query which map they pick, the admin will put it in topic when both maps are known.
5.5 If a team couldn't field 4 players 20 minutes after the scheduled time of the match, they will lose by forfeit unless both teams will agree on rescheduling the match.



- Maps: q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3, q2dm5, q2dm6, q2dm7, q2dm8, q2next1
- Timelimit = 20
- Powerups 1
- BFG 1
- showing ID not allowed
- Overtime timed 5 mins (if possible, but since admin rights is needed to change this we will sometimes have to use what the server has set).
- Obsmode whisper if possible.
- Skins: male/grunt & female/athena. Hometeam will use female skin and awayteam will use male skin, if argue about skins appear.

6.2 Captains has to set their teamname and take care that all players in their team are on their squad list.
6.3 The order of the maps depends on the exact entry of the match on the website: the map of the home player is always played first. The home player is the player who appears first in the entry of the match on the website (hometeam vs awayteam).
6.4 Teams are allowed to have 90 seconds timeout per map. However this rule might be hard to be followed exactly 'by the book', so we've got to cope with the situation.
6.5 A game that is played with incorrect settings is not considered official and will not be counted as an NDML game.
6.6 If a player drops during the game (overflow), the teamcaptain has to use timeout to pause the game. Nevertheless, everything should be done to pause the game in that situation and the admin might pause the game himself if itís necessecary, itís up to the other captainís sens of fairplay to decide if he will use a timeout if itís needed.
6.7 During countdown, players may not touch buttons/lifts to change the state of the map at start.


7.1 Points distribution:
* 2 - 0 : 3 points
* 2 - 1 : 2 points
* 1 - 2 : 1 point
* 0 - 2 : 0 points
* w/o : -1 point -200 frags

7.2 The match admin will take screenshots and enter the result on the website, he will also write a brief report.
7.3 Each team is given one wildcard.
7.4 When the wildcard is used, the match will be rescheduled for upcoming week.
7.5 You can use your wildcard until the countdown of the first map starts.
7.6 Wildcard can only be used in group-stage games which are not forced.
7.7 A team can always asks to postpone a game as long as it's asked early enough and that the other team agrees.
7.8 When a team leaves in middle of the league, all the games involving this team are turned into forfeits.
7.9 When a team gets its second w/o, it is automatically kicked out of the league.


8.1 All players MUST record demos from every map and keep them until the end of the league!
8.2 Admin may ask for any demo at any time and it is player's duty to provide this demo.
8.3 If a player fails to provide his demo, he will receive a warning the first time. If he repeats this mistake he will be suspended for 1 match. If the mistake is repeated again, he may be kicked from the league.
8.4 If a player asks for his demos not to be published during any stage before the playoffs, the admins will not publish his demos.
8.5 All winner demos from playoffs stage can be forced to be published.


9.1 Bots, wallhacks, speedhacks, spiked models and ANY OTHER KIND OF CHEAT are prohibited and using it will result in a kickban from the league.
9.2 Any player using auto-taunting in game won't be allowed to play the match unless he disables it before its beginning. If a player has played a match using auto-taunting, he will be warned. If he keeps using it he will be kicked.
9.3 Any client side modification made to lower the quality of your connection to the server in order to fool the admin during the server discussion will be sanctionned.
9.4 Auto-timers are prohibited.
9.5 Valid Q2 clients: R1Q2, AprQ2 and EGL coupled with the anticheat.dll module (available on this website) and with valid renderer (like R1GL or default opengl or software renderer).
9.6 Valid Q2 servers: servers with enforced R1CH's anticheat.
9.7 If there will be a proof that some player was cheating outside the league and the admins will be able to verify this proof, the player can be punished.
9.8 Any usage of a file that enables cheating is not permitted and will be punished.
9.9 In a case of cheat investigation of a player, his incapability of providing the demos can be interpreted against him.


10.1 Any violation of these rules can result in a warning or a punishment.
10.2 Numerous warnings for one player or team will result in a punishment.
10.3 The decision about the punishment is made among the admins. There are variety of punishments, from forfeiting the match to kickban from the league.

- crew -
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