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NDML 8 - AllStars2008-01-14 17:33 | Gravgon

We're proud to announce you the return of the AllStars game! That's right, to begin this new season of NDML in the best possible way, we decided to organise an allstar game just before the groups are revealed.

As you have noticed, flag Gerdt has been asking you your top 10 best players for a week and you can find the results here.

The 10 players who received the most votes have been split into 2 balanced teams meant to give out the most interesting games. Without further waitings, here are the teams:

Allstar Team A:

- flag Provi
- flag Purri
- flag Gerdt
- flag Slonken
- flag Optimizer
- (flag Shugg)

Allstar Team B:

- flag Damiah
- flag Thaigo
- flag Pogo
- flag Assasin
- flag Morph-X
- (flag NaSSaL)

Players in brackets are reserve

The game will be played on tuesday the 22nd januari around 19.00 CET !

Stay tuned!

Edit:: zORRE cannot it make to the allstar game and has been replaced by NaSSaL, who is the next player in line.
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NDML 8 - Welcome!2008-01-06 14:10 | Gravgon
imgAfter a long break, we're proud to announce the 8th season of the NDML!

Many things happened since the last season and after 6 months of intensive Q2 rivalries spread among the different (and awesome) leagues, it's now time for the ultimate summary. Which nation is the best Q2TDM nation in the world? NDML 8 is there to answer that question!

This season, the NDML is also going to be part of the project Quake Nations Cup.

Signups infos

Who can sign up a team? The captain of a team, who has been chosen by his fellow country mates or by the NDML admins.

How to sign your team up? You must contact an admin (Gravgon, Gerdt or wision) via IRC or q2scene.net messenger and provide those infos:
- Country
- Expected players
- A list of european servers where your team pings well

That's all for now, more infos and surprises will be added once we get a rough idea of how many countries will attend the league.

Signup list

- flag Slovenia - CAREEM^
- flag Brazil - Morcego
- flag Bulgaria - Sniper
- flag Lithuania - DM
- flag Ukraine - Blaiz
- flag Finland - Damiah
- flag Sweden - PURRI
- flag Estonia - xed
- flag Russia - kabysdoh
- flag Italy - Lazar
- flag United Kingdom - c12
- flag Portugal - MoBy
- flag Poland - goat
- flag Turkey - Real
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NDML #7 - Final ranking2007-06-25 07:24 | Gravgon
NDML #7 has come to an end for a week now and it's time to make a little wrap up of the final ranking.

img flag POLAND

img flag FINLAND

3rd/4th flag SWEDEN & flag CROATIA

Congratulations to Poland for getting gold for the second time and of course to all the other countries who made it to the playoffs. Big thanks to all teams that took part to this season, we hope to see you back again in NDML 8!

I would like to thank flag Gerdt for the huge amount of work he's done during all this season helping me running this league and of course for all the demos he uploaded. Thanks to flag daelmun for the coverage @ q2scene.net and to flag wision for the GTV hosting.

I hope you'll spend nice summer holidays! See you next season.
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PlayOff: 1/2 Finals2007-05-20 17:13 | Gravgon
We will now enter the 1/2 Finals phase. As you can see one 1/4 match hasn't been played yet but the good news is that it's scheduled and it won't delay things too much.

1/2 Finals matches:

flag Sweden vs. flag Poland

flag Finland [3:1] flag Croatia

Only the match Sweden vs. Brazil remains to be scheduled as both the 1/4 Ukraine vs Croatia and its awaiting semifinal match vs. Finland will be played on Sunday 28 May.
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PlayOffs2007-05-06 17:39 | Gravgon
Only 2 group games still haven't been played but they can't influence the final ranking that's why we can already start the playoffs.

flag Estonia will not be able to play in the playoffs. We consider they were already "out" at the end of the group phase and that's why all their games will be turned into w/o's which changes the ranking in Group A.

*** 1/4 Finals ***

flag Sweden vs. flag Brazil
flag Poland [3:0] flag USA

flag Finland [3:0] flag Lithuania
flag Croatia vs. flag Ukraine

Preview by flag Gerdt

Click 'more' for Gerdt's playoffs preview!

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