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Interviews2003-10-30 11:48 | Gravgon
I have started interviews with all team captains. It consists in 5 questions which are the same for all and a latest question specific to each country.

They will be put online as they come so feel free to check the section as often as you can.

The first one is the interview of Stuff, Sweden team captain for this season.
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Team captains2003-10-24 10:29 | Gravgon
First of all you can see in the "Countries" section the different teams who has signed up to this 4th season of NDML. There are 15 National teams subscribed. A latest team (USA) might be added to the list if I can contact the right person.

Captains have now received the CL permission on the website which means they are now able to Add their players to the squad and edit their team infos.
Remember you can't have more than 12 players on the list.

Some captains have not registered an account yet: Mj, n1k1ta and bhp. Query me on IRC when it's done.

The NDML crew will start working on the groups, these should be announced within a week. Moreover you are all encouraged to vote at the new poll.

Finally, some interview questions will be sent to all captains in a short while, the interviews will be published on the site as they come.

EDIT There is a bug with the new poll, I added too long propositions so here they are :
- 1 week for a match
- 2 weeks for a match
- 2 weeks for a match + special contests on a given day (all star games, railing contests, speed contests,...)
- "x" month(s) to play all group matches (no defined round dates)
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Signups2003-10-05 12:46 | Gravgon
Starting from now, signups for the fourth season of NDML are opened. This means the person who has been selected either by the players of their country or by the organisating team of NDML to be captains can send the application for their country.

To sign up your team you must (send me an email) which should contain these informations:

- Country
- Team captain
- Expected roster (12 players max.)
- IRC Channel of the team

As for now, no date-limit is defined for the teams to signup.
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Start me up!2003-10-02 03:25 | Gravgon
Here we are again! A new season of NDML is about to start and this after a chaotic third season which finally ended without too much problems, we decided to run the league independently of ClanBase again. By this we hope it will give back the spirit of a league created BY players FOR players to NDML.

Concretely here is what this season will feature and how it will work:

- No signups limit anymore (although we'll try to have a pair number).

- 12 players limited rosters

- Double-Elimination playoffs (Winner-Bracket and Loser-Bracket)

- All star games (i.e.: Scandinavia vs. Europe)

About the site: you could already notice it is based on the same PHP code and the same user database than Demo Squad and Euroq2l, many thanks to Claymore for his one more time excellent job.

There are entries in the database that are taken from Euroq2l (tables, groups, clans, matches, schedules, etc.), but all this is there for testing. The database will be cleared when the season start.

More infos will follow about the signups.. Stay tuned!
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