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NDML 9 - Second take!2010-10-24 13:56 | Gravgon

After many debates and uncertainties about NDML, most of you must have thought that the Q2 scene would never see another season of this league.

But recently it came to my attention that a couple of motivated people gave a new kick of activity into the scene and the players followed it with great excitement and a reborn motivation.

That's why I'm proud to present you (at last) the 9th season of NDML.

League info

This season will follow the same tournament layout as it used to have in the last one which means a group stage followed by single elimination playoffs.

The map pool remains the same with the addition of q2next1.

The admins for this season will be flag Gravgon, flag wision, flag biah and flag __d34d.


To participate in NDML, the team captains must contact one of the admins and give the following informations:

- Country
- Team captain
- List of expected players

Currently signed up teams

- flag Lithuania - DM
- flag Turkey - NiGGY
- flag Poland - P!o
- flag Estonia - covell
- flag United Kingdom - zilla
- flag USA - island55
- flag Russia - Aid
- flag Finland - raskal
- flag Sweden - PURRI
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What about NDML ?2010-02-27 06:07 | Gravgon
It has been over a year without NDML now. The activity in the Q2 scene might not be at its highest point but there is still a lot of passion in this game.

There's been a lot of matches and dramas between individuals and between clans. It sure was very entertaining but isn't it better when you add a bit of good old patriotism in the rumble ?

We are interested in running a new season of NDML. For that, we need enough teams ready to participate.

That means teams that can get at least 5 players at the signup stage... but that can also keep it until the end of the season.

If you think you can gather a team for your country or if you simply think someone else could: LET US KNOW by contacting me (through the q2scene messenger or IRC) or by posting a comment.

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NDML 9 canceled2009-01-23 02:21 | Gravgon
Like I said in an earlier comment, there will be a proper NDML or there won't be one. With only 8 teams signed up it's impossible to run a season which meets the usual quality standards of this league.

The ninth season of NDML will be held when the activity in Q2 allows more countries to gather a team and play.

Big thanks and apologies to the teams that had signed up.
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NDML 9 - Signups open2009-01-04 15:51 | Gravgon

A new year is beginning and if we look back at the previous one, we can say it was good year for Q2. Many interesting things have been going on in the various leagues... We got to know who was the best dueler, which team was the best in 2on2, we discovered who was the best jumper, and just recently we have found out which clan is the best at 4on4...

All this is happy and fine but in the process, we still don't know which country is the best since the last NDML.

That's why, fellow Q2 players, it's time to bring back a bit of good old patriotism in this mix! Welcome to NDML 9 !


Signups are open right now. As usual, let me remind you how this works.

Who can signup?

Country national teams which will be lead by a captain. It's the duty of every country to find its captain and you're free to use any kind of procedure to find one (elections? duels? Whatever). The admin crew of this league will have to approve all the captains.

How to signup?

Don't look for the signup button, there is none. In order to keep things tidy, you will have to contact me or wision via IRC or q2scene messenger and provide the following informations:
- Country
- Captain
- An estimation of which players your team will have

Signup list:

- flag Spain - edwin
- flag Poland - M0RPH-x
- flag United Kingdom - zilla
- flag Sweden - PURRI
- flag Lithuania - DM
- flag Russia - kaby
- flag Finland - thaigo
- flag Turkey - NiGGy

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NDML 8 - Final Ranking2008-04-29 04:04 | Gravgon

img flag FINLAND
img flag SWEDEN
img flag POLAND

The 8th season of the NDML is now over and we would like to thank all the teams and the players who took part to this league. Overall it went very smoothly and we could see some amazing matches again.

Congratulations to the teams that made it to the podium but also to flag Estonia for reaching the 4th place.

We hope to see you all again for the next season (don't expect it too soon though) and if your country didn't participate this season... It might be worth a try to bring back your old country mates back to Quake2 for next season!

I personally would like to thank flagflag wision for, basically, running the whole league alone together with my old faithful admin legend flag __d34d!

- GG -

// Gravgon for the NDML admin team
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