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2006-12-25 Merry Christmas
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IRC: #nadml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 10
Sign up limit: 127 (teams)
User's clans: on

NADML Round 12006-03-15 11:18 | Element^

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Coming along strong..2006-03-09 02:06 | Element^
Signup's have been going for roughly 2 days and we got 7 clans registered, with one still pending. The way I see it, I know of one other active clan that hasn't had too much exposure to this league being in the process, after I commuinicate with them, and seeing possibly my own clan can scrounge up 4 or more players to commit, i'll stop the signups at 10, and get the league started. So the more support I can get from your guys getting people round up, the sooner well be on the ball and good to go. But most of all, I'm am greatly impressed with the effort and support you all have shown me already, keep it up.
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Roster setup.2006-03-06 19:50 | Element^
For those who have already signed up, you may now enter your roster, I will give you 2 weeks to finalize your rosters before the schedule will be posted.
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Let the signups begin..2006-03-06 12:26 | Element^
Alright, now the I have the site configured to my liking, Signups will now be allowed. Furthermore, you MUST have an account registered on this site to allow you to be on a rostered team, so remember to sign up for an account if you have not already. I'll be giving signups a week to start, which may be extended seeing if there is need for more time. Please have only your team captain signup, to assist on trying to weed out any duplicate signups. It's now upto you to prove the Q2 Scene isn't a rollover.
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NADML #1 (Spring 2006)2006-03-04 08:41 | Element^
So yes, after a short wait, I did get the site back up and going. So I must thank Claymore for such prompt responce time, allowing me to finally get the ball rolling.

This will be the first season of the NADML, I, your head admin Element^ am looking forward to this fine task. I will note there was a prior attempt to run this league in the past that fizzled out before completeion. Registration for the Spring 2006 league will be setup within the next week, as soon as I'm able to fix a few bugs in the site and get our admin pannel setup and ready to go.

Any questions, comments or concerns, you can comment here on the site or find one of our admins in irc.enterthegame.com #nadml or #tastyspleen

Looking forward to all of your support. Lets keep the Quake 2 spirit thriving!
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