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2007-11-04 A new season of NADML
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2006-12-25 Merry Christmas
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NADML finished for this season2006-06-26 12:16 | daelmun
This season of NADML has now ended with the following result:

1: FoJ
2: Shiningforce
3: vA / |D|

It has been a successful season with active teams who have played their matches, and big thanks to all admins who made this possible, and to the teams involved. Now use the summer break to go outside and catch some sunshine and prepare yourself for what will prove to be the most intense and exciting season yet to come:


which will most likely kick off in August or somewhere around then, we will give teams information about next season when we got it figured out. Untill then keep Q2 alive, or else I'll stab you all with a reasonably big knife.

Be sure to check out the playerstats since they've been kept up to date by non-lazy admins, and check out how well your favorite or least favorite players performed in this season!
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NADML Playoffs!2006-06-08 10:04 | Element^
So finally the last few regular seasons games have been completed, it's time for the playoffs!

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Rules adjustment.2006-05-10 00:00 | Element^
slight adjustment in the rules in the players section. Click the rules for info. A reminder that league rules can be changed at any time if agreed upon by a majority of the league admins. Thanks.
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Match of The Week: FoJ vs vA2006-05-04 15:25 | DaHanG
I (DaHanG) am playing in this match, so I will refer to myself in third person. This will not be unusual for me, since I do this in real life.

Round V: Q2DM8, Q2DM5, Q2DM2
Match Sunday (5/7) @ 8 Eastern.

vA's expected lineup:
kickr0, Ghost9, Event, leopard

FoJ's expected lineup:
DaHanG, naymlis, krez, paradiselost

Q2DM8: FoJ > vA
This map has to be in favor of FoJ simply because of the powershield. That's what this game map usually comes down to. With pretty much all of FoJ really emphasizing the rail/powerup area. If FoJ gets multiple powershields, then the game is over. Period. If a string of bad luck, undisciplined teamplay, or vA's straight up better play becomes a huge factor, then FoJ will take a loss.

With Valiant's expected lineup (subject to change, also consider their 13 man roster) I do not see them overcoming FoJ. They really need Flarez or The_King to just rape with rail and go on a powershield rampage. It's possible that Valiant can pull off a win without these two playing, but it's highly unlikely.

Q2DM5: FoJ > vA
FoJ is in a nice position here playing arguably their best map (excluding Q2DM1 from the pool of course). All members have more than enough experience to know what they should be doing in almost every situation (except paradiselost). This and quad runs will be the key ingredients to success.

Any map with a powerup item give Valiant a disadvantage to the higher-level teams in my opinion. |D|, FoJ, +, and aR all give plenty attention to quads/powershields/invuln/etc. Meanwhile, I see valiant as a more casual ffa team that will pick it up as it goes. This, I believe, will lead to a loss on this map.

FoJ > vA 2:0
This match will be shoutcasted through this link Who will bring coverage is not determined at this point, but Sean, Element, etc. will get priorities in casting.
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New interviews posted...2006-05-03 16:48 | sean
I did some interviews with some of the players from this NADML, hopefully I can get some more up as soon as people get on irc. You can find them in the articles section of this site.

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