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2007-11-04 A new season of NADML
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2007-03-12 Devine > sYnth 3:2 ...
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2007-01-24 Playoff Bracket
2007-01-20 Playoffs
2007-01-11 Get your games played.
2006-12-25 Merry Christmas
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Playoffs2007-01-20 16:46 | adrenal1ne
Notice to clans: you have until monday to get any games that you wish to play done. These games will be done strictly to improve seedings in playoffs. The playoff tree will be loaded monday, so any games after that will not be played.
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Get your games played.2007-01-11 17:14 | adrenal1ne
SX was made w/o's. I have given shiningforce- the benefit of the doubt, since they have a game scheduled with FoJ. If however this game is not played on time, they too will get w/o's. Everyone else this league is going to finish, so get ur games played ASAP.
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Merry Christmas2006-12-25 12:47 | Element^
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Week 2 in review2006-12-24 11:28 | Element^
So we've rolled into the "Holiday" break, with that note I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. I also felt it was needed to recap the events of Week 2 at this time.

Unfortunately a few games missed this week due to availabiliy of players. Sadly this was a known issue bound to happen, but it appears that these clans are still trying to make an effort to continue on in the league.

Please have the following matches played ASAP.

flag sYnth vs flag [2c]
flag {SX} vs flag Shining-

However, we did have a handful of games played, and some in advance.

In Week 2 we saw 1 match go the distance of 3 rounds.

flag HDTP came back after an upsetting loss in the first map to win 2:1 over flag [2c].

The closest games would goto flag [2c] over flag HDTP 96:95 in colour, and flag |D| over flag FoJ 110:106 in q2dm3.

Biggest blowout would goto flag vA over flag [BTF] by a total frag count of 384:88 (+296 frags). Props goto flag [BTF] for hanging in there and still going strong.
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Week #2 Interviews posted2006-12-12 14:54 | sean
I've posted three new interviews, randy from devine, kickr0 from Valiant and cubbi from second coming were all good enough to give me 20 mins, you can find them in the articles section or reach each one with the individual links posted below.


flag |D|randy interview here
flag [2c.cubbi] interview here
flag vA.kickr0 interview here
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