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2007-11-04 A new season of NADML
2007-08-09 NADML #4?
2007-03-12 Devine > sYnth 3:2 ...
2007-02-27 Dev!ne vs sYnth in th ...
2007-01-24 Playoff Bracket
2007-01-20 Playoffs
2007-01-11 Get your games played.
2006-12-25 Merry Christmas
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A new season of NADML2007-11-04 12:12 | haunted`
After receiving feedback from multiple teams in both NA and europe, I'm confident that we will have a successful season of NADML. What I'd like to see on this thread is more input about how you think the league should be run. Specifically(but not limited to):

-any ideas to perhaps make this season run smoother
-any changes to the map list
-a date to start the league
-server list (seems we should have a more extensive server list than last year, if I can get the max clients raised on some of them)

Any ideas that you have will be discussed among admins and/or voted in polls. Thanks for the input and I look forward to a great season. (should be better than the last one :<)
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NADML #4?2007-08-09 17:11 | daelmun
Do you want another season?
Since the summer is closing in on its end, unfortunately, it's time to look ahead and see if there is a possibility for another season of NADML. Last season showed that there is still room for this league in the NA q2 scene, and would be nice to see another season just as successful ending the year of 2007.

Active teams - new teams
Anyway, we need teams to show some interest, and also encourage and give time for free-agents to maybe create a team for the league. Of the established clans there are some clans I'm pretty sure will show up:
|D|, vA, FoJ, sYnth

We also see players from d0t and dM as well as BTF on the servers, so there is definitely a chance other clans will be able to get an active team up and ready, and hopefully we could get one or two teams of consisiting of "unsigned" players.

Anyway, please respond here if you think your clan would be able to get a team for another season, as well as spread the word on the servers so players have the chance to form new teams for the league in good time.
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Devine > sYnth 3:2 in final2007-03-12 09:54 | sean
Final game played last sunday night, flag Devine taking the win over flag sYnth.USA 3:2, all that remains now is for flag FoJ to play flag Valiant for 3rd place and an all-star game (if we can get enough participants)

ggz to all and we will see you next season :)
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Dev!ne vs sYnth in the final2007-02-27 13:33 | daelmun
After two quite thrilling semifinals we've now reached the final stage of this season, with only the final and bronze final left to be played.

Grand Final
flag sYnth.usa vs flag |D| :: Sunday 4th @ 8:00PM EST

Bronze Final
flag [vA] vs flag FoJ

Semifinals results
(q2dm1/q2dm2) flag |D| [2:0] flag [vA]
(colour/q2dm7) flag sYnth.usa [2:0] flag FoJ

Stay tuned in #nadml @ enterthegame.com for live scorebot and further coverage.
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Playoff Bracket2007-01-24 07:51 | Element^
Okay the playoff bracket is up, and we're ready to go. Best of luck to the 8 teams that went into the playoffs.
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