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2013-08-25 Barton's Cup Update #2
2013-08-25 Casting Reminder
2013-08-20 Barton's Cup Update
2013-08-12 Barton's Invite Cup
2013-05-23 QuickCup
2011-04-17 "NEW" play-off bracket
2010-10-25 Play-offs begin!!
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IRC: #nadl
Sign ups: off
Game settings

Timelimit: 15 minutes
Overtime: 5 minutes, or what it is on the server you play on

Server Settings:
:: BFG off
:: Powerups off
:: Powershield off
:: Standard DM settings (weapstay off, fall damage on etc)

Allowed Servers: any server that meets {X}Apathy's standards.

q2dm1 :: the edge
q2dm3 :: the frag pipe
q2rdm7 :: Reclammation
ztn2dm3 :: the rage
ptrip :: powetrip
aerowalk :: aerowalk
q2rdm2 :: chastity belt duel

First round :: Round Robin

All players signed up will be put into 6 groups and play the other players in the group once, where top 3-4 placed from each group will move on to the Second Round. Placings will be decided by points. If two players have equal number of points, the winner in their match-up will be ranked higher. In case of a three-way tie: highest frags/deaths ratio decides.

Matches: played best out of 3 maps:
:: Each player kicks maps in turns (the players decide themselves who starts kicking, or it will be done by coinflip) untill there are 3 maps left, the one who started to kick maps gets to chose the first map played.

Points are awarded as following:
2:0 win = 3 points
2:1 win = 2 points
1:2 loss = 1 point
0:2 loss = 0 points

The placing in the groups will decide the seedings before the playoffs, groupwinners will face 4th ranked from other groups, and group runnerups will face 3rd ranked from other groups.

Second Round :: Double Elimination

Matches: All games in the double elimination playoffs will be played best out of 5 maps. Each player picks 2 maps, and play eachother maps in turns (A-B-A-B), chosen by the players or by coinflip. If a 5th map is needed in case of a 2:2 tie, the one who picked the first map they played on gets to kick the last map from a list of the maps not played.

Grand final :: The one coming from the loserbrackets to the grand final has to win two sets of best out of 5 matches, meaning the one coming from the winnerbracketfinal only have to win one set of best out of 5.

All games

Players must record demos from all maps

Admins should be present at each game, but if there is no admin available remember that both players HAVE to record demos from each map. In case of incidents happen it will be handy to have IRC-logs and screenshots available if there are crucial disagreements preventing the game from being player/finished. If you forget to record demo you will:

:: 1st occurance:
Groupstage: -1 added to the score for each map in groupplay
Playoffs: each map not recorded is considered a loss
:: 2nd occurance: kicked from the league

Also taking screenshots from each map is strongly encouraged, but you wont be given a penalty if you forgot, as you can take screenshots from the demo.


We know the lack of servers will make it hard to find a 100% equal server, but we encourage players to play on the most equal server they can find, but if there is no such server and the ping-difference is too high then home/away servers will be used:

:: home-map on home-server
:: for deciding map: 10 minutes played on each server, and score is added up from both to decide the winner


1 round = 1 week

Each round in the groupstage and playoffs will last one week. It is required that you play one game per round, but you are also allowed to play more.

:: As soon as you have scheduled your game, inform an admin (opped in #nadl) so the game can be added to the schedule on the site.


Each player will be given wildcards:
:: 1 for the groupstage
:: 1 for the playoffs

The wildcards are used to reschedule games if one of the players are not able to show up and the other do not agree to reschedule. If both players agree to reschedule the game, no wildcards will be used. It's a good show of sportmanship to announce the use of wildcard in good time before the game, but things do happen quickly and a player can use it whenever he wants untill the game starts.

Wildcards used automatically :: if a player do not show up for a scheduled game and has a wildcard left, the player's wildcard will be used automatically. This game will then be rescheduled as soon as the player shows up and a new date and time will be set. Remember we do encourage announcing the wildcard well in advance to not waste opponent's time. If he doesn't have a wildcard, read Not showing up for games.
:: if a player disconnects and do not come back, the wildcard will be used automatically to reschedule the remaining maps, while keeping the scores from the ones already played. Unless the opponent agrees otherwise (for instance replaying whole game).

Forcing of games

Games not played by the end of the round will be forced for 8PM EST at the end of next round. If only one player shows up at the time he will get default win, if neither shows up both will recieve default loss.
:: Forced games can be rescheduled for a date/time earlier than the forced date. No games can be played later.

Not showing up for games

First occurance :: read Wildcards.

Second occurance :: the missing player will recive following penalty:
:: -1 score for each map (a total of -2)
:: -30:10 score for each map (a total of -60:20)

The player showing up will as a result get:
:: 3 points
:: 20 frags added

During games

Player disconnecting :: if a player drops, the admin (if present) will hold the game for 5 minutes waiting for the player to reconnect. If he does, the game will played on. If he doesn't and if the player dropping has a remaining wildcard, a wildcard will automatically be used to reschedule the remaining maps as well as the remaining time of the current map (while keeping the score). Scores from previous maps will still count.
:: Opponent can decide otherwise (replaying the whole game/map)
:: If a player drops and no admin can hold the game but the disconnected player comes back within 5 minutes, the map will be replayed with the score kept from the unfinished game and timelimit set to the time remaining when the player dropped, rounded up to the minute (3:23 left = timelimit 4 minutes)
:: this also applies if the server crashes

Timers are NOT allowed. All demos must be submitted, and admin discretion will be used as to whether or not it's a timer.

Admins rule

If there are scenarios that aren't covered by this set of rules, whatever the decision of the present admin is, is the rule.

Required client

All players must use a client compatible with R1CH's anticheat, and show valid when the /aclist command is typed.

All players must stay in #NADL @ irc.enterthegame.com
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