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First round :: Remaining games2007-08-25 02:43 | daelmun
Glad to see so many games being played already, but would like to remind you of what games are left to be played of round 1:

hitsurume vs GUTS :: Anyone seen them online this weekend? Seen them on IRC earlier this week, but don't know whether they've scheduled the game or not

kickr0 vs Venim :: To be played tonight
Sean vs Str1ker :: scheduled for the 26th

deft vs scooby :: Both have played matches this round, just not the one they were supposed to play! :)

Gillz vs the King :: Gillz is also attending the WSVG in Toronto afaik, but haven't really seen him around after the signups. And haven't seen The_King around at all

PyR3X vs Slasher :: talked to Slasher and he will be playing once he comes back from WSVG-Toronto, an event he covers for Gameriot.com. PyR3X is around on IRC

Deadline :: Sunday 26th

Players needing to show that they are around:
The_King :: not seen since signups, need to confirm that he is still in
Gillz :: Currently at WSVG, but needs to confirm he is still in
Emliy :: haven't been seen at all, needs to confirm still being in

Advent :: idles on IRC <o/!

Keep it up!
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First dropout2007-08-20 16:17 | daelmun
nineX decided to drop out as he wasn't able to play Q2 from where he is studying. Deft, who is first in the list of replacement killers, will take his spot.

Players in Group D please check schedule, as there are some minor changes, for instance first round is now:

deft vs scooby
ghost9 vs betty
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Groupstage Predictions2007-08-19 12:04 | daelmun
No real Q2 league without some predictions! Again, if you feel you're underrated be sure to show it in the league and not in a comment here ;)
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Groups Online :: First round2007-08-19 01:57 | daelmun
Because of more signups than expected we decided to increase the number of groups from 4 to 6. Else the groupplay would have lasted a lot longer than intended, because we primarily wanted it to eliminate the non-showers while seeding the top players moving into the playoffs.

As a result there are some changes to how we decide who moves on to the playoffs. This will be announced as soon as it is sorted out. Most likely it will be something along the lines of top 2 moving directly to the playoffs, while 3rd placed and maybe a couple 4th placed play for the remaining spots.

First Round :: Monday 20th - Sunday 26th :: Check Schedule

Element - Jeet :: Scheduled
Hitsurume - GUTS

kickr0 - venim
Str1ker - sean

GYN - naymlis
kyper - kaitech

deft - Scooby
Betty - Ghost9
haunted - whirlingdervish
randypants - lasthero

gillz- the king
slasher - pyr3x

Schedule your games as soon as possible and let an admin know when you're gonna play!

Servers :: All with anticheat
All servers with all maps on the maplist and anticheat are valid, here are the IPs for most of them:

flag tastyspleen.net::tourney ::
flag tastyspleen.net::tourney2 ::
flag tastyspleen.net::no-alias ::
flag tastyspleen.net::tourney4 ::
flag tastyspleen.net::nadl ::
flag Midwest DUEL & TDM ::

All participants MUST be available on IRC #nadl @ enterthegame.com!
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New look2007-08-18 01:19 | daelmun
Big thanks to flag SEBbull for his css and artwork that make this site look pretty damn awesome.

Signups closed
The signups are now closed, and we're currently working on the groups.

First round
First round will start this Monday (August 20th), so don't hesitate to schedule and play your games as soon as the groups are posted.

#nadl on IRC
Just a reminder, all participants please idle in #nadl @ enterthegame.com and use the name you've signed up with so other players/admins can easily get a hold of you!
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