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Final 4! Let the battle begin!2007-12-17 15:23 | Scooby
Yes, we have finally reached the LB semifinal phase where two top American players will face in a best of 5 thriller :) flagnaymlis and flagDaHanG will play most likely today, that would be Monday in the late evenining - for the interested ones feel free to join us and enjoy the show :)

As soon as they finish and the winner is known I will try to ask him some questions regarding the game and the next opponent that is waiting for him in the very next round = LB FINAL! and that would be the one and only flagDamiah! So stay tuned!
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LB - An Explanation!!!2007-10-30 00:34 | Scooby
Some people asked me what is wrong with the loser bracket, or they tell me that i did something wrong... well not exactly :) the new engine doesnt provide the Double Elimination System, therefore i have to improvise a little bit :) its kind of hard to read it but i will try to explain it to you a lil;

a) 1st column = 1st & 2nd round games :) try 2 follow the nicknames - who won their games from the top of the brackets to the very bottom of them

LB All Rounds

b) 2nd column = 3rd & 4th round games :)

flagkickro will play the winner of flagacidrainn vs flagadrenaline

once the winners of these two games;flagjeet vs flagrandy & flagpyrex vs flaglasthero are known they will meet in the 3rd round as well

Try to play your games as soon as possible since the WB is already done and we have still many players who are active and are waiting to play their games too! Many LB Rounds ahead of us, some good games, some w/o again... (hopefully one, two max:P) anyway, i want to wish everybody gl and remind you that 1 round = 1 week, this week is the LB Round 2 week, so if you dont schedule/play your game by Sunday 8:00pm EST (which is the forced date/time) consider your game as lost :P
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PLAYOFFS ROUND #22007-10-18 13:54 | Scooby
As you can see we finally reached Round #2 where some interesting games in the WB will be played soon (hopefully!). For those who lost their games in Round #1 don't worry, even though this site doesn't support WB/LB I managed somehow to work it out and now you can play your games too!

Here are the WB & LB

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PLAYOFFS - IMPORTANT STUFF!!!2007-10-08 17:22 | Scooby
Well as you can see the playoff stage has already started but unfortunately no news has appeared prior that... therefore I would like to remind you some things (basically the 2 most important for you):

1) Playoffs is using the BEST OF 5 ( check rules for more info - especially take a brief look at the map choosing system since it's different than the one used in round robin)

2) We are using also DOUBLE ELIMINATION SYSTEM (WB & LB)

Pease read those rules very carefully and make sure to record all demos if no admin is present (what will most likely happen since I'm the last guy who still runs this thing...)

These are the players who advanced to the playoff stage:
1st flag DaHanG
2nd flag jeet
3rd flag Element (advanced from the 3rd place thanks to the amount of points/net acquired during round robin)

1st flag Damiah
2nd flag kickr0
3rd flag str1ker (advanced from the 3rd place thanks to the amount of points/net acquired during round robin)

1st flag naymlis
2nd flag KaiTech

1st flag Scooby
2nd flag adrenal1ne
3rd flag Ghost (advanced from the 3rd place thanks to the amount of points/net acquired during round robin)

1st flag randypants
2ndflag AcidRainn
3rd flag LaStHeRo (advanced from the 3rd place thanks to the amount of points/net acquired during round robin)

1st flag manipulat0r
2nd flag PyR3x

here are the brackets

flagDamiah 3:0 flagGhost has been played already!
Some other games are scheduled, some aren't! Thus, I appeal to you to start doing so!

I feel sorry for all of you who actually played their games and anticipated the playoffs but it seems like dealmun disappeared somewhere and Element is gone too, I was supposed to be an admin only but eventually I have to take the headadmin position here and finish the league by myself! Oh well, not the first time, not the last time it happens, anyway I want to wish all of you good luck in your games and foremost enjoyable pings :) :*

UPDATE: Feel free to upload any demos from the playoff stage on DEMOSQUAD
You can find Damiah vs Ghost demos there already!
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Forced games :: Second Round2007-08-28 09:17 | daelmun
There have been 4 unplayed games of this round, that have all been forced to

Sunday September 2nd @ 8PM EST

:: Remember that all games can be scheduled to be played earlier than the forced date/time, but noone can be played later.

Hitsurume vs GUTS: neither players have shown any sign of scheduling, but both have been on IRC at various times. Forced for Sunday, can be played earlier.

Sean vs Str1ker: Str1ker couldn't play on time, so they agreed to play it later. Forced to Sunday, but can be played earlier.

Slasher vs PyR3X: Slasher has been in Toronto for WSVG-coverage, but needs to play his game vs PyR3X who has been on IRC alot lately. Forced for Sunday, but can be played earlier.

Gillz vs The_King: Both in danger of being replaced, but game forced for Sunday regardless.

Else great activity in general, a few groups have already almost finished the groupstage!

Deadline is Sunday 2nd of September:

GUTS vs DaHanG
Jeet vs Hitsurume

Sean vs Damiah

Kaitech vs Advent
naymlis vs Kyper

Betty vs Adrenaline
deft vs Ghost9


PyR3X vs Emily (to be replaced)
The_King (to be replaced) vs Slasher

Keep the games coming!
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