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NADL Round robin now up!2010-09-25 19:32 | haunted`
Group stages are now up! I've capped sign-ups at 28 after discussing it with the other admins, however if you think you've just missed out(obviously), then hop on the waiting list! Drop by in #nadl on ETG and pm 'haunted' for information. Good luck to every one!

Also, island55 has kindly let us use 3-4 of his digitalfrag servers for NADL. I just sent him the config, so they should be good to go fairly soon. We'll have one in CA, IL, and NY. The tastyspleen NADL server has been set up for NADL already as well. I'll have a full server list and IP's to them ASAP.
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sign-ups now open!2010-09-20 19:43 | haunted`
Sign-ups for NADL are now open. You can do so, with a q2scene account, by clicking 'sign ups' in the menu on the top left. Several have signed up thus far, and I think we'll have a good turn-out this season.
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NADL #2!!2010-09-07 09:28 | haunted`
It's time to get started with our 2nd NADL season! We're aiming to start sign-ups not long after mid-September so we can run the round robin in October. Discussion concerning the league has been taking place on tastyspleen forums here: http://tastyspleen.net/quake/forums/index.php?topic=14370.0

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The Party is OVER!!!2008-01-02 19:40 | Scooby
I am really proud of what we have acomplished here! When the former organizators dropped the project while it was still in the group phase I was really disappointed and sad!

But this wasn't the first time I saw something like that; I already experienced the same thing with the flagEuroQ2L-II where the admins also abandoded their "child..." I took over the league to eventually finish it with a very nice and interesting playoff phase and some exhibition games. Just as a remainder some time ago the flagEuroQ2L-VIII Final has been played what makes me even more happy when I look at it now...

Will it be the same with the flagNADL? Well it is really difficult for me to say it... I am not saying there will not be a next one organized but I am quite confident that you won't see ma as a part of it anymore! Not that I didnt enjoy it... well obviously there were moments when I was going nuts but all in all I really enjoyed running the league and I am glad that we are closing this season with such an exciting finals both, the LB Final as well as the Grand Final.

I have transfered recently and my schedule is really messed up and busy, that is the real reason for my further absence... huh then there is a fact that it is over 10 years for me with this game but i learnt my lesson already... never say that you are leaving for good :)

Final Standings:

1.flagScooby - Grand Final Including the links for all 5 demos
2.flagDamiah - LB Final Including the links for all 5 demos

I would like to congratulate all of the guys who played their games, and who enjoyed the league as well as to thank those who helped me here and there to make the league better!

And foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR guys, enjoy your life, pursue your goals and make your dreams come true!
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Clash of the Titans PART 2!2007-12-27 16:28 | Scooby
Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! The game plenty of us has been waiting for a very long time is comming! The top American dueler flagDaHanG will face the actually best European dueler flagDamiah (flagDamiah 3:2 flagPurri) and what makes this game even more exciting is the fact that those two individuals have already met once in the WB semis where flagDamiah won after a thrilling 5 mapper! The report and screens with final scores can be found here flagDamiah 3:2 flagDaHanG.
Since I have found some spare time and this is the highly anticipated LB Final surrounded by all of emotions I decided to ask our guys some questions! You can see the result of our conversations here:

Damiah's interview

DaHanG's interview

There are seven maps, 5 can be played but let me present you my personal opinions about the possible outcome on each of them in percentage form;

flagDamiah 60:40 flagDaHanG --- q2dm1
flagDamiah 55:45 flagDaHanG --- q2dm3
flagDamiah 40:60 flagDaHanG --- ztn2dm2
flagDamiah 10:90 flagDaHanG --- ztn2dm3
flagDamiah 45:55 flagDaHanG --- ptrip
flagDamiah 40:60 flagDaHanG --- aerowalk
flagDamiah 60:40 flagDaHanG --- q2rdm2
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