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2013-08-25 Barton's Cup Update #2
2013-08-25 Casting Reminder
2013-08-20 Barton's Cup Update
2013-08-12 Barton's Invite Cup
2013-05-23 QuickCup
2011-04-17 "NEW" play-off bracket
2010-10-25 Play-offs begin!!
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QuickCup2013-05-23 15:51 | haunted`
An 8-man invite-only q2 duel cup will be hosted by flag Barton sometime in the following month. Feel free to discuss the event here, or on this thread:

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"NEW" play-off bracket2011-04-17 08:36 | haunted`
The play-off WB was dropped long ago. The 4 semi-finalists c12, careem, sheffik, and naymlis ALL went inactive / decided to stop idling in #nadl / were completely unreachable despite my numerous attempts to seek them out on quakenet(the 3 overseas players). After 2+ months of them holding everything up, I had 2 choices: 1) Disqualify ALL 4 people in winner's semis -OR- 2) re-do everything. I decided to do something similar to #2: I made a "substitute" NADL play-off bracket that ended up being comprised mostly of players from the first play-off bracket, which was unsuccessful. This substitute bracket has been 3 weeks underway about, and is running very smoothly! I have not updated anything on this site being that not everyone involved has an account here. . .yet. Once that happens, I'll update it's progress / everyone's stats. Remember, this is kind of an 'unofficial' play-off, but I did it for the sake of fun / the satisfaction of the players involved. I have all demos for this bracket thus far, depicted below, which will be made available on the 1v1/TDM demo section of tastyspleen forums.


To all those who were disappointed in NADL's progress, those who participated and not, I apologize. The new bracket has been going great so far though, stay tuned for updates. I'll be off work in a few hours, then I'll start putting the demos up. I know Welkin has been waiting on them to discuss it on The Dredge! Expect Jehar to shoutcast on tastycast.tv for the later matches. Thank you for your patience :)

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Play-offs begin!!2010-10-25 09:58 | haunted`
The Group Stages have officially ended and the play-off bracket can be seen here:


Congratulations to all who advanced. You MUST idle in #nadl in order to schedule your matches. Please talk @haunted or @[BTF]Jehar in regard to getting your match casted live by Tastycast!
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tastyspleen.tv2010-10-17 02:52 | adrenal1ne
Thanks to flagJehar and the rest of the tasycast folks for providing us with some EPIC coverage so far!

We have seen the likes of:

flagstr1ker vs. flagSheffik


flagCAREEM vs. flagkyuss


flagadrenal1ne vs. flagkyuss


sidenote: If you would like to support Tastyspleen.tv, they can be found on irc.globalgamers.net #tastycast OR follow them on twitter -> twitter.com/tastycast

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NADL update!!2010-10-11 07:16 | haunted`
Thank you for your participation thus far in making this a great NADL season! Most of the RR matches have already been played.

We have some new faces in the league now! Replacing cress and crow we have str1ker flag flag, Johnson flag, and kyuSs flag. All are able players and we're glad to have them in NADL. I'd also like to take this time to announce that there will be no more replacements in the round robin.

I'd also like to remind everyone of 2 very important things 1) e-mail their demos to nadldemos@yahoo.com attached to the message and 2) This is an official league/tournament so you must practice a little more professionalism than in pick-ups on a public server. Do not forget this, all of the referees can give out penalties based on the rules / their own discretion.

Thanks and good luck advancing to the play-offs.
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