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Div1a and Div2a Semi Results2017-09-25 19:34 | Halcyon
We had a good battle for 1st place in the division 2a semi today between Nubcake and Caboom. Cleaner took 3rd place with a large margin over 4th place ToxicMonkey. Nubcake, Caboom, and Cleaner move on to the division 2 final, and the rest of the guys pack their bags and go home!

flagNubcake: 34
flagCaboom: 33
flagCleaner: 25

flagToxicMonkey: 13
flagXtraGhost: 11
flagBarry_Allen: 9

The first division 1 semi-final had some great battles, and some clencher moments throughout. Goblin took an early lead, but failed to complete two maps, putting him at a big disadvantage. Ace's consistancy paid off and he took the semi win with Goblin and prd close behind. Yogurt narrowly beat 75400379 for the last division 1 final spot. ins put in a good effort for his first jump tournament, scoring points on every map. Ace, Goblin, prd, and yogurt move on to the division 1 final, with 75400379 and ins moving on to the division 2 final.

flagace: 58
flagGoblin: 54
flagprd: 52
flagyogurt: 44

flag75400379: 41
flagins: 28

PS: Finals will be later this week, likely on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

2017-09-26 13:14 
i jobbed hard emo
2017-09-25 23:07 
All losers from division 2 should be moved to div 3 finals, would be much more interesting than sending them back to home emo

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