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Group C Results2017-09-21 21:35 | Halcyon
Group C was close all the way until the last map. prd narrowly beat APKIS, and ins took 3rd with a 8 point gap over 4th place TeiOch. wetarded was very strong on the first 4 maps, but then had to leave, which opened up a gap for ins, TeiOch, and DM to fight over. Sofiene didn't make it on time to contend.

flagprd: 65
flagAPKIS: 63
flagins: 41

flagTeiOch^[tLk]: 33
flagDM: 32
flag}}wetarded{{: 27
flagToxicMonkey^MZC: 23

2017-09-22 15:07 
oh yea and V unfortunate for wetarded, man emo
2017-09-22 15:01 
Fantastic evening, with some minor flaws (well to me anyway).

First map, my map, edge?good?jumps, a great choice! emo I knew APKIS would be my biggest threat on this map. He is an Edge Professional Jumper! First of, when I began do to my first run I had so little jump feeling to go with. I dunno if it was because I had practiced before locally and thus physics and feelings behaved a bit different. And this clearly showed in the last room, imo hardest jump, I struggled for 100 seconds if not more! Omg, I totally knew I was landing wrong onto the ledge ... with no proper feelings tho, I kept doing the same mistake. "FAR OUT to the LEFT closer to the EDGE !!! I know, I know, I get you spectators..". This jump I truly can do, when tourney was over, I did jump my map again locally and guess what ? - last room in fact both methods I cleared it on my 2ND try!
Anywao - I did finally ended up with a new personal record, it would have been 2nd place on .german. =) Proper jump feelings finally kicked in.
Map rating: 5/5 emo

Second map, ddjump1, was also a great choice! I had played it before, many years ago. Unfortunately I was ignorant for too long for not trying a few SC's had I only discovered [correction: remembered] these with more time left..... With only 3-2 minutes left I ended up with an OK time.
4/5 emo

Third map, 4race3, ehmm quite hard but definitely doable. Thanks to my crappy pc the map was most likely harder for me to perform on with a limited FPS cap. Map was never played on b4 nor finished.
2/5 emo

Fourth map, sk3lsjump18, APKIS' reprise of choice from Jump League #1. emo I called it beforehand! This is a, kinda weird map and kinda good. What was really frustrating was when I got my best time moments before I grabbed the gun server lagged and I lost speed and momentum resulting a loss of ~3 seconds. emo A potential 4th place became destroyed. Too little time left to repair that unluckiness. emo Tho an overall quite fun map !
3/5 emo

Fifth map, weedsjump5, sofiene's forced random map [why.. emo (%)] was actually quite good! Again my pc was bit handicapped at the ice parts but I really enjoyed it still. emo Couldn't play it optimal tho (had vision problems by accidentally looking up into my lamp emo - just do not ask me how emo).
4/5 emo

Sixth map, hellfire?64, was, meh. I usually enjoy hellfire maps. One of them is my favourite! Even if the map was the shortest of them all it was one of the hardest - at least to me. I truly felt my pc handicap here with 100% ice. emo I also think the textures (dull white ones really!?) made it unnecessarily bad. Am I surprised Toxic picked sucha map? -no. Add to the fact I'm far from an ice lover so I'm not surprised I came in last position. ins was also bit lucky to beat me to it just in time. emo
1/5 emo

Seventh map, a2-02-moonrace?1, is in theory a quite solid map, but here it bugged me out the most! First of my mouse froze all the time during this particular map. It messed up many potential good runs. The map was also undeniably random af - it took at least half the time to figure out good landing spots. Not the most ideal choice for a Tourney. I'm not complaining I ended last here as well, but one can question if lucky landings had a big part? More luck than skill in 15 min I'd say - UNLESS one does know the map quite significantly.
2/5 emo:

Eighth and last map, apocalypse50, umm' what was DM thinking!? emo apo50 I may have played before back on the Fuster's Server days as I seemed to recognize the end part. Overall the map is very..messy. U hardly know where to go at some parts and it took some minutes to initially learn the map good enough to perform well enough gettin' a chance of a satisfied time. This sorta map would probably be more useful on .german Main than in a 15 min Tourney setup. An acceptable time I got, and that's about it. Well honestly a pretty solid map, just a bit too variational, too much, I dunno. [For Tourney -- Mind!]
3/5 emo

So do not get me wrong here. Evening was fun with good competition! Aside from some "minor flaws". Great maps, good maps, bad maps .... Keep in mind, this IS according to me. Ok? emo

A side note worth mentioning:
5 out of 7 did Qwn their Home-Maps !!! This high percentage did never occur in previous 2 groups I'm certain. This shows skilled map picking! emo Very Cool. emo emo

2017-09-22 09:54 
Well played! emo

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