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IRC: #euroq2l | GTV: skuller.net / gtv.digitalfrag.net
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: on

To Clanleaders2003-08-09 05:49 | Foen
First clanleaders have to register for an account (demo squad accounts works here too) and then contact foen claymore or gravgon. Without that we can't give you rights to edit your clan info, and if you haven't edited your clan info you can't play in league, coz we will remove unedited clans 18th august.
You might see some "played" games but we are just testing scripts, so don't care.
You also must have irc-channel on quakenet, if your clan don't have it yet. You must create it if you wanna play in league, and this is quakenet ffs, why keep channel in ircnet? :)
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Rules updated2003-08-06 14:09 | Gravgon
Rules are updated and should be final now although some changes might occur again.

Players and admins are strongly encouraged to read them carefully. If you have noticed something which isn't perfectly clear don't hesitate to tell it to an admin.
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Poll restarted2003-08-05 10:59 | Gravgon
Due to a little mistake, the poll had to be restarted. Keep voting!
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Euroq2l is here2003-08-04 09:36 | Foen
Website is now up and virtually finished a big thanks to Claymore.

Rules have been added can all clan leaders contact us (either Foen or Gravgon) with your clan’s information and player list. Only these players on your player list can play in the euroq2l multiclanning will not be permitted and any identical players name on two lists will be removed.

If there still are clans that would like to join, they must contact us ASAP so then we can add them to page. 17th august is the last day for signups to this league.

We still require spec admins, if you are active and want to see elite clan wars contact us now.

Check out the poll and give us your opinion.
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