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IRC: #euroq2l | GTV: skuller.net / gtv.digitalfrag.net
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Players limit: 20
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Forced games!2010-10-24 18:47 | biah
We are starting to run late on our group games. That's why it came to a necessity to force some games:

Forced on Tuesday 26.10 / 21:00 CET
flag contra vs flag Rage

Forced on Wednesday 27.10 / 21:00 CET
flag tOk vs flag Rage
flag nF vs flag tLk

...unless teams come up with a date within this week instead of those above to play their games.
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Some new servers.2010-09-29 21:46 | biah
When scouting through the server list at q2servers.com I noticed several changes. Some servers like okidoki and quaek the second are gone, but some new came to replace them.

I guess most of you already visited flagstan0x opentdm server :: but there are more:
flaglegendaarne.eu ::
flagnub.lt TDM:: /27930 /27940
flagGolar OpenTDM ::
flagdigitalfrag.net opentdm :: (de.digitalfrag.net)
flagdigitalfrag.net opentdm :: (nl.digitalfrag.net)
flagdigitalfrag.net opentdm :: (nl2.digitalfrag.net)
flagdigitalfrag.net opentdm :: (uk.digitalfrag.net)

At the moment there are 2 of DE and UK servers with different hosting. Those 'double' servers will be up untill 22. October only. However both NL servers will stay.
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EuroQ2L radio2010-09-28 23:33 | wision
How about making EuroQ2L more interesting? PLQ2 is known for its good coverage and now polish guys would like to help EuroQ2L to increase the quality of the league by providing their radio setup to us. The only thing we are missing now is a shoutcaster able to speak understandable and fluent english while having some TDM skills. If you think you have the skills and guts to do the job, feel free to contact me (flag wision) or flag fasadin on IRC.
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New admins2010-09-28 03:26 | wision
Some of you probably noticed already, but for those who didn't, I would like to introduce you our new admins!

flag Revo
flag Zilla

Ask them for help, send them your screenshots from matches and wish them strong nerves.
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Round I2010-09-27 00:34 | wision
The groups are online and from today you can start playing your games! First part of the schedule can be found here, second part will be added later today. The limit is one game per week, but feel free to play more than that, but remember that you have to play each match before its deadline!

After the group stage, eight teams will advance to playoffs (four from each group), which will be played as single elimination BO5.

Deadline for this first round is Sunday 3.10.



All the players are required to get NOFAKE ID to be able to play on polish servers. More info about it can be found in older news. NOFAKE is not forced on other european servers yet.
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