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Euroq2l #18
IRC: #euroq2l | GTV: skuller.net / gtv.digitalfrag.net
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: on

Euroq2l #14 final standings.2011-02-18 06:31 | biah
Final(almost) standings for European Quake II league season #14. Congratulations for the winners.

Division 1
1. img flag Veni Vidi Vici
2. img flag Harry Boy Quakers
3./4. img flag Team Online Killers / flag play>

Division 2
1. img flag Russian Power Team
2. imgflag I am fucking amazing
3./4. img flag xeno / flag Frag in 7 Seconds


New season signups are opened here.
They will be open untill 6. March.
Everyone is welcome to join.
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Semifinals2011-01-12 08:47 | biah
I guess everyone knows it but still better to remind that playoff pairs in semifinals are:

Div I
flag play> vs flag Harry Boy Quakers
flag Veni Vidi Vici vs Team On-Line Killers flag

Div II
flag Russian Power Team vs flag xeno
flag I am fucking amazing vs Frag in 7 secflag

THE DEADLINE FOR THIS ROUND IS 19. January. If by any means you can't schedule on a given time, be sure to contact the admin in your region.
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PLAYOFFS2010-12-12 20:56 | biah
We are proceeding to the PLAYOFF stage - the most fun stage of the season! Thou shalt not walkover! Thou shalt not fake! Thou shalt not cheat! Thou shalt be BO5! And whosoever shall revolt shall be in danger of the judgment...(taking my pills) ... and here are the matches of the first round with some preview!

Division I:
flag play> [3:0] contra flag
flag Harry Boy Quakers [3:0] CyBeR flag
flag Veni Vidi Vici [3:0] Rebels flag
flag skill zer0 [1:3] Team On-Line Killers flag

Division II:
flag Russian Power Team [3:0] We Dream flag
flag xeno [3:1] No Fear clan flag
flag I am fucking amazing [3:0] qwned flag
flag Fun Masters [2:3] Frag in 7 secflag

Unfortunately for teams flagRage, flagOnly4Fun, flagKnights of Beer and flagTeioch Locan Klan they did not get a rank high enough to take part in playoffs. Every clan is awaited for the next season of euroq2l and congrats to [tLk] with a fine debute! You can read the preview if you click more & comments
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Forced games:2010-12-06 09:59 | biah
Here by I force those games to these dates. Those dates are not obligatory to follow to play your game. In case you find a suitable date to play the game within this week - by all means go ahead. BUT in case you can't find a good date for both, those dates can be used to claim a walkover in favour of a clan present. In case both clans will not attend, their game will be turned to W/O by next Monday (12.12.2010)

UPDATED: all games played except those below

Division I

Thursday 9 December 21:00 CET
flag [CBR] vs nDiv flag || W/O in CBR favour as nDiv didn't show up

Division II

Tuesday 7 December 21:00 CET
flag =PFH= vs qwned flag || W/O in qwned favour as PFH left after 1 map

Friday 10 December 21:00 CET
flag [rpwr] vs =PFH= flag || W/O in [rpwr] favour as PFH didn't come
flag fm vs qwned flag || W/O in fm favour as qwned didn't have 4

Saturday 11 December 21:00 CET
flag =PFH= vs fm flag || W/O in fm favour as PFH didn't show up

Sunday 12 December 21:00 CET
flag qwned vs =PFH= flag || W/O to both as neither were availible for the game

flag [xeno] vs iafa. flag || W/O in iafa. favour as xeno didn't get 4

As the result of the past week clans flagnDiv with 3 w/o and flag=PFH= with 5 w/o are out of the league and all their games are turned into walkovers.
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Another "forcing game" news2010-12-01 08:43 | biah
Our schedule got completely out of hand. Many games from previous rounds unplayed and Div2A is a complete disaster. So be alert - next week I will start forcing games 1 round per day and unless the game is not played untill the end of next week w/o's will rain. After that admin squad will decide if teams with 3+ w/o's will be allowed to playoffs.
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