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SEMI-FINALS in Div II2011-12-12 17:55 | Gravgon
It's a great pleasure to see matches finally got played in div II. We had a first Polish derby between flag MoD and flag o4f that saw MoD claim victory after a close match full of drama.
Then we had top contender flag ath defeat flag [k] in a match that could have been closer!
Last sunday, the 2011 pimped version of flag [xeno] defeated the qool newcomers of flag HBQ.

Which gives us the following semi-finals:

flag No Fear vs Masters of Dizaster flag

flag Anathema vs [xeno] flag

The deadline is Sunday 18/11/2011.
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PLAYOFFS in DIV I2011-12-12 16:09 | biah
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PLAYOFF FINALE in Division III2011-12-05 02:33 | biah

flag Knights Of Beer vs Quake Fanatics flag || 11. December 21 CET


flag Trollface Team vs TeiOch Local Klan flag

Still best of 5, Deadline 11. December

hf gl gg!
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PLAYOFFS in Division II2011-11-27 17:01 | biah
It's time to finally go though playoffs in Division II. We have 7 teams due to flag iafa's inability to cover all their walkovers. Again best of 5 games and strickt scheduling. Don't forget to write demos and please behave! Here are the playoff pairs:

flag No Fear clan goes directly to semifinals.

flag Masters of Dizaster vs Only4fun flag

flag Anathema vs Kanapki flag

flag Hot But Qool vs [xeno] flag

The deadline for these matches is set to 4. December
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PLAYOFFS in Division III2011-11-15 12:21 | biah
We are ready to start the final battle in Division III. I remind you these are best of 5 games and they can not be played without first scheduling on the site. And here are the playoff pairs:

flag Knights Of Beer vs Teioch Local Klan flag

flag quake Fanatics vs TrollfaceTeam flag

The deadline for these matches is set to 27. November
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