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2012-09-07 Euroq2l #17 - Opening !
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IRC: #euroq2l | GTV: skuller.net / gtv.digitalfrag.net
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: on

Looking for a clan or members?2012-09-10 21:08 | sofiene
Do you want to play in Euroq2l and you dont have a clan ? do you want to show your skills and join a clan ? dont worry,we got a solution, just comment in this post with some informations about you ( experience,favorite map/weapon etc... ) and some clans may be interested in you and recruit you.

if 4 or more players want to play and there is no free spot in current clans,we will just make a new clan for you.

Also,if you are a clan leader and you dont have enough members to play,just comment in this post with some informations ( experience of the current members, the IRC channel etc...) so players with no clan will know and contact you.

The more clans we get,the more fun we will have

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Euroq2l #17 - Opening !2012-09-07 20:29 | sofiene
:: Introduction

We,The admin crew,are happy to annouce the opening of a new season of the One and Only European Quake 2 League,almost a year have passed since the last season ( i apologize that there were not a spring season due to some problems that i had )
but anyway,here we are today annoucing that the signs-up for Euroq2l #17 are finally open.

Season time frame :

The signs-up are now open,feel free to sign your clan in
here, The deadline is on 28th September

The league starts on the 1st of October,a round must be played each week and depending on the number of clans,the groupe stage should end before christmas and play-offs starts after the new year.

:: Divisions

there will be several divisions this season so every clan can have fun and not get pwned by some L33t teams

:: Major changes

>Player limit ?

in Euroq2l #16,we tried a new way to get more clans by making a limit to the number of players in each clan ( 7 ),it worked and we have alot of clans BUT,there were alot of walk-overs and clans leaving the League due to the lack of players thats why we decided this year to not have a player limit,having lower number of clans is still better than a w/o season.

-for new clans : Leaders must contact an admin ( sofiene ) to create the clan on the website.

>Map pool

the Map pool will change this year,the four most un-played maps will be changed and Only participents have to choose the new four maps,you can vote on the poll on the forums : HERE
Deadline for voting is the 29th september, All members of the participating clans can vote.

some of the Rules may change before the start of the season,we will keep you updated !

>Prize money ?

this season may include prize money aswel,if you want to donate feel free to contact flagWelkin.


i,flagsofiene, will run this league with the help of the gentleman flagRevo,if someone want to help as a screen-shot admin,feel free to contact me.

::is that all ?

for now,just get a clan and sign-in,dont forget to tell all your old friends to join,all kind of skills are welcome !

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EQ2L #16 Prizes2012-09-03 10:22 | Welkin
So far only one clan has collected the prize money won in EQ2L #16. Since we're approaching the 2012/2013 season, we soon need to know what the prize funds will be for any upcoming events.

So this is a last call-out!

Those clan leaders whose email addresses I have, have been notified so. They are: Purri, IsBjorn, danka and Gogan.

Those I don't have an email address to, have been contacted through the messenger on Q2scene and Planetquake.pl. They are: feeble and alter_szu. Any help reaching these two in other ways, would be greatly appreciated!

Needless to say, we'd be happy to accept the prize as a donation to upcoming seasons' prize funds, but of course no pressure!

Please, let us know how you wish to proceed no later than September 23rd. No word by then will be interpreted as an anonymous donation (to no specified event/competition)!

- If wanting to collect; provide us with the email address you wish to use for the Paypal transaction.
- If wanting to donate; let us know whether or not you wish for it to be an anonymous donation. If not mentioned, the donation will be anonymous.

On another note:
Gravgon had promised a €135 donation this past season, but eventually broke that promise. Without going into the specifics of this affair, this basically means that the next EQ2L season will be €135 short in its prize funds. It is possible that this money will be broken down into fractions and offered back to the donors - but that is yet to be decided.
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EuroQ2L #16 - Final ranking2012-03-05 09:16 | Gravgon
After many delays, the 16th season of EQ2L is finally over. Needless to say that this season has been chaotic and probably disapointed more than one player and admin... But it's now over and the positive thing is that most of the playoffs matches were played!

Here is now the final ranking:


1. img flag play
2. img flag 31337clan
3./4. img flag I am fucking amazing / flag Team On-line Killers


1. img flag Masters of Disaster
2. img flag Anathema
3. img flag xeno


1. img flag Knights of Beer
2. img flag quake Fanatics
3. img flag TrollfaceTeam

Congratulations to all winners. We don't forget about prize money. It will be handled by Welkin asap.

I also would like to hand over the Head Admin status for the next season to flag sofiene. He already acted as Head Admin throughout most of the season and did a pretty damn good job despite the disappearances of biah and myself.

The signups for the next season will be open very soon.

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DIV I semis !!2012-02-08 08:28 | sofiene
After a long time,here we are with the DIV I Semi-Finals,flagPlay> won by a w/o vs flagrPWR and flagiafa owned flag[r] in the quart-Finals ( screens).

DIV I Semi-Finals :

flagiafa [ 2-3 ] flag3c

flagplay> [ - ] flagtOk (allowed to be played next week cause we dont want a w/o in the semis)

hf !
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