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EQ2L #16 Prizes2012-09-03 10:22 | Welkin
So far only one clan has collected the prize money won in EQ2L #16. Since we're approaching the 2012/2013 season, we soon need to know what the prize funds will be for any upcoming events.

So this is a last call-out!

Those clan leaders whose email addresses I have, have been notified so. They are: Purri, IsBjorn, danka and Gogan.

Those I don't have an email address to, have been contacted through the messenger on Q2scene and Planetquake.pl. They are: feeble and alter_szu. Any help reaching these two in other ways, would be greatly appreciated!

Needless to say, we'd be happy to accept the prize as a donation to upcoming seasons' prize funds, but of course no pressure!

Please, let us know how you wish to proceed no later than September 23rd. No word by then will be interpreted as an anonymous donation (to no specified event/competition)!

- If wanting to collect; provide us with the email address you wish to use for the Paypal transaction.
- If wanting to donate; let us know whether or not you wish for it to be an anonymous donation. If not mentioned, the donation will be anonymous.

On another note:
Gravgon had promised a €135 donation this past season, but eventually broke that promise. Without going into the specifics of this affair, this basically means that the next EQ2L season will be €135 short in its prize funds. It is possible that this money will be broken down into fractions and offered back to the donors - but that is yet to be decided.

2012-09-07 06:09 
can get an imbalance in the division, I think because of the fact that there will be little teams. is there any point at all to conduct league? emo
2012-09-05 17:17 

Sofiene "my laptop died for no reason so i will not be able to admin or to play anything for a long time...bad luck :/"


Sofiene "...i wont be able to play due to not having a pc..."

Combining all that You said is why I thought that you wont be able to admin Euro.
But it is nice to hear that you will be able to do that.
Will be waiting for news and signups.
2012-09-05 16:57 
Ceba : i already mentioned this in irc, i will be the one who will run Euroq2l even if i dont have a pc, i will take care of everything,atm, im just preparing and soon signs-up will be open, why do you think i wont do anything ? this season will run even if i go to mars. emo
2012-09-05 16:53 
Nice post Welkin.
Dont want to go OT, but dont see any other place to ask.
Does anyone knows whats happening with EuroQ2L?
As far as I know Sofiene was assigned as a Head admin but he wont be able to do anything. So does that mean there are no admins here? Or is "Crew" page up to date and Biah, Ph will run it? Cause both havent logged here for a long time.

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