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NOFAKE2010-07-08 06:30 | biah
If any of you lately tried to connect to COOLNET or PLANETQUAKE servers you may have recieved an interesting message, something like:
Please register your nickname at http://nofake.planetquake.pl and follow further instructions ... then a kick from the server.
Do not worry - you have done nothing wrong. It is just the new NoFake system which was developed by a group of polish enthusiasts tired of nicklaming and faking. Interested? Then read more below...

In order to register you need to visit #nofake IRC channel @ quakenet. There you message any OPerator (you have urbasek, doddy, neveride, harven, eXecutor and P!o to choose from) with:
1) nickname you want to register. If you have several nicknames then be sure to choose wisely because once you register you will not be able to change it it anymore.
2) your e-mail adress which is ofcourse supposed to be valid as you will be sent an e-mail there.

If you are known to public, you will be registered in no time and sent an e-mail containing your unique ID and further instructions. Unfortunately for me I got them in polish... but with a little help from neveride I figured it out quickly. The letter also contains your login information for nofake.planetquake.pl where your registered nickname becomes you login and the password is given automaticaly but can be changed later...

The next step you need to perform in copy the line which says set unique_id ############yourID############## to your quake2 config file. Remember that you have to execute that config before connecting to a NoFake server. NB! Never give away the .cfg with your Unique ID to anyone else. If you do then quickly login to nofake.planetquake.pl and request changing unique_id. If someone else gets to play with your ID you will most probably be both banned from all NoFake servers.

Now let's have a word about nicknames. If you have registered as n00b then n00b you will be. Not nUb, not n()()b, not noob and not even N00B. However you still have some space to operate. You can be n00b^mp3 or play>n00b. In order to add something to your nickname you must insert a separator in between. A separator is a non-alphanumerical char like > | ^ . : *.

Now about the nofake.planetquake.pl. This is a nice page where you can manage your clantags (in case you want them to appear automaticaly on connecting), look through your statistics, check out bans and even make your own buddy list. Also there is a list of all servers that are running on NoFake. Just to comfort you I am bringing this list up here:
TDM @ Throne.pl
tOk Clan Server

...and this list might increase.

Ok tired of writing this ... finita!

2010-09-22 04:09 
Luck arch^ emo
2010-09-09 00:38 
NL wins!
2010-09-07 03:51 
Pheew, that was some summer. I might need some nice public games again in the autumn.

I'm with some guys on the fact that nf is good on league games. But public games (except Poland then) should be free for all. As Foen said, we had a good admin crew kicking people/not letting fakes play. And 90% the guys quit and came back as realnick. I think they didn't get the fact that via their IP we knew it was the guy that were faking before. Hah, oh those times..

Foen noted also a very good point about 2on2 and 1on1 league training, people want to fake amongst friends to keep the spy-hawk-eyed specs away. 4on4 league training has in my eyes been realnicking all the way (except HBQ faking as the Bulgarian team vs us in KTA back in 2005/06?) emo

Keep the game rolling, I'd like some public games as I said, but I rather not want to start registering myself to some polish sites if I want to play 5-10 matches/week.

btw arch^ put 0-1 for Finland with 20 euros, good money back when Holland looses their qualification match. Some betting sites gives 34 times your money on that victory. emo
2010-09-02 07:38 
guess that is up to the admins to fire up. If there are any left emo
2010-08-31 03:49 
Will we see euroq2l #14 soon? emo
2010-08-30 02:02 
how did the poll end?
2010-07-23 09:16 
zotter, no i do not prefer to play with cheaters or fakers, but i dont like when someone is telling me that i have to plasy as "x" or "y" and i cant change that even for fun. I like to use fake nicks on public games, its not a secret who i am, if someone ask i will tell him, thats simple. I tried to get that NF account, but they dont let me change my nick, even when its not a secret and i would tell everyone about it emo

You can change it as some peaople allready said.

Leave that id with player info etc, but let em change nicks during the game. Easy and best solution. If someone will ask who is that fake?! he can simple check it by some cmd like "whois x" or "id nr 71676" simple and problem will be sorted, after this change you could force that NF even on jump servers if you want, i dont care. Peace.

2010-07-22 15:39 
We know the picture and how it really is(was) a problem. How we handled the situation in Finland back in the days? Was just simply kicking fakers out of the server or made them spec. Sure that was like 5-10 years ago, but I think it is pretty safe to say that it worked out pretty well and I believe polish admincrew is quite active so it shouldn’t be that hard to do?. Sure, we still have fakers, but there is “always” someone who knows who that faker is and then share it with others, if we are talking about good players. And yes there have had collateral damage, but much more good than bad here.

About NoFake, I really like that and I have thought about it myself too. In leagues, it is useful for sure. Tho we have had multiple fakers who have faked from the first game to the day they have get caught, or maybe even never caught. But for single game faking it works. For public games, I’m not sure how useful it is, if you don’t split servers. There are understandable reasons why ppl fake, but there are also reasons why ppl wants to know who they are playing with. So it should be fifty-fifty for servers too. For example, people are just playing 2on2s with friends using insidejoke nicks, or maybe practicing for duel league game hiding for his opponents specspys. However in regular public 4on4 fakes are for sure the ones who are ruining the fun and that was the reason why I hardly never played outside of scandinavia.
2010-07-22 11:29 
i understand why some guyz r against nf and its also easy to explain - they dont follow polish scene that much and dont know whats going on there
let me show u why we need nf:
typical polish public game = 1/2 fakers who r disconnecting or acting like retards
the only way to deal with it is to remove their annonymous status
why? because when ppl have to play with their realnicks they r more friendly and care more about their reputation
they dont quit in the middle of the game (not that often), they dont act like morons and so on
about that "no new players because of nf" thing - ive talked with some oldschool q2 friends and one of the reason why they dont play now is the amount of fakers/cheaters on the servers (because they tend to act like morons)
2010-07-22 08:27 
eon if u gona write such a bullshiet dont write anything plz
maybe u just prefer to play with cheaters/fakes on servers, go ahead
i know europe beside poland dont have enough players thats why u dont want such a system in public games but i'm just tired of playing with cheaters and with all of those a,b,mp3 fakes
i prefer to play with few normal ppl than with bunch of "a" retards
and ppl cmon u still expect new ppl start to play q2?
2010-07-21 17:44 
Good point by AlexyeNov. Cant NF work like that?
2010-07-21 16:26 
Yeah, I clearly ment running the leagues instead of how those leagues are ran. Way to missread there Gravgon.
2010-07-21 15:20 
Yeah the goddamn admins running the leagues. People would play so much more Q2 without the leagues... That makes sense emo
2010-07-21 14:46 
Gravgon wrote:
The two major problems in Q2 these days are:
- nobody plays it anymore
- thaigo (just kidding on that one emo)

I wonder why nobody plays it anymore...
Third major problem would be:
- admins ( no, im not kidding on this one)

2010-07-21 11:36 
kolt: even in such so popular games as L4D and L4D-2 you can easy change your nickname. But L4D (and other steam games) has good player identification , you can directly from game see his steam account with many info. Is not this way is better???
2010-07-21 10:26 
eon what r u talking about?
nobody is forcing nf in the whole europe - its polish project and we want it in poland

and i dont agree with u that its a great idea but with league games only
2010-07-20 13:51 
i dont need to check FB to know that its come from Poland. I just agree with others, you guys wanna make a personal game ? ok, get your own servers, make own league, but leave those fooking public servers alone. You really wanna kill this game ?

NF is a great idea, but only on league games, not pick-up mix ffs.
You wanna do it in Poland ? ok but leave rest of the europe alone pls.

Edited: 2010-07-20 13:54
2010-07-20 13:36 
eon : stop acting like a silly kid and maybe check the same board uve checked earlier if u wanna know whos idea was that?

and yes i will tatoo ur neck personally - your number is 1 from now on

2010-07-20 12:18 
i agree with cheimera

vote yes for league games

vote NO public games (whois idea is that anyway ? thats the most ridiculous idea i have ever heard )

You guys are some kinds of nazi ? Maybe you should also tatoo a bar-code on the neck ? Just to make sure that you know who is who ?

Mwhahahahaha i just seen on one polish board that those idiots allready banned 2 guys till 2012 emoDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
coz they ve been playing with that NF on public servers emo gl and hf
(playing means that they swap id's or whatever it is)

Edited: 2010-07-20 12:25
2010-07-19 14:15 
I vote don't touch public games. Whatever helps league games become more cheatfree/safer I vote yes for...
2010-07-19 05:20 
ye ye... that's why I sad there is few kinds of fakes... I don't mind to play vs Vladimir and Sergei as long as I know who are they for real and that is even funnier! But I'm against fakes who are quiet or even lying that he is a noob, than joins in stronger team and so on... that ruins the fun... I hate those pussies-fakes... and I know some of them emo

but yes, scene is very small and this system will certainly not help to get any bigger... so better to play vs anybody than vs nobody at all emo

one more thing...you guys are still hopping that some human being who never ever played Quake2 before will want to try it now? emo yeah, that is good, hope dies last emo
2010-07-18 10:33 
It can be good if "Nofake" will works when:

1) Teamplay MOD must have some new internal game mode , for example "League game". Nofake must works only with this new game mode.

2) Before start the League games teams must vote for this new game mode (it must be written in rules)

3) If no active players on the server, new game mode must be replaced with some default game mode (so nofake will not-active too)


Such algorithm will good for practice and free-games.
Because nofake is needed only in league games...

4) Teamplay mod must have exception for GTV servers connection.
2010-07-17 04:42 
Yes under many fake nicks

2010-07-17 04:15 
You playing q2 then, gravgon? :p
2010-07-16 18:10 
The two major problems in Q2 these days are:
- nobody plays it anymore
- thaigo (just kidding on that one emo)

This nofake thing should only be a tool for leagues.

Just take a second and think about all the troubles a new player must go through before being able to play a game of Q2 nowadays.

Adding one more step to it will only empty the servers even more. I'd rather play against "a" or "Player" than not play at all.

After giving more thought about NoFake, I'm starting to have doubts about its usefulness. I'll post more details about that later.
2010-07-16 16:30 
Kolt: I do understand the point. But instead of messing with public games put some effort in anticheat instead and stop the cheating that way.

The two major problems in Q2 these days are, faking in LEAGUE games & cheating.

You don't have right's to demand an real nick on public servers. Public servers is for everybody with any nick and it should be very easily accessible for everyone.
Random games with no purpose at all so how can it be so god damn irritating that you even have to make something as this new system? Does it really hurt so much to be ass raped by an player called A?

And personally i don't think we have had any MAJOR problem with faking on the servers? Then again i don't know how it is on the polish servers.

And people faking with other peoples nicks is not a problem imo, cause it takes about 2min and you know it is not that person playing, the q2 scene is like an small village, everybody knows each other.

And my neighbors ain't fooling me if they walk out with an red, long haired wig on their head emo

Edited: 2010-07-16 16:32
2010-07-16 11:28 
I remember Sergei and Vladimir :p
2010-07-16 10:44 
ur missing the point here
nf was created to remove fakenicks like "a" "b" and so on who act like an assholes because they r annonymous
they will not behave like that with their "real" nick
another thing is removing cheaters from the scene - nf is a good tool to do it
2010-07-15 16:58 
What about [BAM]? emo

btw i vote to have this system in league games, but as we (BAM) use "special nicks" we might need to be allowed to use both nicks. If we will participate in the upcoming season emo
2010-07-15 16:00 
Have to agree with Cheimera here... Our scene is too small as it is, and there is hardly any point of making it even harder to play and enjoy it.
2010-07-15 15:02 
Luxor: To be honest, the "care" rate about fakers is not that high for me, not in pubic games. League games is another story where i actually just hopes people care enough about the game to no fejk. Then again we have been proved wrong in that case several times.

And no i don't wanna stick with just ONE nick. I actually do wanna be able to change my nick to fucking popey-the-sailor-man while playing random public games that doesnt meant shit.

I just watched an old demo where me and ph played as Sergei and Vladimir for some wierd reason and it's hilarious.

Why do we have to have rules in public games? That does not make any sense to me.
Public is public and league games are league games. Make any rules you want for league games but leave public games alone.

And what about new people who wants to strart to play q2? They download q2 and all the fucking paks and configs and shit and configure them after their own needs. Then they go to a server and they cant get in cause they first of all need to download anticheat, and then they have to register themself in some wierd polish site and they will never again be able to change their nick.
Now if they mabe just register themselfs with a nick like ASDF just to check out the game for fun with no purpous of starting to play it seriously and suddenly they think, oh fuck this game is great i am gonna stick with it for a while. And there they are, stuck with the fucking nick ASDF...

nah no way, your not getting a vote from me, that's for sure. Unless you customize it to be only for league games then i am all for it.

2010-07-15 13:00 
Everybody loves faking, but everybody also hates other fakers :x

Edited: 2010-07-15 13:01
2010-07-15 09:27 
Fakenick = FUN!!!
2010-07-14 12:56 
Cheimera I think this is more cause of public games than the league ones...

I'm totally up for this... finally... I never could understand why some people are faking... they are all pussies for me... scared cause they are not in form or something and how would they looked if they suck and so on... laaaaaame...

and Cheimera there is few kinds of fakers... fakers like u who are faking for fun but tells people who they are and fakers who are these pussies emo I think you can choose only one nickname and get used to it... you got used to your real name didn't you? or do you go once in a while to police station and tell them that you want to change it just for fun emo

Fakenicking just ruins the fun and we all play this only for fun...

2010-07-13 02:04 
2010-07-11 05:41 
Pussy! emo
2010-07-11 02:57 
nev, joke, relax =)

Edited: 2010-07-11 03:01
2010-07-09 19:02 
cheimera = thaigo
2010-07-09 16:55 
cheimera = revo??!?!?!
2010-07-09 12:34 
No thanks, i wanna be able to use whatever nick i want when playing random public games. And it's not about hiding behind a fake its's more like Gravgon put it on the mainpage news changing you nicks as i do many times all from Cheimera, chm, kajzon, Revo, Kajan etc...

But i would gladly support it in league games or if we could make it an option to vote about on the servers. And in that way we could use it in all league games in all servers. And even gibblordag and other similar kind of activities.
2010-07-09 09:29 
Good idea.

Of course I would much rather play against real nicks than against fakers. But also, I would much rather play against fakers than to not play at all (I know playing against fakers really upset some people, I'm okay with it).

Point being - I just hope people won't stop playing public games just because they can't fake any more.
2010-07-09 09:22 
Like I Said! Jeesas....good idea, mam plz!
2010-07-09 08:53 
It's important to remember that at the moment it is a transition phase. We gradually install it on the Polish servers...so in the end majority of them will have nofake plugin installed.

What was not mentioned in the news:
1. NoFake is a great tool for admins: with one click they can ban a player for a specified period of time. When player tries to connect to a server, he/she (hehe emo) will be kicked with an adequate message.

2. NoFake gives new possibilities for users. You can create your own friendlist and if your friend connects to a NoFake enabled server, you will get an info about that. I think it is a nice feature. I am not sure if it works already, but it will emo.

The main idea was to get rid of all a's b's etc. I think it will be much better now, when you know who you play against.

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