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EDL #15
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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New Q2 servers!!!2015-09-30 14:50 | ceba
New season of EDL is coming. Soon groups will be announced.
And once again Revo strikes :)
He set up few servers in different locations.
Go check them out so that you know what server is good for you.
GameServices.eu - - AT Vienna
GameServices.eu - - DE Frankfurt
GameServices.eu - - DE Mannheim
GameServices.eu - - DE Nuremberg
GameServices.eu - - FR Roubaix
GameServices.eu - - NL Amsterdam
GameServices.eu - - NL Dronten
GameServices.eu - - NL Rotterdam
GameServices.eu - - RU Moscow
GameServices.eu - - RU St Petersburg
GameServices.eu - - DK Copenhagen
GameServices.eu - - PL Poznan
GameServices.eu - - EE Johvi
GameServices.eu - - SE Stockholm

All these servers are connected to GTV

Ceba also hosts a server:
The Best Q2 Server :: OpenTDM :: Norway

So warm up the guns and have fun playing.
/The EDL Crew
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Mystery Prizes2015-09-27 19:05 | claire
Our good friend flagTei0ch has offered (again) to support the scene and EDL in a rather unique way, with mystery prizes:

To help things run more smoothly (hopefully) in EDL, I could provide cash prizes for various achievements. Yes, this is no ordinary money collection which would only go to the winners with pre-known amounts. My way deals with 'unknown' amounts (not even the Admins know) and it is also unknown where and how the prizes are given out. They are hidden to everyone but me and can only be 'revealed' (thusly rewarded) if they're triggered with right conditions pre-determined by me.

If a player would happen to 'activate' one of those triggers - a few are rock sturdy while others are more resilient - he/she would be asked to accept the Reward Prize for activating it (using Paypal only) and if the person cannot or will not accept the cash, prize is then going back to the funds and will be merged with the rest (this may vary 'how' exactly). If the last remaining prize ends up like that, it is going back to myself. If un-triggered prizes are left behind, they too are going back to me.

Same prizes cannot be won twice (not the same as amounts), and also same trigger points cannot exist more than one time.
The total number of triggers is unknown as well.

This is in other words NOT compensation for a potential EDL Prize pot, but simply a separate independent system meant to experimentally have some fun yet reward those who deserve it; either logically (like skill-wise) or bit more random.


So throughout the whole season Tei0ch will be watching and rewarding players for random bits of awesome Quake 2 playing. I would assume there are triggers like hitting more than 1 air rocket in a match, or perhaps making the jump from GL to the mega-room door on DM1 during a game, or not – he’s not telling us what they are.

I think this is a great idea and would like to thank Tei0ch for supporting us like this. I hope this will help reduce the number or W/O games this season.
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Season 14 Official Map Pool2015-09-21 07:29 | claire
Votes were cast, counted and in some instances ignored, but we have our map pool:

- aerowalk
- koldduel1
- ptrip
- q2dm1
- q2duel5
- q2rdm1
- q2rdm2
- ztn2dm2
- ztn2dm3

Chances are you will already have all of these maps on your computer. If not, you can download the pak containing all them and their associated media here: http://q2.packetflinger.com/dl/edl/edl14.pak

If you're interested how the pool was decided, check out the spreadsheet I used to count the votes.
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#14 Map Vote2015-09-04 14:37 | claire
This season the map pool will consist of 9 maps.

We're taking the top 3 most played map from last season and adding them to the pool. You get to vote on the remaining 6.

Comment on this post with your picks. Feel free to edit your picks if you change your mind up until the deadline of 23:59 on September 20th. Once that deadline passes, no more votes will be counted. Only players who are signed up to play at the time of the deadline will have their votes counted.

Fixed maps:
1. q2rdm2
2. q2dm1
3. q2duel5

Your choices for #4-9:
- ztn2dm2
- ztn2dm3
- ptrip
- koldduel1
- growlis
- frdm3
- q2dm2
- q2rdm1
- q2rdm5
- q2rdm7
- q2rdm10
- q2dm3
- aerowalk

These maps are on all the Packetflinger servers and you can download a PAK of them here: q2.packetflinger.com/dl/edl/edl14.pak. Just save the .pak file to your baseq2 folder and you'll be able to check out all the maps locally by typing "map <mapname>" in the console.

Even if you're not familiar with all of these maps don't just vote for the ones you know, try playing the ones you don't, you might be surprised and find one you really like.
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Season 14 is upon us!2015-09-04 14:00 | claire
My Friends!

It's that time of year, and I'm happy to announce the start of the 14th annual Quake II European Duel League!

Signups are open now and will remain open for 3 weeks, until 23:59 on September 27. Please remember to send us an email at quake2edl@gmail.com so we have your current email address when you sign up. Failure to make sure we have your email address will result in you not being seeded into a group.

There is a map vote here, please comment with your votes for the remaining maps in the pool. The map vote will close one week before signups close (23:59 on September 20) to give you a chance to decide if you want to play with the chosen maps.

So far, we plan on keeping the same format of divisions for the league. Depending on the number of signups group phase could last from the start of October until mid December and then playoffs in the beginning of the year Until March. Obviously this is highly dependent on how fast players play their games.

Time Zone
Remember the official time zone of EDL is Central European Time (GMT+1). Make sure you set your time zone on your Q2Scene profile to CET so times are shown correctly and you don’t miss scheduled matched.

As always please read and understand the rules. You will be expected to play your matches according to the rules and breaking them (whether you knew it or not) will result in warnings.

Please idle in our IRC channel #edl on irc.quakenet.org, it really makes scheduling matches and finding people much easier. KVIrc is a great free IRC client.

Anyone who wants to play is welcome to join, no matter what nationality, location or skill level you are. As long as you agree to follow the rules and play your matches on time.

As always, good luck and most importantly have fun!
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