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EDL #16
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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Yet another server2015-10-12 16:09 | Revo_
I decided to put down the server in PL because I realized that there are so many there already. So i decided to put one up in Hungary instead, details below:

GameServices.eu - OpenTDM - HU Budapest -

I also put a server up in Finland. It seems to be the only one up there atm so try it out.

GameServices.eu - OpenTDM - FI Forssa -

And if you guys are feeling something weird on one of the GameServices.eu servers please tell me on IRC and I will look into it.

GL in your upcoming duels!

// Revo
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Windows 10 compatible!2015-10-09 09:21 | Revo_
As we all Windows 10 users know that anticheat doesn't really work probably. The game crashes and you can't play at almost any server. Therefor i have removed everything from the GameServices.eu servers so it doesn't even load anticheat.dll, so they are now fully compatible with Windows 10.

// Revo
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Idiot's Guide to EDL2015-10-05 17:32 | claire
Groups are up, schedule is up, we are currently in round 1, START PLAYING!

For those new players who are unaware, and the old clueless players, here is a quick and dirty guide to EDL. Remember, you're still responsible for reading (and understanding) the rules, but here is an abbreviated version of the procedure:

Idiot's Guide to EDL

1. Click on the schedule and find your next match based on the round dates. Click the "---" link to the left of the match and leave a comment when you can play. Specific dates/times. Once you decide on a date/time you can message and admin on IRC or email us at quake2edl@gmail.com and we'll put it on the calendar. Notifying us is not really necessary, but nice if people want to watch.

2. Show up in IRC or on a predetermined server a few minutes before the scheduled time.

3. The home player (listed first (on the left)) gets to pick the first map. The away player (listed second (on the right)) gets to pick the second map. If a third map is required, you take turns kicking remaining maps until one is left. The player with most frags decides who starts.

4. Before starting any map, start recording a demo ("record demoname" in console). Every map of every match you play must be recorded. Don't expect the server to stuff a record command to your client, not all of them do. "It didn't record automatically" is not an excuse. You can bind it to a key if it's really that difficult.

5. At the end of every map while the intermission screen is up (the scores) take a screenshot. This is your F12 button by default. Again, don't expect the server to stuff a screenshot command to you automatically, not all of them.

6. Once the match if over both players are responsible for emailing all of their screenshots to quake2edl@gmail.com with a quick description of the match (who picked which maps, what server you played at, any problems you ran into, etc). Both players need to do this, not just the winner.

7. Once the crew adds your match results on the website you'll receive an email containing a URL to upload your demos. You are expected to do this promptly.
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Groups are up!2015-10-02 14:32 | claire
Groups are now up.

If you feel like we've personally offended you and your prodigious skill by placing you in the group, let us know and we can probably move you around. However, do this quickly because once the schedule goes up and matches created there will be no shuffling around. I'm planning on doing this in a couple of days.

If your name is not in a group and you signed up, that means you didn't give us your email address. I personally contacted everyone with a missing email via Q2Scene messenger and a few of you didn't get back to me. There is still time, but once the schedule is up, it's too late.
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New Q2 servers!!!2015-09-30 19:50 | ceba
New season of EDL is coming. Soon groups will be announced.
And once again Revo strikes :)
He set up few servers in different locations.
Go check them out so that you know what server is good for you.
GameServices.eu - - AT Vienna
GameServices.eu - - DE Frankfurt
GameServices.eu - - DE Mannheim
GameServices.eu - - DE Nuremberg
GameServices.eu - - FR Roubaix
GameServices.eu - - NL Amsterdam
GameServices.eu - - NL Dronten
GameServices.eu - - NL Rotterdam
GameServices.eu - - RU Moscow
GameServices.eu - - RU St Petersburg
GameServices.eu - - DK Copenhagen
GameServices.eu - - PL Poznan
GameServices.eu - - EE Johvi
GameServices.eu - - SE Stockholm

All these servers are connected to GTV

Ceba also hosts a server:
The Best Q2 Server :: OpenTDM :: Norway

So warm up the guns and have fun playing.
/The EDL Crew
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