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EDL #16
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
Sign ups: off

64 limit2006-11-07 20:19 | ph
since we already got 56 ppl we will change the limit of signups to 64!
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New limit!2006-11-07 11:38 | ph
Since 48 people have already signed up, we've decided to increase the limit to 56 players. It's really nice to see this level of interest, so if you want to play there is still a chance! Hurry up and sign! This results in 7 players each in 8 groups. We will increase the limit to 64 if there is interest.
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EDL #4 is here!2006-11-05 02:51 | ph
Yep, now it's time once again to crown the greatest 1on1 player in europe!
Some things have changed since last season, most importantly syanid and
kicia have passed on the job to flagPogo and flagph. We are ofcource honored
by this and hope to make this season at least as good as the previous ones,
and with your help we know that's possible!

The rules have been updated, with the most important change beeing homemaps can
now be changed for each game. We believe this will add a strategic element(pick maps
you know the opponent hate :) as well as making the league more fun to follow because
of greater map diversity.

Another upcoming change is the maplist. However, we feel it's best if the players decide
this, so if you sign up please also make a comment of which TWO maps you would like
to have included out of match1, q2duel1(aeroq2), q2rdm7 and q2dm2. The rest of the
maplist will stay the same as previous season.

Some other both major and minor stuff is also fixed, like last seasons rather bad point system
which is now changed to a eq2l-style system.Take a look at the rules for more information.
We will allow 40 players to sign up, however this may be extended to 48 or even more depending on interest.
Signups will close november 12 21:00 cet and the league will start the next day, november 13.

What are you waiting for?! The sign-up button to the left is your ticket to fame and glory!

GL + HF /Pogo and ph
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