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EDL #15
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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Div 1 Predictions by wst2015-12-18 14:01 | Revo_
Division 1 Playoff Predictions

Groupstage is over, and now we are heading to the playoffs. We have a few good players from division 2 (Revrence, AlexJ, etc) that might go on to replace the inactive players from this
season, providing a more active division 1 groupstage during the next EDL.

DM may have ended up with 0 points, but he didn't have much luck on his side, and lost a lot of close games by only a few frags.
Lack of practise, Delita, showed up in division 1 and won his first game, and after that he thought that div1 was to easy for him, and didnt play anymore games. A player with potential.
Mir^rpg also was only able to play one game. His ping wasn't too good even though EDL encourages players to seek equal servers, or use the home/away method.
Warrior wasn't even able to play a single game -- he must have forgotten that he signed up.

And players should schedule their matches in advance so that people may watch.

Damiah - Wst

Damiah only lost one game to norman (1-2) during groupstage, and his shape during groupstage looking really good. A strong contentender to take home the EDL #14 title.

Despite having a rocky start to the EDL, Wst kept his resolve and fought through the groupstage, defeating both Ivers and Isbj0rn, and claiming a spot in the playoffs.
Who will take ptrip? Will it be Damiah, with his cunning control, or will it be Wst, with his ruthless aggression. Stay tuned, folks!

Damiah 3:2 Wst

Norman - Ivers

Norman, the Polish machine, went through groupstage without a single loss, with some amazing rails ... and Aerowalk!

Ivers didn't win a single game in the groupstage, but don't count him out; he was able to take a map from PURRI (ptrip), and put up a good fight agianst Isbj0rn that was pretty impressive.

Norman 3:2 Ivers

PURRI - NumaveZi

PURRI did what he needed to do in groupstage, and will surely put in some extra effort during the playoffs. He's always a contender for top placement.

NumaveZi didn't put all efforts in groupstage, and he´s joker in this playoffs. Will he polish his aim for playoffs?

PURRI 3:0 Numavezi

Isbj0rn - St1gmata

Isbj0rn played groupstage without encountering any big problem, and ended up first in group. Smart play and ... good mentality.

st1gmata ended up in the playoffs after managing to take a few maps during his games, and, most notably, defeating DM. He's sad it's not a best of five on ztn2dm2.

Isbj0rn 3:1 St1gmata
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Playoff Started2015-12-16 12:33 | claire
The playoff tables are up. Please take a minute to leave a comment on your first match with your availability.

There is no official schedule for playoffs, but we can't have matches dragging on forever, it holds up the whole competition. Obviously with the holiday season approaching, I'm not expecting many games near the end of December, but you should try to get the first game done before then.
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Edge #6 - January 20162015-12-10 14:21 | claire

It's been 2 years, it's time for some dm1 action.
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Off-topic. 2v22015-12-05 10:07 | ceba
Just stealing some attention from EDL.
Need your opinion about 2v2.
Please visit and comment :)
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Time is running out!!!2015-11-24 10:40 | claire
Group stage is very quickly nearing its end. For those of you with an excessive amount of warnings (more warnings than players in your group) you will not advance to playoffs should you somehow land in the top 4 of your group. I think only a few player will be in this situation, but things can change.

Check your warnings here: http://demos.q2players.org/edl/14/warnings. You can click on your name to see exactly how they add up.

Warnings can be reduced by playing matches marked as walkovers and uploading missing demos. If you have missing demos to upload, feel free to contact us in #edl on IRC, by email at quake2edl@gmail.com or send me a private message on this site and we'll get you a link to upload all your missing demos in one shot.
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