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EDL #16
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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Player Spotlight: Syanid2016-10-23 18:48 | claire
Let's get to know more about some of the players in our community. First up, Syanid

(Thanks to myrmidon^ for asking the questions)

Start by stating your name and how long you have played Quake 2 for.

My name is Jaakko Hakalahti. It is very Finnish name and also very difficult for foreigners, as no-one ever writes it correctly. I started to play Q2 actually about a month after it was published, even though I had no PC at my home. We used to stay after school and play together with some of the local guys on school PC class on LAN. Of course those PC’s back in the day had no 3d graphic cards, so you may say that Q2 was reborn the day when we got our hands on Voodoo 3D accelerator cards. Anyway the story is too long to tell, eventually I got PC to my home (200MHZ Pentium + Orchid Voodoo2) and I used to play with bots and occasional local LAN’s, as I didn’t have proper internet connection for years. Basically because of the lack of connection I never got to play with the great players from early days, which would’ve been awesome. Anyway I’ve been playing more or less since then, more in beginning and less approaching today obviously.

You have been placed in group 1A this season. How do you feel about this group?

Group is OK. I’ve played most of these guys before, but for some of them I have no clue what kind of players they are / what are their strengths and weaknesses. I just hope there won’t be issues with servers, I seem to have shitty ping pretty much everywhere and this may be a problem for me this season.

Do you feel you are capable of making it to the bracket stage?

If you asked this question a few weeks back, I would’ve said no. I’ve had too long breaks in past years that it feels awfully hard to get back on the horse again. I don’t have much confidence in my game yet and I tend to make stupid decisions when playing, but I’ve made some steps forward in these past few weeks so I kind of expect to get out of the group. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t.

You’re known very much as a family man these days, with little time to practice. Do you feel this largely affects your performance, or do your many years of experience make it easier to shake off the dust and compete on minimum practice?

I think my many years of experience is my downfall in this case. I expect from myself that I can play the game like I know I can, but right now I really can’t. This makes me frustrated while playing. In the practice games I’ve had I don’t really care at all how many frags I give away, or if I win or lose. It’s all about just re-learning the metagame and especially re-learning the movement and aim. I am much happier about a game I lost, if in that game I could feel like I made the right decisions and was able to move around without getting stuck to corners on map; than about a game which I win but executed my movement and aim badly. Winning a game while playing like crap is as enjoyable as peeing in your pants in winter, sure it feels warm that second or two, but you haven’t really achieved anything other than wet pants.

You tend to know the EDL maps very well (I’m not sure where you stand on the new map, One Must Fall), and this gives you a nice advantage against some players. Do you feel that it is important to know all the maps on an equal scale as opposed to being super strong on one map and weak on another?

I don’t think anyone has much advantage over others when it comes to maps. Everyone knows every map. This season it would be good if you knew every map on equal scale (or that you would be equally good one every map), because of the pick pick –system. With kick kick pick pick you were always able to remove the one map you didn’t enjoy playing, which is not possible this time around. I didn’t vote for maps (as I didn’t really care), but I must admit I am not happy about ptrip not making it this season.

What do you consider your strongest attribute as a player?

I generally can run the map pretty well, I mean I can play the items. At least that’s what I used to be able to do :)

Do you get nervous before official games? And if so, how do you cope with it?

You would think that I didn’t after so long time, but I do. How to cope with it? I don’t know, you tell me. I think it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous when you’re about to test yourself in some way (applies to real life as well as in computer games).

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky charms? For instance, I tend to wash my hands thoroughly before official games to remove any grease or sweat.

No rituals of any kind. Maybe avoiding any kind of ritual is my kind of ritual? Everyone should do what they feel like they must. My biggest concern is to have a distraction free environment, which is sometimes a challenge with my kids around.

What place would you be happy finishing in this season?

Well obviously a podium place is a good thing, but really this time around I’ll settle for any position as long in the end I can say that I felt like I played OK. Last time that I played in EDL I ended the league with some of the crappiest performances I had that season.

And finally some fun facts/trivia about ‘Syanid’ for your fans:

How did you originally get into Quake 2?

A friend of my got a copy of it and installed it on school PC. I tried it out and got hooked. I must say that I was terrible at it in beginning, as I had not ever played any fps game before, but it was fun. Biggest challenge was to move and aim at the same time, but that improved over time. We also play duke nukem 3d and shadow warrior, latter being extremely fun :)

Who is your favourite Quake 2 player of all time?

Well obviously the favourite player depends on what era of the game we are thinking about and also what game mode we are talking about. Let’s just mention a few in no particular order: Shub, Malle, Deuce, Darec, Esho!, Nikodemus, provi, rascal. I’m especially fond of Q2CTF, which I always loved, but never really had time to get into.

What is your favourite movie or book?

The Shawshank Redemption is my all-time favourite movie. I’ve read quite many books (used to read about a book a day during course of a few years in my teen years (adds up to 1000+ just in that time period alone), but I like fantasy books the best in general and nothing else I’ve read really come close to epicness of the Wheel of Time.

What is your favourite song?

I don’t know, I don’t really listen to music a lot. If I do it’s going to be a battle between 90’s europop/trance-whatdoyoucallit? – e.g. Imperio or E-type or similar, and metal music, such as older In Flames or Insomnium. I can’t really name one particular song though.

Do you have a favourite quote?

No, I don’t really care for quotes, unless it’s something particularly funny. But I’ll answer this question by saying that best quotes I’ve heard originated from a unique mind of Matti Nykänen (use google).

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#15 - Official Start and Rules2016-10-14 14:10 | claire
Matches have been created and the league has officially started! Please start scheduling your first matches via the comments as soon as possible. I'll send out an email about this shortly.

You don't need to wait to play a future round's game. While rounds have deadlines (dates when games need to be completed) you can play any match as soon as you like. We encourage you to play as many games as fast as you can.

The rules have been updated, please read though and make sure you understand them. Here are the noteworthy changes:

- Pick maps first, play those games and then kick maps.

- Maps can be repeated. If your opponent picks q2dm1, you can pick it again for your turn if you want. Same for deciding maps.

- Group stage games can be either 15 minutes or 10 minutes, it's the players' choice. Both players must agree to 10 minutes before the game starts. Default is 15 minutes. Playoff games can only be 15 minutes.

- Disappearing == banned. If you sign up and never play a match or are totally unreachable the whole season, you won't be allowed to participate in any future leagues I manage. It takes considerable time and effort to setup matches and marking all your games as W/O when you had no intention of playing is just a waste of my limited time. You've been warned.

- Top 4 players from each group will proceed to playoffs.
- If there is interest, we can maybe make a lower playoff tree for the bottom players.
- Double elimination
- Grand final is best of 5 maps, WB player as 1 map advantage over LB

In an effort to get this league moving faster, deadlines will be more strictly enforced. Each group-stage round has a published deadline. Unplayed matches will be turned into walkovers on or very near the passing of the deadline. If you know you will be unavailable or out of town, play your match for that round early. W/O matches can always be played after the fact. Playoffs will start promptly at the end of the last group round. At that point W/O matches can not be made up.

Playoff games will have a deadline in the description. When the deadline passes, the game is turned into a W/O unless there are special circumstances.

Please please please, please PLEASE don't hold up the league by letting your match sit there unplayed. I hate walkover games, but we just can't wait forever for you. You signed up to play, so play on time.
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#15 - Inital Groups Up2016-10-12 14:56 | claire
After a little discussion between admins and some advisors, the initial groups are up.

Feel free to comment and let us know if you think people should be moved around or swapped between A and B.

With the number of people we have, splitting into As and Bs left groups a little small, but they would've been too big to combine into a single group.

Not decided yet, but perhaps we'll do smaller playoff trees for the smaller groups (2 from each) and a bigger tree from Div 1 since it has much more players.

Things taken into consideration when placing players:
- Previous placement
- Results from previous seasons
- Player preference
- Likeliness to actually play a game (I'm looking at you Hibru)
- Random guessing

A and B split was done using a random group generator, we can balance these out more if you feel one side is more stacked than the other.
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#15 Map Vote2016-09-11 17:18 | claire
The map pool will consist of 9 maps total, just like last year. The top 4 most-played maps from season 14 are automatically in the pool. You will vote on the remaining 5. The list of votable options is made up of most of the remaining maps from last season plus a few others.

You have 2 weeks to vote. The polls will close at 23:59 CET on September 25th, giving you a week to decide if you want to play in the league with the finalized list of maps. Only votes from players who are signed-up at the time the vote closes will be counted. Any votes made or edited after that time will not be counted.

In the event of a tie (the 9th map and 10th map have the same number of votes), the map with the earliest qualifying vote wins.

The 4 most-played maps from season 14:

1. q2rdm2
2. q2duel5
3. ztn2dm2
4. koldduel1

Pick 5 of these to finish the pool
- frdm3
- omf
- ptrip
- q2dm1
- q2dm2
- q2dm3
- q2rdm1
- q2rdm7
- q2rdm10
- tastydm2
- ztn2dm3

All of these maps (and their associated assets) should be available on all the Packetflinger servers. If not, they will be in the next couple of days. Simply connect, join a team and type “vote <mapname>”. There is also a pak available to download if you want to check out the maps offline, just save it to your baseq2 folder and type “map <mapname>” from the game console.


Try not to discount maps you’ve never heard of or played, try them all, you might find you like some of the lesser known maps.

The crew also reserves the right to change the options (unlikely).
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Season 15!!2016-09-10 13:30 | claire
EDL #15 is upon us!

Signups are open now and will remain open for 3 weeks, until 23:59 on October 2nd. Please remember to send us an email at quake2edl@gmail.com so we have your current email address when you sign up. Failure to make sure we have your email address will result in you not being seeded into a group.

We haven't decided on maps yet, but there should be some news about this soon. Most likely we'll end up with a small pool of the most played maps from last year and a vote for a couple more. Keep an eye out for this.

Time Zone
Remember the official time zone of EDL is Central European Time (GMT+1). Make sure you set your time zone on your Q2Scene profile to CET so times are shown correctly and you don’t miss scheduled matched.

As always please read and understand the rules. You will be expected to play your matches according to the rules and breaking them (whether you knew it or not) will result in warnings.

In case you weren't aware, R1ch compiled a new version of anticheat.dll this summer that works with all versions of windows (7, 8, 10) and released an approved version of Q2Pro that works with it. They're all available to download at antiche.at. Unless you have a good excuse like running on linux or a mac (and can prove it), we will expect you to run an anticheat-enabled client and play matches on an anticheat-enabled server.

Please idle in our IRC channel #edl on irc.quakenet.org, it really makes scheduling matches and finding people much easier. KVIrc is a great free IRC client.

Anyone who wants to play is welcome to join, no matter what nationality, location or skill level you are. As long as you agree to follow the rules and play your matches on time.

Have fun!
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