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EDL #16
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#15 - Group Stage Finished2016-12-06 20:10 | claire
We cheered at the triumphs of friends and heroes and we cried at their defeats. It's time to fondly say farewell to the craziness of group stage and welcome the more focused, serious, and punctual nature of playoffs.

The top four players from each group will proceed to the playoffs for their division. I thought long and hard about doing a single-elimination, but in the end decided on a double-elimination.

As matches are created, a deadline will be listed in the description. Typically these deadlines will be 1 week from the time the match is created. There are always exceptions and matches around the holidays will have more time. I'm very sorry to add pressure to the matches, but without strict deadlines the season will spiral out of control like it has in previous seasons. I'm expecting walkovers in some very important matches, which makes me very sad.
To all players who do not move forward to playoffs, thank you for participating and playing your games; I hope you sign up next season.
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EDL#15 Last group stage round.2016-11-28 00:41 | ceba
I am sure everyone already noticed but this week is the last round of the group stage.
So if you would be so kind and play your games, that would be amazing.
There is no forcing or postponing, games that are not played before the deadline (4th Dec. 2016) will be forfeited.
Also, please remember that games that ended in w/o can still be replayed. So schedule and do that.
An exception of some sort is that you could still send screens to admins (quake2edl@gmail.com) before the playoff tree is made. After that - no changes.

Thanks for understanding, all this is just so we don't have a league that is dragged to no end.
Have fun.
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All-Star Team Deathmatch2016-11-17 20:29 | claire
All-Star Team Deathmatch
Christmas Special
(post on behalf of myrmidon^)

It's been a few years since we had to abandon the EuroQ2L due to a lack of clans and players. After asking around and receiving a lot of interest, I have decided to setup an all-star Team Deathmatch to relive some of that nostalgia that seems to be lacking from the scene.

Christmas is on the horizon and I know a lot of players like to travel to relatives or spend time with their family, so after some thought and consideration, I decided that the first weekend of December (Saturday the 3rd) would be an ideal time that could accommodate most players. However, if there is a high demand to play the weekend afterward (Saturday the 10th) then it could be rescheduled.

As the name entails, this is for division 1 EDL and any old-school players that wish to return for a frag fest. However, I feel a little guilty about restricting this to division 1 only, so if it runs smoothly and is successful I will consider doing an open pick-up for everyone to participate in the future. If you're still in touch with any players who you think would like to participate then please get in contact with them. I've seen Optimizer playing some games recently, and I would like to see a lot more of the old names returning, like Slippi, Thaigo, Offi, Welkin, Pogo, Mobius, Shugz ? not Careem ? or anyone else that springs to mind!

This is strictly a fun event to relive some quality Team Deathmatch with (hopefully) balanced teams. If you're interested then put your name in the comments below, and confirm that the date is ideal for you. I will try to start the games mid-afternoon and into the evening if possible, so it would be best if you turn up on IRC at #edl on Quakenet.
You don't have to download the IRC client, just use this link: https://webchat.quakenet.org/#edl

Let the fragging begin!
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What does EDL mean to you?2016-11-11 20:06 | ceba
Good evening,
taking break between q2 games, then sit down an enjoy another article by kabysdoh.

Started in the beginning of 2014 with just a few players in, EDL is still here 13 years after. But why people actually keep returning to an old game with such a small community? is it for the love of it? Is it for the competition? Maybe some people are addicted?

kabysdoh, the div3 player from Russia, decided to approach some participants and ask them a simple question: What does EDL mean to you?
Below is a compilation of the interesting and diverse answers he received.

Feel free to include your own reasons in the comments section below.
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Scheduling. It is important.2016-10-24 19:59 | ceba
Good evening mighty quakers.

So the first round of the EDL #15 has finished.
11 games were played.
14 games weren't played:
8 games finished in w/o
6 games that should/will be rescheduled.

These number are just an illustration of what claire wrote in his previous post. We will try to deal with matches, that weren't played, faster and more strictly.

So we ask you, please schedule.
Write when you can play, date, time. Don't know exactly, well approximately is good also. Asking "When you can play" is not scheduling.

If you know you wont be able to play - write that in comments, inform admins.

There is no fun in adding w/o's warnings and penalties. Not to mention wasted time.

W/o is not the end of the world. Reschedule and play before the playoffs start.

Once again - Schedule!!!

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