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EDL #16
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Match: David vs wst2
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flag David vs wst2 flag
Referee:flag wision
Date:2011-03-06 19:00
Maps:ztn2dm3, ptrip, q2duel5
Scores:12:3, 23:7, 20:13



2011-04-02 20:27 
1. kolt = delita = muerte - first of all, all players are cheaters emo
2.david is clear, look all of demos, not only one stupid lucky action :/ morons/retards
3.shut the fuck up :/ david, good luck in final!
4.wyjebane w nich emo
5.mrt you are easy weak player emo who is beaten even by me ( however im weak player - so realise how big noob you are emo( ) so why you are talking anything about playing duel8 or anything else? shut the fuck up, make your skill higher, do something in tdm, or duels...then talk shits, every time when you are in team on teamplay you suck cock emo and know you are making votes on david?! wtf?!

Edited: 2011-04-02 20:31
2011-03-25 16:51 
its hard to say whether he was using wh or not but this demo where he stands near ra and put his crosshair on opponent thru walls is at least wierd
still its only 1 action so it might happen to everyone

Edited: 2011-03-25 16:52
2011-03-24 11:02 
sil(ly) wrote: "The difference between the eXtreme and David is eXtreme started to own ppl out of nowhere. David did not."

oke u just confirmed what i suspected!

so how many others like David and you is out there?

what ru THE TEAM POLAND or smth

do admins need in future to remove all you 'others' from server while David playing official games?

and about your tips: if ur undereducated to recognize flag on that video its better to be quiet...
2011-03-23 21:31 
you are not pro so u can feel confused emo
2011-03-22 15:47 
could anyone post cuted demo from vid where dejvid aims through walla? i would like to look closer and more carefully at crosshair behaviour with as many as possible dumped frames (and turned on advanced slow-motion...)

its very confusing (for me) how crosshair moves when david realized (saw) that he aims at wall not the entrance to the hall...

plz feedback anyone....

just cuted demo file, and i ll do rest...

Edited: 2011-03-22 15:49
2011-03-20 15:55 
improved english Sniper_bg? emo
2011-03-20 14:57 
Morti here dont have anything suspicious.
First, every player who play from long time have 6 sense. Dont have any other road from where he can come, and next when you dont hear any sounds this mean he walk or stay where is the armor, but from there he cant make you anything for this you can only predict he come from there.
In first vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD_1DtUFBuE have something wrong, why is not place who have something from what to get position crosshair that precision. Its only one wall with many quadrate, but on luck everything is possible.
P.S: If his textures on this map is special, maybe have something from what to determine possition.

da-be-da are u kidding emo

Edited: 2011-03-20 16:15
2011-03-20 12:22 
1st vid made me rotfl
2nd vid made me rotfl again...

pointing with cross via walls is very nice emo lmao

btw. not so obvious wh user caugth in poland few monts ago... http://www.sendspace.com/file/8qvew1

to prove sth u need to do better video with hq and more frags...

but plz all dejwids laywers, admire that pointing via walls with cross is very confusing... nice 1st vid muerte.

and btw... baning anyone depends how many firends he has or he hasnt emo))) if dejwid cheat I bet u wont be able to prove he used wh!

Edited: 2011-03-20 12:42
2011-03-20 09:02 
neowolf: stfu


Edited: 2011-03-20 09:12
2011-03-19 21:44 
Maybe cheating, maybe not. If he cheating, then this talk to us, he have small penis. If he dont cheat this mean he upgrades his skills.
What is the satisfaction to play with cheats i cant understand. Practise is the true. But now when more best players stop to play every day is hard to find somebody from who to get more skills. For some months you cant make more skills from years, especially when you dont practise with the best players.
He is good no doubt.

Edited: 2011-03-19 21:53
2011-03-18 06:52 
so i mistakenly thought i am dealing to something more then a simple troll. it is just bad for the scene and game to allow him spit his shit more.

how to read with understanding:

1.he is there every day, i am 100% sure he has read replies same day. BUT. he has chose to reply days after.

2. if you read his full post, only little segment is devoted to actual "cheating" and rest is trolling all the way. insulting a wide range of people and leaving no other discussion options then his.

I am not caught on trolls bait. as i said, he trolls this game for years. but it is not effective in times when there is hundreds of players on servers at any given moment. then tactic was to target specific country with enough newbs. it is different situation now. im lucky if i see 40-50 peoples playing when i search servers.

again, i am not caught on trolls bait. i simply pointing on his tactic. and this is asking for admins to react.
2011-03-15 23:21 
i suggest not answering all these bullshit some 'detectives' write. c'mon, are you that stupid? give it a break, you've already made a fool of yourself..
2011-03-15 16:36 
omg some moron bored at home and no1 chats with him on irc so he decided talk here about whs.. pls old daddy..
2011-03-15 15:48 

A little hint:
2nd second of your awesome movie is the one that matters. It simply shows the railtrail*. Im not sure if you already noticed that the railtrail is usually a straight line. Even unskilled player may estimate the location of the shooter if the railtrail is in his sight. You've been playing since '98 and you SHOULD already figured it out.
Ignorance is a bliss... Hell yeah!

*If you cant see the railtrail there type in ur q2 console:

gl_driver "opengl32"
vid_ref "r1gl"
gl_particle_min_size "2"
gl_particle_max_size "40"
gl_particle_att_a "0.01"
gl_particle_att_b "0.01"
gl_particle_att_c "0.01"
gl_particle_size "3"
gl_ext_pointparameters 2
then vid_restart and run ur "proof" demo once again and run ur "proof" demo one more time!

It seems that your hatred has clouded your eyes...

I put my money that you will write a comment here after assasin - david game like:
- scenario A (david's success): 'david won bc he was cheating'
- scenario B (david's fails): 'david lost bc he turned his wh off'
The difference between the eXtreme and David is eXtreme started to own ppl out of nowhere. David did not. I believe David is the most active player on the scene since some time.
2011-03-15 11:28 
it's always nice when I have something interesting to read at the toilet while making my lunch shit ...
2011-03-15 10:46 
option 3 u are idiot..
2011-03-15 10:40 
well purri or you need new wh emo or glasses emo

Like i said after last map David vs wst when i noticed on gtv David trying to shot wst trough wall and shooting rockets in wall and even kill him self in process i decided to check demos and started with ztn3
Like i said i believe more in my eyes then in word from anyone
I'm not big bad wold who want to "destroy" new Poland fairy tale about kid who started to play quake2 when he was 11 years old and now is rly genuine q2 "avek"

I know more about Poland's fairy tales and story goes like this
Once upon time in Poland played guy with nick name eXtrEme
For months he posted demos of him beating all Poland top duelers even Poland legend Scooby
And then one day someone decided to check his demos with wh client
and guess what
eXtrEme was kicked from league and all his demos was erased from demo squad except one in CHEATERS section

This situation have 2 possible outcomes

1. David will continue to use his "little helpers" and won Assasin i semi and purri in final and be acquitted by family/friends/nubs votes in game comments

2. David will stop use "little helpers" and be raped by Assasin (judging by his current shape) and Assasin will play 5 mapper very, very tight final game vs purri (if he chose maps well)

I'm cheering for option 2

Edited: 2011-03-15 10:44
2011-03-12 10:16 
After seeing some of the whine here, I decided to check the ztn2dm3 game from David's pov, and he is 'clean' to me. Nothing strange, and everything that happen I could see why, and also since I watched for weird things I noticed that he made a lot of mistakes that people who 'cheat' would not make emo

This is based only on the ztn2dm3 game.

Good game though.

Edited: 2011-03-12 10:18
2011-03-12 07:57 
i think everyone who accuses is dumbass and gay. emo david is clear to me. it says muerte who probably hasnt played against him while i played with him so fucking lot

Edited: 2011-03-12 07:58
2011-03-11 19:53 
first, dont accuse people of mental illness based on your trolling attempt from cutting and adjusting situation for your trolling goal. that solely should get you banned.

you used to repeat for top players that: they use speed hacks, but because you are too slow. That they use bots, because you dont have aim or prediction skill to be anywhere near them. your latest thing is wallhack. because, to say it as simple as possible, you dont understand what goes on in duel.

There is no more players or servers in croatia or serbia. no more newbs for you to boost your ego. 99% of players left are people who rape you without need to even try.

So lets say one harsh truth. You were always bad player. even I when switched from modem 200 ping to 55 with isdn started to regularly win you games. Look at yourself in mirror and repeat: "It is not bad computer i had, it is not bad ping, I play this 12 years. I am too slow, i panic, i dont understand duels, i dont have aim, and i dont have map knowledge or game tactic to be in top div2 clan. "

If that is a reason, face it. try. sometimes people just need to be honest to themselves.
"(and i dont care)" you obviously do. Think about it.

So that we dont need to watch any more "suspicious" youtube videos of frags cut out of game flow and year after year repeating "last year of q2". it will be better for you and for quake2 scene.
2011-03-11 14:42 
gg emo
2011-03-11 14:29 

*clearing console*

Verifying David...

*100% - no flaws*

Verifying Muerte...

*100% Nub*

All Set !

HF in Semi David !! emo

PS:: to thaigo.....
what a cheap excuse u came there at the latest comment. Sure I can agree to some extent it can apply to "some" players, but all? PURRI is very sharp this year. I am hoping to see a nice final between david and purri. If david can put out good games or perhaps even some tight ones, that just proves his enormous play abilities and success. But imho he is already one of the top players. I guess thaigo is only jealous....

PS.no2:: to muerte....
Send my regards to Delete leading the Fool's / Troll's Army. emo

Edited: 2011-03-11 14:32
2011-03-11 13:33 
gg David, hf in semifinal emo
2011-03-11 12:14 
i don't think david cheats, i remember a while ago i used to put up a good fight vs him in duels, quite even matches.

he is young and has alot more drive than most of the q2 scene who i'm guessing average around the age of 20-35, only cheats he has would be a powersnickers before the match.
2011-03-11 09:33 
Well, it's not imo that Dsvid would have got a lot better, it's just that majority of the good duelers(Delita etc.. emo) have become inactive/switched game/quit q2 and for obvious reasons. Someone has to be the "top" dueler even if they all suck.
2011-03-11 08:56 
what a One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

negative reaction r as i expected

teammates defending own "star" is expected
pole defending own "champion" is expected
who knows more then poles about cheats! leading champion in cheats in EU http://acstats.r1.cx/
Biah expected. nub admin who mislead wision with wrong map score in official EDL game just go give his "fellow russian" advantage in map kicking (i guess he support his "fellow pole" right now)
few nubs and retard expected

its normal for me to deal with ppl who couldn't see the forest for the trees. I used to during years.

and for you with cheaper seats:
played this game since 98 with or against world best players, and watched/recorded thousands games between world top duelers and i believe only what i see

david by accident aiming trough 2 walls on his opponent and he need "whole" pole scene to confirm he did'nt

im more convinced now then before
2011-03-11 07:47 
Nice story sil, could u please add rocky theme song to it?

2011-03-11 07:21 
so here will go a little story.

5 to 10 years ago when hinet servers were active, muerte had interesting tactic.

He had a web page with scores from individual duels.

here is the trick. he would add scores only from games he won. he would regularly disconnect when he would start to lose or even on a bad start.

when he would realize he cant win with his nick, he would fake on server, and eventually if he would win, he would add that score.

he would invite people to duel on dm3, specially if he knew people do not duel on that map. and that is for a reason, because back then there were a lot new players in croatia, and they rarely played dm3 duels.

he would come to servers faking croatian players and start talking shit, just to annoy people.

FOR YEARS i take breaks from this game because of him and similar stuff. YEARS AND YEARS I WARN PEOPLE OF THAT TROLL AND HIS BEHAVIOUR. since last comeback i was really happy when i seen that people like kolt, purri, wision etc slowly realize his trolling on this page.


Cheating accusations? LOL. looking that way, purri should been banned years ago. just cut his demos from Quakecon Classic and you will get a lot suspicious frags like these ones troll posted.
but he is top pro player, doing as good in q4, played tournaments. and now in QL. so troll doesnt dare, but he keeps repeating that "some" top players cheat.

This topic is one of the things you really need to understand.
it is time when you need to get the fact that one persistent troll is doing more damage that you are willing to admit. He should be banned from this site, from irc, and from every server possible.

Truth is there for you people. you only need to read it.
2011-03-11 07:04 
First part on YT, its just predict shot, there is a lot of them in whole match, only 1 hits enemy so i dont see any problems, second action is just like said, said there is 3 ways to attack david in that situation, 1 cg area but he saw that there is no enemy, lift from YA, small corridor behind RA so it 50/50 chances that enemy will be in one of those places, pure calculating, a little lucky and you get the hit i dont see the problem too, i know that you are angry that some polish ppl beat you but its life! and remeber life is brutal and full of zasadzka !
2011-03-10 23:10 
emo boooring discussion of imaginary wallhack! Stfu nups...
2011-03-10 22:59 
FYI: David have been playing q2 since 5-6 years afaik. He started as an instagib player and were constantly increasing his aim + perception. You need to learn how to interpret the sounds to obtain the advantage and succeed, especially in instagib mod. David accomplished this goal. He won some instagib tourneys and beat some skilled players like assasin or warrior. Nobody were considering David as the winner before the tourney.
David started to play TDM then. Was really an average player, simply beaten by other guys, who played in the clans like aK etc.
He was an active TDM player and was constantly increasing his skills and abilities. There were no "breaking point" in David's career, (i mean: huge skill progress in a short period of time). David was just a persistent and patient. He simply did not give up and made it to the next level.

About the second Muerte's video: I want draw your attention to the fact the movie doesn't give you the full overview of the things that happen. First of all, Wst picked up the red armor first. David saw/heard it. He also knew wst was equipped with the rocket launcher and the chaingun. Wst could try to attack david's from the "chain area" but it would be a suicide due to the low "long distance" chaingun damage. Rockets in q2 are really slow so david would avoid them it easily. This way of attacking the guy, who is camping with railgun near the top ssg is kinda stupid. Wst was aware of that and knew he need to shorten the distance in order to make the damage. He took the risk and decieded to attack from the "stimpacks" side. David simply predicted the wst decision. Wst could also sneak nearby the YA and try to supprise the David. Anyway - no big deal here.

Here is the situation im talking about: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/30415223/file.html

Watch some provi's, damiahs or warrior's demos. They are really good at predicting. Will you consider them as the cheaters? Is the high-skill reserved for the oldschool players only?

Btw. David will provide full demo package if necessary i think. Don't be shy, ask him. Simply go for it.
I have the feeling that delita duplicated himself and im reading his comments here emo
2011-03-10 22:13 
2011-03-10 21:56 
Who cares what anyone thinks around here? It's dead anyway and anyone can see that by looking at the leagues and scores from those.

There is more whineaction at pages than quakeaction at servers.

Edited: 2011-03-10 21:58
2011-03-10 21:37 
but who cares what thiago thinks ? emo
2011-03-10 21:04 
thaigo if u see cheating in those muerte videos, your q2 knowledge in my and many eyes decreases immidiately.
2011-03-10 20:55 
For what would I need a specific knowledge of Polish q2 scene? If I see a cheater, which I do, it doesn't really matter where he is from.
2011-03-10 20:51 
Muerte emo
2011-03-10 20:38 
It - Is - Called :

Pure Skill.

...Or you could decide to stay in the Fool's Army. It is really ur choice.
2011-03-10 20:10 
reading hurts alot.
2011-03-10 19:59 
He is stating you don't have the knowledge of polish q2 scene. Want to prove him wrong? Perhaps a quiz on irc?
2011-03-10 19:47 
Excuse me norman, but are YOU telling ME, that I wouldn't have knowledge of q2?
2011-03-10 19:37 
Hi guys, well I don't know David and for me it is also weird that he is so good, but i have also in my mind that he his really really young, like 17 years old. So his motivation is way different then my. Of course when you have no proof you shouldn't say Muerte that he is cheating. For all of you guys will be best if you would record whole his demos against Assasin, and then you will see if he is cheating or not. For me he is ok, and seems to be a nice young kid/guy ;-). Once again sorry that i couldn't continue the league, shit happens, i will kick your asses later ;-P. Cya
2011-03-10 18:48 
yeah, arch and thaigo. you are writing here comments and posts without any knowledge of him and the topic. Although that's why only poles wrote anything to this moment. everyone in poland never consider david as a cheater, but here's muerte been woken up and taking this skill after some games in edl as an cheat
2011-03-10 17:54 
Haha, one more cheater from Poland, I mean he ain't the first one emo
What else is new?
2011-03-10 17:53 
Only polish responding? I'll respond now too then. There are cheaters in q2, yes!

And no 'top player' was ever suspicious to me, but david sure is.

to Nookie: I've never seen zorre hit any shots that made me think he has a wh.
2011-03-10 17:44 
Yea I have seen him doing sth similar on rdm2. He was on ledge next to rail and opponent jumped using this pad next to water. David was there waiting for his opponent with crosshair in the small corridor next to chain. HOW DID HE KNOW THAT, THERE MUST HAVE BEEN A WH THERE!

I found proof for my suspicions when I recorded how David shoots and hits an enemy walking out of lower RL hole on dm1. He either had inhuman reflexes or a wh. Sadly, when I sent it to admins they just kept laughing from me.

2011-03-10 17:35 
2011-03-10 16:21 
heh this is some bullshit. Muerte this is just wrong to accuse someone with 1 or 2 (not even very amazing) actions. If that would be the case then all the top players would have to be banned just coz they hit few shots here and there.

I have played duel with zorre not a long ago and his rails were CRAZY but you cant just record a demo, cut one rail and say that someone is a cheater ... come on.

Dav is just a young pro, accept it as it is

2011-03-10 12:46 
muerte plz again.. like norman said play some d8 games emo
2011-03-10 11:05 
muerte pls tell me that u r joking.

play some d8 first
2011-03-10 10:20 
just for you spec since ur plain spec not pro spec like me with 2povs on every game

wst walking without sound and got railed.. (no much to see)
but check david erratic behavior when wst come in wh range

2011-03-10 06:21 
khm spec this is just hint for admins to check his demos. since whole one map is raw 12gb i dont want to waste my time and cut/join/ cheating movie
whole david "situation" mean i he get ban from edl that's mean his team should get ban from last euroq2l league
dunno if r admins ready to do this in last year of q2 (and i dont care)
everyone who played more then one game know how smart cheaters work
- they shot false to hide accuracy
- they do not use wh obvious

david know he made mistake aiming trough walls so he shot one rail missing on purpose

but everything is visible in his demos vs wst even without using old frank quake with wh

from total nub to total pro in same demo

yeh right emo

PS for smart is once enough only for fool u need more evidence
2011-03-10 05:25 
Still shaking the tree i see muerte emo hehe don't go changing to please anybody...About those 8 secs of youtube: what doesn't make sense is that he actually MISSES the first rail by A LOT, despite "seeing" wst. Looks like he flubs the 2nd rail too. Only logical recourse to rebut that: David faked the first missed rail to elude the no_clip police, then gets much closer with his 2nd rail. You see where this leads now?

What interests me even more though is how effectively wst counterrails, pulling off even more amazing slugs than David. What must this pov look like?
In short, like sil said, you have to build the case with an accumulation of suspect tracking pov and fishy shotmaking. A mere 8 secs isn't nearly enough to unmask a top-tier player like v3.David. Get to work!

Edited: 2011-03-10 05:26
2011-03-09 14:34 
I'm 100 percent sure David never used any wallhack or any other kinds of cheats. I've seen his performance at lanparty. He played really well against some skilled-players. Im pretty sure David is able to compete with top-players. To do so, he doesn't need any wallhacks.
Oh and btw. you shouldn't accuse anybody of cheating if you own just single suspicious action/frag/proof. Get 4,5 proofs, then post. Otherwise ppl will rofl at you.
2011-03-09 13:58 
muerte plz emo emo
2011-03-09 13:19 
yeh very interesting demos to "watch" emo
just proved what i suspected during live game

what amazing skill aiming through 2 walls
2011-03-08 13:11 
Despite the score, games were very close at the beginning, but ws7 failed second half on each map...
2011-03-08 01:24 
emo emo emo

This starts to get rly interesting. Ofc I did predicted david's success unlike a lot of others.

May we have the demos up on DS ?
2011-03-07 17:24 
ggs ,goo goo Dav1Dz emo wst2 next year -champion emo

Edited: 2011-03-07 17:24
2011-03-07 12:38 
2011-03-07 10:21 
gg emo
2011-03-07 09:44 
gg derserved win, but i wanted to win atleast 1 map. gl in next games.

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