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EDL #15
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Played matches

2017-01-22flag wst2Play-offsdefeat 0:3flag ceba
2016-12-17flag BlaizzPlay-offsdefeat 0:3flag ceba
2016-12-05flag saladDivision 1awin 2:0flag ceba
2016-12-03flag wst2Division 1adefeat 1:2flag ceba
2016-12-02flag st1gmataDivision 1awin 2:0flag ceba
2016-11-05flag PURRIDivision 1adefeat 1:2flag ceba
2016-10-30flag k1raDivision 1awin 2:0flag ceba
2016-10-23flag syanidDivision 1adefeat 0:2flag k1ra
2016-10-21flag myrmidon^Division 1awin 2:1flag claire
2016-06-01flag ReverencePlay-offswin 3:0flag claire
2016-04-16flag michaqPlay-offswin 3:0flag claire
2016-02-12flag ReverencePlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag ceba
2016-02-07flag keizerPlay-offswin 3:2flag claire
2016-01-19flag SolPlay-offswin 3:0flag claire
2015-11-22flag keizerDiv 2bwin 2:0flag claire
2015-11-02flag NiGGYDiv 2bwin 2:1flag claire
2015-10-30flag zotterDiv 2bwin 2:0flag claire
2015-10-17flag KondratDiv 2bwin 2:1flag ceba
2015-10-17flag ReverenceDiv 2bwin 2:0flag ceba
2015-10-13flag roon2Div 2bwin 2:0flag claire
2015-02-15flag st1gmataPlay-offsdefeat 3:6flag ceba
2015-01-20flag st1gmataPlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2015-01-13flag saladPlay-offswin 3:0flag claire
2015-01-09flag adrenal1nePlay-offswin 3:0flag claire
2014-11-06flag ReverenceDiv 2Bdefeat 0:2flag claire
2014-11-03flag saladDiv 2Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2014-10-22flag iseeyouDiv 2Bwin 2:0flag claire
2014-10-12flag SolDiv 2Bwin 2:0flag claire
2014-10-12flag MHZDiv 2Bwin 2:1flag claire
2012-11-25flag WelkinDiv 1 Bwin 2:1flag claire
2012-11-17flag st!gmataDiv 1 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2012-11-13flag wst2Div 1 Bwin 2:1flag Welkin
2012-11-07flag CoVellDiv 1 Bdefeat 0:2flag Welkin
2012-10-25flag TurricaneDiv 1 Bdefeat 0:2flag Welkin
2012-10-11flag isbjornDiv 1 Bdefeat 0:2flag Welkin
2012-10-07flag `normanDiv 1 Bdefeat 1:2flag `norman
2012-05-23flag st!gmataPlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag Welkin
2012-05-21flag slippiPlay-offsdefeat 0:3flag Welkin
2012-05-12flag AiDPlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2012-05-02flag sheFFDiv 2win 2:0flag `norman
2012-04-16flag NumaveZiDiv 2defeat 0:2flag ceba
2012-04-09flag irvinDiv 2draw 0:0flag ceba
2012-03-18flag cleaner11Div 2win 2:0flag `norman
2012-03-18flag aGentDiv 2win 2:0flag `norman
2012-02-26flag [UMUSTDIE]Div 2win 2:0flag `norman
2012-02-19flag warriorDiv 2win 2:0flag `norman
2012-02-05flag slippiDiv 2win 2:1flag isbjorn
2012-01-23flag maqDiv 2win 2:0flag isbjorn
2012-01-09flag careemDiv 2win 2:0flag Welkin
2012-01-08flag ibogineDiv 2win 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-28flag rulDiv 2win 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-27flag AiDDiv 2win 2:0flag isbjorn
2011-11-13flag CoLDDiv 2win 2:0flag isbjorn
2011-10-08flag st!gmataDiv 2win 2:0flag sofiene
2011-02-11flag CoVellPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag wision
2011-01-30flag aGentPlay-offswin 3:1flag wision
2010-12-12flag PURRIAdefeat 0:2flag wision
2010-12-05flag MoByAwin 2:0flag wision
2010-11-12flag SonicAwin 2:0flag LitRium
2010-11-11flag U-GodAwin 2:0flag LitRium
2010-10-24flag Pro4lifeAwin 2:1flag LitRium
2010-10-19flag kswAwin 2:0flag wision
2010-10-13flag Gusius.g5rAwin 2:0flag LitRium
2010-10-11flag LukiAwin 2:0flag careem
2010-10-10flag st!gmataAdefeat 0:2flag wision
2010-09-30flag DelitaAwin 2:0flag wision
2010-02-07flag iversPlay-offsdefeat 0:3flag wision
2010-01-31flag ads|Bwin 2:0flag syanid
2010-01-21flag JolBdefeat 1:2flag wision
2009-12-25flag {42A}SERjBwin 2:0flag wision
2009-12-20flag syanidBdefeat 0:2flag syanid
2009-12-10flag fiziuBwin 3:0flag wision
2009-11-23flag isbjorn.Bwin 2:0flag wision
2009-11-13flag careemBdefeat 0:2flag wision
2009-11-07flag (c-12)ELIMINATION Awin 2:0flag wision
2009-11-07flag [qwes]ELIMINATION Awin 2:0flag wision
2009-10-12flag BuzELIMINATION Awin 2:0flag wision

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