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EDL #15
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Played matches

2017-02-21flag detinaPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2017-01-29flag roon2Play-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2017-01-21flag detinaPlay-offswin 3:2flag ceba
2017-01-17flag HibruPlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2016-11-21flag BartonDivision 2bwin 2:1flag ceba
2016-11-08flag pyr3x1Division 2bwin 2:0flag ceba
2016-10-30flag roon2Division 2bwin 2:0flag ceba
2016-10-29flag Miniak^Division 2bwin 2:1flag ceba
2016-10-21flag detinaDivision 2bdefeat 0:2flag claire
2015-11-29flag BuzDiv 3adraw 0:0flag ceba
2015-11-29flag HibruDiv 3adraw 0:0flag ceba
2015-11-11flag quadDiv 3awin 2:0flag claire
2015-10-31flag HeisenburgDiv 3awin 2:0flag claire
2015-10-17flag APKISDiv 3adefeat 1:2flag ceba
2015-10-16flag kabysdohDiv 3adefeat 1:2flag k1ra
2015-10-11flag psmDiv 3adefeat 1:2flag claire
2015-10-09flag detinaDiv 3adefeat 0:2flag ceba
2015-02-09flag quadPlay-offsdefeat 2:3flag ceba
2015-01-26flag [GNP]-SniperPlay-offswin 3:1flag ceba
2014-12-21flag b3rtPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2014-12-04flag [GNP]-SniperDiv 3Bwin 2:1flag claire
2014-12-03flag playOKDiv 3Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2014-12-02flag BuzDiv 3Bdraw 0:0flag ceba
2014-10-26flag Dean M.Div 3Bwin 2:0flag claire
2014-10-18flag quadDiv 3Bdefeat 1:2flag ceba
2014-10-06flag str1ker.trDiv 3Bwin 2:1flag claire
2014-04-28flag MHZPlay-offsdefeat 3:4flag ceba
2014-04-11flag ZeTPlay-offswin 3:0———
2014-03-08flag BartonPlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2014-02-24flag Dean M.Play-offswin 3:1flag ceba
2014-02-11flag ZeTPlay-offsdefeat 1:3flag claire
2014-01-19flag playOKPlay-offswin 3:2flag ceba
2013-12-10flag [cr]jordanDiv 3Bwin 2:0flag claire
2013-11-23flag XOPPOPDiv 3Bwin 2:0flag k1ra
2013-11-21flag MHZDiv 3Bdefeat 1:2flag k1ra
2013-11-07flag Dean M.Div 3Bwin 2:0flag k1ra
2013-11-06flag detinaDiv 3Bwin 3:0flag ceba
2013-10-26flag ZeTDiv 3Bdefeat 0:2flag claire
2013-10-20flag ScipioDiv 3Bdefeat 1:2flag k1ra
2013-01-30flag zoltonPlay-offswin 4:2flag claire
2012-12-25flag BezelPlay-offswin 3:1flag Welkin
2012-12-13flag psmPlay-offswin 3:1flag Welkin
2012-11-26flag *TeiOch*Play-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2012-11-11flag [GNP]-SniperDiv 4 Bdefeat 1:2flag ceba
2012-10-21flag Xyu[UKR]Div 4 Bwin 1:0flag Welkin
2012-10-21flag BezelDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-10-13flag AlphaDiv 4 Bwin 1:0flag Welkin
2012-10-08flag SimsonDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-10-04flag BartonDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-09-30flag cebaDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-05-16flag aDi^^Play-offsdefeat 1:3flag ceba
2012-05-11flag Dean M.Play-offsdefeat 0:3flag Welkin
2012-05-10flag clairePlay-offswin 3:0flag ceba
2012-05-01flag sofieneDiv 4 Bdefeat 1:2flag isbjorn
2012-04-08flag *TeiOch*Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-03-25flag Hi7maNDiv 4 Bwin 2:1flag `norman
2012-03-14flag LELIKDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag `norman
2012-02-20flag psmDiv 4 Bdefeat 1:2flag `norman
2012-02-07flag neowolfDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag ceba
2012-02-05flag mf^Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag `norman
2012-02-05flag a13-AlexDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2012-01-17flag Revo_Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2012-01-09flag fgh^Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2012-01-09flag a2-Dr.DoomDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-12-05flag [cr]jordanDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-12-01flag APKIS^^Div 4 Bdefeat 1:2flag Welkin
2011-11-29flag xardasDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-29flag dug-Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-27flag SavanahDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-24flag t0mmyDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-11-21flag aDi^^Div 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-10-31flag Pro4lifeDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag Welkin
2011-10-26flag xawikDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag isbjorn
2011-10-09flag newashDiv 4 Bwin 2:0flag isbjorn
2011-01-17flag Gip5yPlay-offsdefeat 0:3flag wision
2010-12-09flag koltBwin 2:0flag wision
2010-11-07flag The_OneBwin 2:0flag wision
2010-10-27flag SEBbullBwin 2:0flag LitRium
2010-10-26flag iversBdefeat 0:2flag wision
2010-10-20flag DavidBdefeat 0:2flag LitRium
2010-10-19flag wst2Bdefeat 0:2flag wision
2010-10-17flag prodBwin 2:0flag LitRium
2010-10-15flag DamiahBwin 2:0flag wision
2010-10-12flag NumaveZiBdefeat 0:2flag careem
2010-10-05flag LitRiumBwin 2:0flag LitRium

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